“Lead By Example, What You All Do Definitely Influences People”- Malini Agarwal On Social Responsibility Online

href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 07 Apr 2021Malini Agarwal (Source: Instagram | @maliniagarwal)

In today’s day and time, influencers and content creators have a fan following of millions. What they do and how they behave creates a huge impact on people. Currently, all of us are in the midst of a terrible pandemic and following all Covid-19 norms is of utmost importance for everyone. However, sadly we see so many people breaking the guidelines and acting against the rules. This will only cause more problems and extended lockdowns! So, on the occasion of #WorldHealthDay, we decided to ask ace influencer, Malini Agarwal about her experience battling Covid-19 and how influencers should maintain social responsibility while creating content online. Let’s face it guys, influencers have a huge impact on people, so they should be socially responsible and encourage everyone to stay fit and healthy during these uncertain times.

Here’s what boss lady, Malini Agarwal thinks about the current situation…

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1.  What according to you is social responsibility today?

I think now that social media has become our new virtual “reality” we as creators have to conduct ourselves as good role models – much like in the real world. Because the next generation is growing up on a diet of social media, just like generations before grew up on Television and pop culture. The impact is huge and long-lasting.

2. As an influencer, do you feel being socially responsible online is important? If yes, then why?

I think being socially responsible is important both on and offline. We just never made it part of our upbringing when it came to “online” because nobody quite knew what we were getting ourselves into. I think being socially responsible can mean many things, the most important of which is what kind of “influence” do you want to make on people? What kind if influencer do you want to be? If you want to be a “good influence” you have to hold yourself accountable for your social media behaviour and actions and be true to your audience.

3. Malini, could you share your experience on how you combated Covid-19?

We followed all the instructions of self-quarantine, checking our oxygen and temperature regularly, hydrating and loading up on vitamins and most importantly sleep! Luckily, I had a very mild almost asymptomatic case but it is still very important to take care of yourself because the fatigue can be quite overwhelming.

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4. How according to you can creators and influencers encourage safety measures through their content?

First and foremost – lead by example. Wear a mask, follow the lockdown rules and regulations and wash your hands! By now we have all the information we need to make intelligent, informed decisions and what you all do will definitely influence the people who follow you. A lot of times people get their latest news and updates from creator handles so it’s important to be accurate, timely and never (even unknowingly) spread false information. Always check your sources.

5. While staying home, physical and mental health is also very important. What should one do to make sure they are happy and healthy even during these uncertain times?

Selfcare is so important, now more than ever. Aside from taking care of your physical body, you need to engage your mind through whatever makes you happy. Reading, watching Netflix, Zoom calls with friends and family. Whatever works for you is the right antidote, there are no wrong answers here. So, doesn’t feel obligated to do something just because other people are doing it, follow your own groove and trust your inside voice.

6. We are aware that you successfully combated Covid-19. In a time like this, how can one make sure their mental health doesn’t deteriorate?

For me, a huge boon was getting a puppy. Mylo is walking, talking, trotting entertainment 24/7! So that has been amazing. Aside from that, watching shows I love, reading, adult colouring books and making puzzles really make me happy! Of course, Zoom calls with friends is another great way to release stress and anxiety. Especially when you can’t see them in person.

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7. Lastly, the effect of this pandemic is rampant and it’s true that creators have the capability to influence people to do the right thing. What pointers should a creator keep in mind while posting content online?

Most importantly, spread positivity and good vibes. A lot of people are turning to social media to relieve their lockdown anxiety. Be there for them. Definitely lead by example and show people how responsible you’re being. Fear tends to be a big trigger and very detrimental to everyone’s immunity so spread the word of caution but also how to deal with it if you contract the virus. Many creators and celebrities have been sharing their stories themselves and relating to those who are having the same experience.

Honestly, we completely agree with Malini! During the pandemic and otherwise, influencers hold the responsibility of encouraging responsible behaviour among people. This #WorldHealthDay let’s introspect and behave in a manner that doesn’t negatively affect our health or the health of people around us.

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All You Need To Know About Being A Girl-Boss (Part 1)

href=”author/mallika-jhaveri”>Mallika Jhaveri , 31 Mar 2021Malini Agarwal On Being A Girl-Boss

Being a driven, career-oriented woman is incredible, but being a girl-boss is a feeling like no other. However, many women who want to feel empowered by running a business, lack the guidance to do so. They’re lost when it comes to setting up a business, growing on social media, investment avenues and more.So, to help them out, we hosted an Ask Me Anything session on our Girl Tribe App with Malini Agarwal, the Founder and Creative Director of MissMalini Entertainment. She answered questions on growing businesses, creating an online presence, commercialising creativity and kick-starting one’s entrepreneurial dream. The questions were oh-so relatable, and she answered them beautifully! Here is all you need to know about being a girl-boss!

1. Are there any sure-shot methods to grow my Instagram presence?

This is one of the most frustrating problems many of us face! I think the main thing that helps is using all their features, especially their newest feature- Reels. Posting three Reels a week can be very beneficial. I also feel interacting with other people in your category and target audience really helps too!

2. I have worked in many different fields from event-management to teaching. I am totally confused as to which one is perfect for me! How do I pick one and succeed in it?

You seem like a great multi-tasker, however, I feel like the best way to identify your true calling is to apply the “ikigai” rule. Answer these four questions: What do you love to do? What are you good at? What can you get paid to do? And what does the world need? These should help you pick which field you want to pursue and is your true calling!

3. Are there any tips for people who want a career in celebrity journalism to make their journey slightly easier?

I actually started over a decade ago and things have definitely evolved since then. The best tip I can give you is being consistent and covering the latest news and coming up with unique features. That definitely gets you the views at the beginning. After that, building relationships with the celebrity PR network gives you good access to exclusive content. In the current environment, following celebrities on social media is a great resource for content too!

4. Can one start a blog with minimal investment?

Yes! Certainly. The good thing about blogging is that it can be started with zero or very little investment. When I started, I began my blog on WordPress and only started investing money in it once I had grown a following. Now, it is a full-fledged business and I have diversified into various other fields as well.

5. What are the basics you need to start a business? And how do I know if it’s the right thing for me to pursue?

Such a great question! Usually, the key is to think of a business that fills a need that may not be available in the market. Or one that adds a new twist to an existing concept. You definitely need a business plan with an understanding of your audience, goals and requirements to get it off the ground. After that, you’re pretty much set!

6. How I get sponsors for services?

Depending on your service, identify brands that want to reach the audience you think will most likely avail of your service. Then reach out to them on social media platforms like Instagram and see if they are interested. This can lead to partnerships, giveaways and more!

7. What are your tips to make a blog successful apart from regularly publishing content?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is your best bet. Many online services that can help you understand optimization. In fact, WordPress and other blogging platforms help you with that themselves. Using social media to amplify your reach always helps too, especially if you tag people who would find your content useful.

8. What are the 3 most important things to keep in mind while starting a small-scale business?

  • Have short term and long term goals and plan your expenses accordingly.
  • Use Social Media to build a micro-community for your brand of loyal customers.
  • Find your audience by going to them instead of expecting them to come to you.
  • If you have any tips for kick-starting an entrepreneurial dream, share them with us in the comments below!

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    Twitter ‘Spaces’ Is Here And It’s An Audio-Only Chat Room You Never Knew You Needed

    href=”author/natasha-patel”>Natasha Patel , 19 Mar 2021

    Have you ever listened to a podcast and thought about how if you were listening in on that conversation while it was happening LIVE, what’d you ask the panelist or host? Well, let us introduce a new “space” on the internet that’s going to take over conversations and give you a whole new social media experience! Twitter Spaces—a voice-based social networking feature that’s slowly taking over the app and the internet, and one that Team MM had the honour of testing on and hosting with none other than Nikkia Reveillac, the Head of Research at Twitter.

    As for the conversation, we highlighted the need for community and the need for building a safe way to connect with others through these voice chats, where thoughtful conversations can take place and where we can talk about the things that truly matter. When asked the women on Girl Tribe by MissMalini about what they’d want to talk openly about on the internet, a ton of topics came up… Everything ranging from motherhood to womanhood, to social causes and mental health—which just goes to show how with the onset of such features like Twitter Spaces we can choose our narrative and choose to be kinder on social media.

    When Malini Agarwal asked Nikkia about what she wished people could talk openly about on the platform and how meaningful conversations can come up, here’s what she said;

    When women are together there are topics that don’t come up sometimes–Motherhood, fertility, inadequacy, social causes and justice but what gets said in private, needs to be said in public as well. We need more men to become our allies and engage in conversation…. Which is why Spaces democratises and unites all. There’s a sense of calm yet control here, and a it is the future of conversation.

    Twitter Spaces allows you to be a listener as well as join in on the conversation, all within a safe and friendly space. You can listen in on things, hear another person or expert’s perspective without having hateful or hurtful commentary on the other side. Here’s how it works:

    On Twitter Space, the host can choose who speaks. The host may allow, everyone, people you follow or only invited people to be speakers. Since Spaces are public, anyone can really join the Space as a listener, including people who don’t follow you. And the great part about this is that it filters and limits out the people who talk back by first having them listen to the conversation first before “attacking” anyone verbally.

    Along with Malini and Nikkia, there were a few Team MM ladies and members of the Girl Tribe who gave their views and perspectives on what and how women need a space to be able to talk freely on the internet:

    Alisha Fernandes, Features Director;

    Trolling and hateful comments, it’s also that the general internet doesn’t facilitate learning through dialogue or conversation because the tendency is to always hate on or shame the person for not knowing or asking “stupid” questions. But in the girl tribe, feeling safe amongst the people they are in the company of, women ask so many questions that in turn inform and educate even the others who may not have asked the question too. Whether on sex for pleasure or sexual health or even disturbing and just hidden aspects of motherhood and child rearing.

    Karishma Govil, Trending Editor;

    Women should be able to express themselves without feeling judged. It could be anywhere, online or offline. That’s why a platform like Twitter Spaces and Girl Tribe By MissMalini are so necessary. It’s so liberating to be on a platform where I can speak up and know I won’t be bombarded by hate comments or inappropriate messages. And every platform online should provide such a safe experience.

    Natasha Patel, Deputy Features Director;

    Having a space that’s judgment-free, where you can be yourself, and where knowledge and insight trumps all is so necessary. On Twitter Spaces you don’t need to visually see the other person. You hear them out, you exchange experiences, information and learn from each other… Because beauty is not judged by what you see and how great you can cover up the acne spots, beauty is within everyone, and knowledge is beautiful.

    Comment below and tell us what you want women to talk freely and comfortably about?

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Be A Part Of The Girl Tribe App By MissMalini

    href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 16 Feb 2021Girl Tribe by MissMalini (Source: Instagram | @thelabelife)

    Let’s be honest, today, the whole world is on social media and our virtual lives have a huge impact on our mental health and wellbeing. We come across so much negativity, trolling, harassment and abuse on social media platforms on a day-to-day basis. Not gonna lie, I love social media platforms and enjoy spending time on it but sadly it’s turned into a negative space for so many individuals out there. Having a safe social media experience is the need of the hour and an app like Girl Tribe by MissMalini will give you exactly that. I personally think that having a positive & meaningful social media experience is very important for my wellbeing, which is why the Girl Tribe App has become one of my favourite social media platforms. So, what is it all about and why should you be a part of it? Keep scrolling to know all about it.

    What is the Girl Tribe all about?

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    A post shared by Girl Tribe by MissMalini♀️ (@malinisgirltribe)

    Malini’s Girl Tribe started off as a community for women on Facebook. It’s a safe space for women to network, discuss, share their experiences, learn new things and much more. This community strongly believes in uplifting each other and approaching everything with empathy and kindness. In only months of initiation, it garnered thousands of members including popular creators like Shivani Bafna, Rashmi a.k.a @travelgirlindia and many more. Girl Tribe recently launched their very own app to make sure women have a kinder social media experience and I am loving it! Here are 5 reasons why every woman across the globe should download the app and be a part of this epic Tribe right away.

    1. It’s a safe social media space for women

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    A post shared by Girl Tribe by MissMalini♀️ (@malinisgirltribe)

    The idea behind creating the Girl Tribe App is to provide women with a kind, safe and meaningful social media experience. On this app, you will only receive love, appreciation and positivity. Tbh, I love how women can openly discuss their issues and receive honest and empathic opinions and suggestions from the Tribe. This is possible and thanks to a dedicated team of Moderators who religiously scan through posts and interactions and steer clear of negative words or posts for the users to have a positive environment on their feed.

    2. On Girl Tribe it’s not about likes or followers, it’s about positivity points

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    A post shared by Girl Tribe by MissMalini♀️ (@malinisgirltribe)

    What makes the Girl Tribe App special is that no one here cares about how many followers or likes your posts get. It’s all about positivity points. Every time you post something, comment on someone’s post or refer the app to your fellow gal-pals, you earn positivity points. Now you may be wondering what is the point of these positivity points? Well, you’ll be excited to know that positivity is a currency in this world! Which brings me to my next point…

    3. An epic Tribe store

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    A post shared by Girl Tribe by MissMalini♀️ (@malinisgirltribe)

    The Girl Tribe app by MissMalini has an epic Tribe store where you can redeem your positivity points for awesome events, workshops, accessories, clothes, stationery, stickers and much more. Not just that, time and again they have interesting contests going on where you stand a chance to win some mind-blowing products from popular brands. Imagine buying cool merch without spending any actual money, sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Brb, ‘cuz I gotta go and start earning my positivity points! 😛

    4. They conduct amazing events

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    A post shared by Girl Tribe by MissMalini♀️ (@malinisgirltribe)

    Imagine getting a chance to win a spot in such amazing virtual happy hours! Girl Tribe frequently conducts virtual happy hours with celebrities and creators. So, the women of the Tribe stand a chance to win a one-on-one interaction with their favourite celebrities and creators and also get to ask them questions. How awesome is that? They recently conducted fun events like these with Sejal Kumar, Ranna Daggubati, Kajol and many more.

    5. You get to send supportive stickers to each other

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    A post shared by Girl Tribe by MissMalini♀️ (@malinisgirltribe)

    I am sorry but I am obsessed with pretty stickers! Unlike any other social media platform, Girl Tribe App has a huge library full of relatable stickers that you can gift to one another virtually. You can brighten someone’s day and spark joy by sending her a cute sticker with a personalised message. This is more than just a cute gesture, it gives us a sense of wholesomeness. It will make you feel that you are a part of a community and the women of the Tribe are always there for you.

    Here’s what boss lady and fellow Tribe member Malini Agarwal has to say,

    The Girl Tribe App has been a serious labor of love. I live my life online and have seen the impact of social media, fatigue and FOMO. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media, it gave me my career, but I truly believe we aren’t using it for what it was meant. To genuinely connect with people across the world, with empathy, kindness and positivity. I believe the Girl Tribe App is a beautiful, safe and supportive space for women to come together, without judgement, or animosity. We’re taking the competition out of social media and making it a happy, fun and free place. One of our members put it best, Girl Tribe is a social media community to help you detox from other social media!

    I  mean, do you even need any more reasons to download the app and join the Tribe? Apart from all this, the app also has an interface that’s super easy to understand. As soon as you download the app you will find a guide on ‘How to use the app’ and it will make your experience seamless.

    Aap convince hogaye ki main aur bolu? (Source: Free Press Journal)

    Jk, if you are really looking for a trolling free and safe social media experience then Girl Tribe App is the place to be. I have been personally using it and my experience has been exceptional! Girl, if you’re ready to step into a world full of empowering queens and positivity, click here to download the app.

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    Our Fave Influencers Reveal Their Valentine’s Day Plans With Their Partners

    href=”author/trending-intern”>Trending Intern , 14 Feb 2021Shanice Shrestha, Nikhil Sharma, Zaid Darbar, Gauahar Khan, Savi, Vid (Source: Instagram | @nikkkhil @zaid_darbar @bruisedpassports)

    Here we are, back again with the season of love. It’s time to get a little cosy & romantic with our all-time fave romantic songs. Yass, It’s Valentine’s and what better way to spend it than with your beloved. We all know Valentine’s is all about being with the one you love and we’re super excited to share with you all what our fave influencer couples are up to on this special day. So, we asked them about their plans and their answers were super endearing. Aww, aren’t you already interested to know what they said? Let’s get right into it then.

    Here you go!1. Zaid Darbar & Gauahar Khan

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    A post shared by Zaid Darbar (@zaid_darbar)

    They’re giving us major #CoupleGoals through their Reels and the adorable pictures on Instagram. The cutest couple recently got married and we just love how raw and real their plans are for their 1st Valentine’s as #GAZA. This is what they’ve planned,

    We’re not very big fans of the whole Valentine’s Day celebrations as every day is a love day for us. We never feel like we are out of love on any other day, so there’s no reason to specifically celebrate one particular day. Although, we might just go out for dinner or what we just do on a on a normal day and a remind each other of how much we love each other. 

    2. Savi & Vid

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    A post shared by Travel & Love – Savi & Vid (@bruisedpassports)

    They are the cutest ‘lovebirds’ we’ve come across. The duo would ofc love to spend their Valentine’s travelling across the country, we just cannot wait for the pictures to be out. Super excited & intrigued. Here’s what they’ve planned,

    We will be spending Valentine’s week travelling and exploring a part of India that we’ve always wanted to – The Rann Of Kutch. The remote location means that we might not have access to traditional V day festivities, chocolates or roses but we’ll spend it surrounded by panoramas that feed the soul.

    3. Malini Agarwal & Nowshad Rizwanullah

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    A post shared by Nowshad Rizwanullah (@nrizwanu)

    We’re gushing over this duo! We love how they balance work and personal life so perfectly. This pair has absolutely made us fall in love with them and this is how they’re going to spend their Valentine’s,

    We’re actually having a fun Valentine’s Week starting with a Close Up shoot together which is kinda fun! Then we’re taking a staycation at the Marriott because we celebrate our 9 year anniversary on the 11th of February as well. So I always make Nowshad celebrate the whole week 🙂

    4. Abhi and Niyu

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    A post shared by Abhi&Niyu | Following Love 🇮🇳 (@abhiandniyu)

    This jodi is celebrating Valentine’s in such a simple yet elegant way, tbh they’re a bundle of joy. We love how they’ve planned this special day. Here is it,

    Valentine’s Day for us is a reminder that it is yet another day for us to celebrate our love. Since we’re still keeping social distance, we will enjoy Valentines Day with a romantic post dinner walk. We find the best of our memories when we talk about something totally random, and we will choose to make Valentine’s memories as well.

    5. Aditya & Shweta Narayan

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    A post shared by Aditya Narayan (@adityanarayanofficial)

    The newlyweds are slayin’ it on social media and we love how they’re so cute, adorable and romantic. We are so fond of the kind of love they share and cherish. We’re so excited to know what Shewta has planned for Aditya, are you’ll too? Let’s see what Aditya has to say,

    Well I have no idea because Shweta has asked me to keep free for the day and that’s it. I’m pretty sure she’s planning a surprise for me. Generally I’m the one making the plans so it’s very sweet of her to do so. I am quite excited!

    6. Nikhil and Shanice

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    A post shared by Nikhil sharma (@nikkkhil)

    They dated for quite some time and now they are married. The newlyweds are all set to celebrate their 1st Valentines together, check it out,

    Well, as a couple we never really celebrated Valentine’s Day while we dated honestly. We believe everyday needs to be special and full of love. But this year, since we are married and we are on cloud 9, we plan to celebrate it. We’re going to be travelling and are planning of surprises for each other which we won’t tell each other about! But one thing is sure, this Valentine’s gonna be super special.

    7. Karishma Sakhrani & Sameer Uttamsingh

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    A post shared by Karishma Sakhrani (@karishma_sakhrani)

    Love is in the air, isn’t it? Sameer proposed to her in the Maldives and guess what, she said yes. We love the simplicity of your Valentine plans. Here they are,

    With only two days to go to our civil wedding, Sameer and I will be spending this V-Day at home! Cozying up in front of the telly and watching cheesy movies. And a home cooked dinner and some good wine on our terrace! Sameer is a fab cook!

     8. Danish Alfaaz & Sana Eslam Khan

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    A post shared by دانش ‎الفاظ DANISH ALFAAZ (@danishalfaaz)

    This duo is killing it with their content on social media. We love their vibe when they shoot together. Let’s see what their Valentine plans are,

    Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to shower my love upon her. I really want her to realise that everyday is like Valentine’s Day. For starters, whatever she wishes for will be granted. I’m her genie and I wish to be her genie for the rest of my life.

    Well, their plans seem to be super exciting and we just can’t wait for all their pictures to be out. All we need this season is love, love and too much love. What are you planning to do this Valentine’s? Tell us about your plans in the comments below!

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    Rana Daggubati Speaks About How Films Helped Him Cope With His Ill Health

    href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 04 Feb 2021Rana Daggubati (Source: Instagram | @ranadaggubati)

    Films really have a way of touching your soul and speaking to your heart, no? There are some stories and films that are just the answer to all our problems at times. Actor Rana Daggubati also seems to have had a similar experience in his life.

    Given it’s the lockdown, our Boss Lady, Malini Agarwal, came up with a Virtual Happy Hour session with the Girl Tribe where the members get to interact with their favourite celebrities virtually. We had Rana Daggubati come in for one such session and speak with all the girls who are fans of him and his work, and what a lovely session it was!

    The actor opened up about how important films and stories are to him, and how he copes with hurdles in his career and life. Rana shared a lovely anecdote about the time he was diagnosed with high BP and other health issues a while ago.

    He says he was in America when he was diagnosed, he went to the theatre to catch Avengers: Infinity War. He also shares that interestingly, he had voiced for Thanos in the Telugu version of the Hollywood film and watched the movie thinking he was him. At the end of that movie, all the Avengers are dead and only Thanos survives. This, he says, gave him the confidence that he will get through whatever he is going through and come out of it standing tall, like Thanos.

    How amazing it is when a movie gives you just the message you need, no?

    In the interaction, Rana spoke about the serene and fulfilling experience of filming his upcoming movie, Haathi Mere Saathi in the dense jungles for months. He also spoke about his media venture called South Bay which is all about pop culture, mental health and tried guessing a few millennial lingos!

    Check out the entire session here:

    “I Was Only 19 When I Posted My First Video” – Sejal Kumar

    href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 01 Feb 2021Virtual Happy Hour With Sejal Kumar

    If you ask any millennial or Gen-Z kid, pretty much all of them would know who Sejal Kumar is. She has blown so many people away with her unique content and has inspired thousands of girls while she was at it. Also, every time she comes out with a new video, her fashion sense has us floored! We know that Sejal is a pioneer in her field and for this very reason Malini’s Girl Tribe organised a super fun Virtual Happy Hour with her. Hosted by Malini Agarwal herself, these Happy Hours are a way of putting your stress aside and having some fun. The Virtual Happy Hour with Sejal was hosted on 30th January and trust us, it was so much fun. Find out everything that happened right here!

    Virtual Happy Hour with Sejal Kumar

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    A post shared by MissMalini Trending (@missmalinitrending)

    It was so amazing to watch so many enthusiastic girls join the Happy Hour and have a candid conversation with Sejal. The event kicked-off with some light-hearted conversation between Malini and Sejal. They spoke about her content, her latest music video and much more. Not just that, even the girls from the Tribe got a chance to personally ask their questions to Sejal. This was followed by a series of fun game rounds and a battle of millennial slangs between Malini and Sejal. She also spoke about how she started creating content at the age of 19 and how challenging this field of work is. According to her, you really need to be passionate about your craft as well as take care of your mental health, if you wish to make it big in this industry. We totally agree with her pearls of wisdom!

    The Virtual Happy Hour took a musical turn

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Sejal Kumar (@sejalkumar1195)

    This Virtual Happy Hour was particularly special because we heard Sejal sing live! 😍 She spoke about her new track Khali Khali and also sang a few verses from it. Let us tell you one thing, she has the voice of an angel! Not just that, she also played a fun musical game with Malini and sang a few lines from her first original track, Aisi Hun.

    We concluded the Happy Hour with a fun ‘How Well Do You Know Sejal‘ quiz and a beautiful message by her to all the members of the Girl Tribe. If you weren’t able to catch the live stream on Facebook, click here to watch the whole video!

    Wanna be a part of the next Virtual Happy Hour? Don’t miss out and download the Girl Tribe app here!

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    ‘Sometimes I Just Sit And Wonder How All This Happened!’ – Prajakta Koli A.K.A MostlySane

    href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 25 Jul 2020Prajakta Koli AKA. @mostlysane (Source: Google)

    With so much uncertainty and negativity surrounding us, the Virtual Happy Hours that are organised for Malini’s Girl Tribe by Malini Agarwal herself is a way to put our worries aside and have a good time. While every week we have some interesting artists and creators on board with us, this week was surely super special! On 24th July, Friday, legendary digital creator and artist Prajakta Koli a.k.a @mostlysane joined the tribe for an amazing virtual happy hour. Find out everything we did right here!

    Virtual Happy Hour with Prajakta Koli

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    #GirlTribeEvent The weekend is finally here but this Friday brings us more joy than ever and here’s why! We’re gonna hang out with none other than the super funny and talented YouTuber Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane! We’re gonna chat with her, play fun games and discuss her dream short film, Khayali Pulao! If you wanna be a part of this event: Head to Malini’s Girl Tribe on Facebook! Watch our Virtual Happy Hour and have a great weekend, ladies ❤️ #mmgirltribe #malinisgirltribe #prajaktakoli #mostlysane #virtualhappyhour

    A post shared by Malini’s Girl Tribe♀️ (@malinisgirltribe) on Jul 23, 2020 at 2:07am PDT

    It was amazing to see so many girls join the happy hour and welcome Prajakta with so much positivity and love. Amidst this lockdown, these girls got a chance to connect with Prajakta and interact with her, on our Zoom App session. Moreover, the happy hour was also telecasted live on MissMalini’s Facebook page for a million others to see.

    A candid conversation about ‘Khayali Pulao

    View this post on Instagram

    One of my favourite scenes from the movie. ♥️ @yashpalsharma007 sir’s dialogue gave me goosebumps. Have you watched the film? #KhayaliPulao LINK IN BIO!

    A post shared by Prajakta Koli (@mostlysane) on Jul 11, 2020 at 5:41am PDT

    This happy hour gave the tribe a chance to ask Prajakta their questions and so many of them were about her latest short-film ‘Khayali Pulao‘. According to her, she considers herself very lucky to have got a chance to work in a film like this. She went from knowing nothing about how to act in a film to understanding and experiencing the whole process and immersing herself completely in the character of ‘Asha‘. What a lot of us did not know was that Prajakta started shooting for ‘Khayali Pulao‘ only 2 days after she finished shooting for her new upcoming Netflix series ‘Mismatched‘. She only had a few days to understand the character of Asha, yet she did such a phenomenal job! Here’s what she had to say for the overwhelming amount of love she receives,

    It is unbelievable that I received so much love on social media. Sometimes I just sit and wonder how did this happen! It is massive, something I had never imagined. That is one of my biggest inspiration to do what I do.

    When asked what she learnt from the character she played in the short-film, Prajakta had some beautiful advice for all of us. Here’s what she has to say,

    Having a clear vision is what you want, that way you will know exactly why you want to keep going. Most of us know where we want to go, by we usually tend to forget why we want to get there. The factor or knowing why you want to reach where you want to reach is what kept the character of Asha going and helps me going.

    We played Pictionary with a twist!

    The girl tribe and Malini Agarwal herself engaged Prajakta in a fun game of Pictionary. The idea was for Malini and Prajakta to draw their ‘Khayali Pulao‘. The drawings were of what they wished to do after the lockdown was over and we had so much fun guessing their quirky drawings. From visiting the Northern Lights to eating a plate full of Chinese food, the tribe got a chance to discuss all of this during the game. As a content creator, she also had an interesting take on how people should not ignore online hate and abuse. It’s time we speak up! The kind of impact people can create if they come together is massive. As Malini right said,

    I don’t need to unscrew anybody else’s lightbulb in order to shine

    Malini’s Girl Tribe clearly had a blast with Prajakta on the virtual happy hour and we are sure you don’t want to miss out on all the fun, so check out the video right here!

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    “It’s Important To Prioritise Your Health, Well-Being & Mental Health More Than Anything” – Ruhii Singh

    href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 24 Jul 2020Ruhii Singh, Malini Agarwal (Source: Google)

    Social media platforms are ideally supposed to be a platform to exchange ideas, conversations, stories and experiences. However, its gradually converting into a space that’s full of negativity. Especially for women, social media is becoming more and more unsafe by the day. Malini Agarwal has initiated an #IgnoreNoMoreOnline campaign in order to stand up against the abuse online and make the internet a safer space. She got a chance to speak to the popular content creator and actress Ruhii Singh about this and here are all the details!

    Safety & Positivity On The Internet

    As a content creator and an actor, Ruhii has also experienced a fair share of negativity, lewd messages and abuse online. We are always told to ignore the message and look past them, however, that has led to an alarming increase in hate and abuse online. According to Ruhii, it is time we stand up in solidity against such crimes and make the internet a safe space again.  As people, today are spending more time online than in the real world.

    How content creation helped Ruhii

    View this post on Instagram

    #Tb to shooting with my favs @areesz @kamal_makeover and @burger.bae you need to send me new clothes

    A post shared by Ruhii Dilip Singh (@ruhisingh12) on Jun 7, 2020 at 9:38pm PDT

    According to her, getting a chance to connect with the outside world, interacting with new people and relating with them is what content creation has helped her achieve. For Ruhii, content creation is a learning process and she has already embarked on that journey. She recently launched her own YouTube channel so don’t forget to check it out!

    In what way should one behave online?

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by Ruhii Dilip Singh (@ruhisingh12) on May 26, 2020 at 6:10am PDT

    The internet and popular social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube can be excellent mediums to emotionally connect with someone or share knowledge, information and stories, but people tend to misuse it. Here’s what Ruhii has to say,

    It’s really sad that people have been misusing this platform to just insult, spread more hate and negativity. It is pathetic to see what they are doing there, I think there has to be a check, something has to be done about it. I hope a campaign like this (IgnoreNoMoreOnline) helps people and raise awareness about the fact that you can say something about it, you don’t always have to ignore.

    What is your ideal version of social media?

    For Ruhii, an ideal version of social media is similar to how her ideal real world would be, since the line between real and virtual is blurring by the day. For her, a safe space where knowledge is shared and where diverse opinions are allowed to exist is what a perfect social platform looks like for her. We completely agree with what Ruhii has to say here,

    (On social media) Success should be celebrated and failure should prompt compassion and empathy. That’s how we should be as humans in real life and on the internet.

    Pro-Tip for young creators

    Check out what Ruhi has to say to all you young budding creators out there,

    As content creators you have to be strong, do not let anything emotionally or personally affect you! Think of it as a profession, and more than anything its important fr you to prioritize your health, well-being and mental health more than anything at this point. Never ever give up!

    This conversation was so candid and insightful, it’s surely something you should not miss out on. Check it out here!

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    Qyuki’s Founder’s Day Celebration—A Special Tribute To Samir Bangara

    href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 16 Jul 2020

    Samir Bangara Founder’s Day Celebration (Source: Qyuki Digital Facebook | Artwork by kids of Dharavi Dream Project)

    It is rightly said, a true leader is someone who is always there for you and guides you through every difficulty. That’s exactly who our dear friend Samir Bangara was. Co-Founder and CEO of Qyuki Digital, Samir was hardworking, enthusiastic and a kind man who was loved by all. He always believed in positivity, new opportunities and saw the brighter side of everything. The world recently lost a true gem like him in an unfortunate incident last month but we strongly believe that a true leader is never gone, he lives through his work eternally! 15th July marked Samir Bangara’s birthday, which Qyuki celebrated as their Founder’s Day to honour his memory. Find out everything about the celebration right here…

    About Samir Bangara

    Former Managing Director, Digital at DisneyUTV, Samir had more than 16 years of experience in the media and technology space. Before the acquisition by Disney, Samir was the Chief Operating Officer of Indiagames, which he was associated with in different roles since 1999. He has also been listed amongst the top 15 angel investors in India.  Its was only later that he saw so much potential in new budding creators and founded Qyuki Digital along with AR Rahman and Shekhar Kapoor. In his career, he has mentored more than 300 artists. He also co-founded the widely popular Dharavi Dream Project. 

    View this post on Instagram

    To someone who truly believed in empathy and kindness. The person who gave wings to so many aspirations and who stood by his team as he would for his family. To @samirbangara, who will always be in our hearts. Happy birthday, Samir. Your work and legacy will carry on forever. – @soul_kari, Content Head, Influencer News Desk 🌼 #happybirthday #youwillalwaysbewithus

    A post shared by MissMalini♀️💜 (@missmalini) on Jul 14, 2020 at 11:18pm PDT

    Founder’s Day Celebration

    The Founder’s Day celebration took place on Qyuki Digital’s Facebook handle on 15th of July, 2:30 PM onwards. Various creators, artists, musicians, actors and other peers came together to send in their heartfelt tribute to the loved Samir Bangara. Multiple artists also shared videos and posts in honour of him on digital platforms like Instagram…

    View this post on Instagram

    It’s your bday today and I have crossed 3M followers. You always Bless me. I am thankful to god that I know you and got a chance to work with a genuine and thoughtful person like you. You will always stay in our heart sir. Much love 💗

    A post shared by SAMEEKSHA SUD (@sameeksha.sud_) on Jul 15, 2020 at 4:53am PDT

    View this post on Instagram

    Happy Birthday Samir sir ❤️ @samirbangara I know you’re in a better place now and watching us all from above❤️ We (your Qyuki team) are celebrating founder’s day today in your memory. I promise I’ll make you proud one day ❤️ Miss you mentor ❤️

    A post shared by Bhavin Bhanushali 🇮🇳 (@bhavin_333) on Jul 15, 2020 at 5:41am PDT

    Tributes and performances

    Ambili Menon and Audrey D’Silva hosted the celebration Facebook, wherein numerous big celebrities like Ravi Dubey, Armaan Malik, Malini Agarwal, Roshan Abbas, Shaan, Vishal Dadlani, Team07, Teen Tigada, Devraj Sanyal, Salim Merchant, Vinit Thakkar, Mr. Faisu, Jannat, Guneet Monga, Admiral Suresh Bangara, Ritu Agarwal, Jeffrey Iqbal, Raj Nayak, Faisal Khan, Suresh (King’s United) and many more gave their heartfelt tribute and spoke about how Samir created a vast impact on their lives and helped them in their journey.

    Multiple talented artists and bands like SANAM, Gajendra Verma, Antara Nandy, Amrita Nayak, Tushar Lall, Nikhil Shetty, Ramji Gulati, Abha Hanjura, Dhruv kent and a few more performed in the memory of Samir too. Musician Clinton Cerejo performed the song ‘Anti-Gravity‘ as it was one of Samir’s favourite numbers, Vicky Patel showed his love through soulful dance performance and popular band Raaga Trippin performed Samir’s favourite song ‘In the jungle‘ by Beach Boys. Moments like these, in the celebration that took place yesterday really melted our hearts.

    Here’s what Faye D’Souza had to say,

    It’s odd to be called an artist or even be included among artists, I am a journalist and communicating facts is not art. It is at best a skill and I thought I’d communicate some facts to you. A few months ago, just as the lockdown has begun, I was on the verge of signing a big brand deal, this would have been the first big deal that In would have signed as an independent journalist. It was a big deal for me, it would have a confirmation that breaking out an being an independent journalist was possible. So this deal in a lockdown would have home-delivered reassurance that I was on the right track, but just before it got confirmed, this deal fell through. I was deeply disappointed and was questioning everything. I sent a message to a friend very late at night, It was a whiny message and I got an answer the next morning. This is what it said “we win some we lose some, we are in this together” It was just a reality check and an assurance that I was not alone. In the following weeks, work followed, we got new deals and we became confident and I realized that all I needed to do was keep going. It was good advice from a good friend, that friend was Samir Bangara, and he was just a good friend, he was my best friend. In the last month since he left us I have struggled in a way that I perhaps never struggled before. Spent hours starting at an empty wall or a screen not really being productive, waiting for inspiration. I struggled with that loss and in the lack of justice with what happened. If we were in this together then why I am alone?  How are we supposed to carry on? I keep asking myself over and over again, what would Samir have said or done in this situation. Friends, colleagues, mentees looking for the same thing, almost the clerical parenting that he would have offered. hat would Samir have said? In those conversations, I realized the fixed deposits of advice he had left for us. With each of these people was a part of the answer to the question, What would Samir have said? and the answers were brilliant ‘Start at the beginning’ ‘Done is better than perfect’ ‘don’t let your emotions get the better of you’ ‘focus on the north star’. His advice planted on this community is now growing into a forest of strong people. We are not alone, we have each other. Life doesn’t give you room to sit and question, remember two things, first thing, we win some and we will lose some, the second thing to remember is that we are in this together. There is an unofficial family of people who remember him and his advice. Take the singles, tackle the small problems first, keep fighting!

    Heres what A.R Rahman has to say about Samir,

    He is not there physically with us but the things which he did, the amount of love, admiration and kindness he gave to the whole team will always be memorable and will stay with us so I want the whole team of Qyuki and friends to celebrate and  remember him.

    The celebration along with heartfelt tributes really touched our hearts. We wish Samir was here with us today but a true leader like him will always be known through his work and his words. The community of creators he has mentored will continue his legacy and surely make him proud! Take a look at the celebration on Qyuki’s Facebook page if you haven’t yet!

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    Video: The Power Of Positivity Ft. BeerBiceps A.K.A Ranveer Allahbadia

    href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 15 Jul 2020

    Malini Agarwal, Ranveer Allahbadia (Source: Google)

    If there is one thing the world needs today, it’s positivity. Currently, everyone is experiencing a different phase in their lives and being positive is the only thing that will keep us all going. Recently Malini Agarwal had a delightful conversation with the popular content creator and entrepreneur Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a. BeerBiceps. They spoke about various interesting concepts like life, the universe and most importantly, the power of manifestation and positivity. Check it out!

    Power of Social Media

    Due to the lockdown, we are spending most of our time on social media. Follower count, the number of likes, comments etc. have started mattering a lot, which in turn is taking a toll on our mental health. Ranveer candidly shared that even he has gone through that phase of insecurity and nervousness where he airbrushed his pictures, kept worrying about numbers and much more. However, working towards getting past this superficial layer of social media and building your confidence as well as other’s is what matters. As Malini rightly said,

    We must learn be to be good on social media and not good at social media

    The relevance of the content you create

    Various fitness influencers or content creators tend to shy away from relevant topics like PCOS, or anything related to the women’s reproductive system. According to Ranveer, topics like these and many others are very relevant to the audience and talking about them tends to have a positive impact on people. It’s the responsibility of this upcoming generation to normalise topics like periods, PCOS, physicality etc. so that women do not feel awkward.

    View this post on Instagram

    Snippet taken from #TheRanveerShow episode 50 with MY MOM! Episode will be out tomorrow. #MothersDay special 👩‍👧‍👦 Share this video with the queen of your life. Edit : @beerbiceps, @through_the_glass_eye Mother : @yourgynaec

    A post shared by Ranveer Allahbadia (@beerbiceps) on May 9, 2020 at 7:55am PDT

    Positive Masculinity

    Reading about cases like the Locker Room Talk makes us realise how important is it to normalise conversations about sex among teenagers. Parents should responsibly sensitise their children about multiple concepts that should not be joked about. As Ranveer rightly said, that avoiding this conversation with your children, will lead to toxic masculinity. Not only influencers,  but every individual should be talking about this to spread more and more awareness. Here’s what Ranveer has to say,

    Your thoughts are the outcome of all the conversations you end up having.

    Spirituality and manifestation

    As great believers in spirituality, Malini and Ranveer strongly believe that the current global situation is nature’s way of telling us to slow down. Urban humans tend to be too hard on themselves which leads to issues like exhaustion, burn-out, stress and much more. Moreover, this can impact you mentally, so it’s vital for you to take a break and get some perspective. According to Malini, if you look at the positive side of it, this lockdown has led influencers and individuals to be more authentic and real in terms of creating content. As a staunch believer in spirituality, Ranveer highly recommends a change of lifestyle. According to him, the global situation is something we should learn from and start new positive practices like ‘sustainable living‘ to prevent a similar calamity from taking place. As an influencer, you have a huge platform to put out a positive message and impact thousands of people.

    Everyone’s got their own evolutionary path, but simple practices of positivity can have a huge impact on multiple people. This conversation really was eye-opening and extremely interesting too. Check it out here if you haven’t yet!

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    Blogger Pro Tip: Look Cute & Stay Dry During The Monsoons

    href=”author/kanak-devnani”>Kanak Devnani , 18 Jun 2020

    Monsoon Outfits, Malini Agarwal & Santoshi Shetty | (Source: Instagram | @maliniagarwal, @santoshishetty)

    The monsoon season is finally upon us. While most of us rejoice at the sight of these chilly showers but it can be a pain when you have places to be and people to meet. The gloomy days can at times, result in very dull outfits. It can be confusing to dress for the rain with the fear of getting drenched and getting caught in traffic. This, however, does not mean you can’t step out in cute yet durable outfits for the weather. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun.

    We’ve picked out some cute outfits to get inspired by and get you started, but first and foremost let’s break down the importance of choosing the right fabrics for this weather. When dressing for the monsoons, you basically need to stay away from fabrics that have high water-absorbent qualities.

    The following fabrics listed below will keep you comfortable and help you stay dry:

    • Cotton: Perfect for humidity, the cotton material allows air to flow and creates a cooling effect. While 100% cotton does well in most climates, opt for a poly blend during rains. This type of blend dries faster and falls right when drying.
    • Rayon: Made from cellulose that is extracted from trees, rayon can feel like silk and even imitate cotton or linen. It’s cool, airy, does not trap body heat and is not as moisture-wicking as other natural fabrics
    • Nylon: One of the most adapted fabrics for this season, it is famously used in swimwear and sportswear. It has a low absorbency rate and is breathable and durable.
    • Dri-Fit: Used in a lot of athletic wear, it soaks up the sweat and sucks it up to the surface leaving your body feeling dry and clean
    • Chambray: The great thing about chambray is that it looks like denim but is much softer and lightweight. No sticky denim issues during the rains here. It’s a great choice when you want to look a little dressier and want the style of a denim shirt or jeans.
    • Polyester: Easy to dry and wrinkle-free, polyester doesn’t absorb moisture. It’s considered to be waterproof for everyday use, the perfect material to protect you come rain or snow.
    • PVC or plastic: These are perfect choices for water-resistant raincoats, boots or even accessories like plastic bags.

    You can also opt for some other silk and poly blends like lycra, mesh and tricot that dry fast and won’t shrink. Once you know what fabrics are best for the rainy weather, it becomes easier to shop the pieces you need for your wardrobe to style your outfits.

    Time to scroll below and check out some style inspiration for the monsoon season:1. The Trendy Raincoat

    This is, of course, your BFF of the season. While you might remember your fun jelly raincoats from when you were a kid, its lately had a stylish makeover for us adults. Why should only kids have all the fun! You can choose completely transparent versions to lightly lined silhouettes like our very own Malini Agarwal, who is rocking her raincoat paired with a cute outfit underneath. As she struts through the rains, the coat keeps her dry and her neon green top adds the much-needed pop of colour for the gloomy weather.

    View this post on Instagram

    "I'm walking on sunshine… on a rainy day!" 😁☔👟 #MissMaliniootd #ootd 👟 @crocsindia 🧥 @sonyavajifdar 💁🏻‍♀styled by @rishika_devnani assisted by @shah_ishiii @yeanshalodha @teamrishikadevnani 💄 hair & makeup by @makeupbyswatidas 📸 @faizankhan.6 . . . . . #photography #fashion #style #currentlywearing #gown #outfitoftheday #ootd #mylook #fashionblog #styleblogger #beautiful #pretty #instalike #todaysoutfit #tothemoon #crocsindia #fashionfootwear #mycrocsmychoice #monsoonofcrocs #comfortandstyle

    A post shared by Malini Agarwal (MissMalini) (@maliniagarwal) on Jul 10, 2019 at 8:49pm PDT

    2. A Stylish Umbrella

    Say hello to the many colourful and vibrant styles of umbrellas available because black is so old-school and boring. A fun umbrella is the way to go during this monsoon season. Colours, not your thing? Check out Saily Patre totally on-trend with a clear bubble umbrella from Prop Shop 24. The clear transparent look with boss babe written on it creates a fun chic statement but doesn’t distract from her overall look.

    View this post on Instagram

    You go EXTRA when you finally get the umbrella you were looking for! Thanks @agny_clicks 😉 . . Umbrella: @propshop24 EXTRAness: My Own . . #mumbaikibaarish

    A post shared by SAILY PATRE | thestylecocktail (@sailypatre) on Jun 29, 2019 at 10:36am PDT

    3. Embrace Active Wear

    Lucky for us athleisure or activewear is booming and it has become socially acceptable to wear it all day, every day. While a rainy morning is not the most motivating scenario for working out or running errands, you can stay dry and look cool when stepping out of the house by taking a style cue from Santoshi Shetty. She looks effortlessly cool in this electric blue windbreaker set from Reebok. Perfect for a jog in the rain or casually stepping out to the shops.

    View this post on Instagram

    This could be my look through out monsoons in Bombay! 🌧🧢 An absolute pleasure wearing @reebokclassicindia X @pleasures 💙💚

    A post shared by Santoshi Shetty (@santoshishetty) on Jul 12, 2019 at 4:12am PDT

    4. Shorter Hems

    Hems usually rise peak summertime and this trend is also carried into the monsoon season as well. Opting for shorter or cropped hems whether its pants or dresses will keep you breezy and comfy in the humidity. Plus this helps you avoid the issue of sticky muddy hems. Jannat Khan looks super trendy in her sporty ensemble consisting of a bucket hat, bicycle shorts and loose tee. Don’t forget her durable Nike fanny pack too! You can’t go wrong with this look that’s super stylish and easy to recreate.

    View this post on Instagram

    #streetwear look with my new T-shirt from the Winter 2019 collection at @thesouledstore . . . Shot by – @shoot_with_tanmay #eismag #fuckstreethype #getintothisstyle #classystreetweargirls #girlslovestreetwear #flackhofemales #unreap #streetwearculture #fashionfuckeryfemales #bestofstreetstyle #allaboutstreetwear #yvrfashion #nclgallerygirls #fffemales #highsnobietystyle #snobshots #wastedparisgirls #noblystreet #culturfits #streetwear #souledarmy #thesouledstore #batman #batmantshirt #bikershorts #buckethat #streetwearblog #indianstreetwearblogger #streetwearblogger

    A post shared by Jannat Khan. (@wishyouwerefashion) on Nov 19, 2019 at 4:49am PST

    5. Bright Colours

    Just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean you have to dress like that too! Go for deeper colours and brighter shades that will uplift your mood and are also good at hiding rain marks. Norma Castelino’s whole outfit is fashionable from head to toe. Her pink sweatsuit is really popping paired with a black crop-top and combat boots which give some edge to the otherwise very feminine colour.

    View this post on Instagram

    No one: Girls with imaginary haters: keep lurking sis, I'm doing good

    A post shared by Norma Castelino (@normacastelino) on Jan 27, 2020 at 1:11am PST

    6. Durable Bags

    Don’t ruin your good leather bags when out running errands. Your bag needs to be durable and water-resistant too! Accessorise your overall look with bags in vibrant prints and bright colours made out of jelly or PVC style materials. We’re in love with Sanjana Patil’s vibrant green, transparent, jelly backpack! Did we mention the clear or see-through accessory fad is casually sticking around? Super cute and stylish, it’ll keep your contents dry and safe from the rain, definitely a must-have for the season.

    View this post on Instagram

    me: let's take cute pix today my hair: let's not co operate w the 5 second camera time that sanj gets🤪🤪🤪🤪

    A post shared by Sanjana Patil (@sanjanaa_patill) on Mar 7, 2020 at 12:57am PST

    7. The Right Pair of Shoes

    Brave the dampness by selecting the right pair of shoes made of water-resistant materials. Try out a pair of trusty wellies aka gumboots or if they’re too clunky for you try some strappy PVC sandals. Perfect for breathable days, PVC sandals are durable and the best choice if you’re commuting or running around all day. Mira Kapoor looks fresh as a daisy and monsoon ready in her light washed denim outfit teamed with a cute pair of vibrant, floral PVC sandals from Crocs.

    View this post on Instagram

    Come rain, let’s shine ✨ Monsoon ready in my favourite Crocs Serena Flips! @crocsindia #SerenaFlips

    A post shared by Mira Rajput Kapoor (@mira.kapoor) on Jun 19, 2019 at 5:15am PDT

    Which of these outfit ideas is your favourite and are most likely to wear? Let us know in the comments below. 

    Don’t forget to follow @missmalinifashion for all the latest style updates!

    Blogger Pro Tip: The Jumpsuit For Every Occasion

    href=”author/rishikadevnani”>Rishika Devnani , 15 Jun 2020

    Jumpsuits For Every Occasion, Gabriella Demetriades & Debasree Banarjee | (Source: Instagram | @deme_love_, @debasreee)

    A popular style and go-to outfit for many occasions is the trusted jumpsuit. However, let us dive in and have a quick look at the origin of them. Invented in 1919 by Italian artist, Ernesto Michahelles, it was initially referred to as Tutua. The term jumpsuit was born due to the functionality of the outfit as it was made to be worn by parachutists and skydivers. Nonetheless, the practicality and ease of it lead to the reinvention of the suit for casual, everyday wear. 

    When it comes to women and the fashion evolution of this piece, timeless designer Coco Chanel transformed the jumpsuit to loungewear, epitomising it in the ’20s. By the ’30s many famous designers took on the jumpsuit and adapted them to add a more feminine style. These suits were also customised for sporting activities and skiing. It was around this point of time women flaunted this classic design and it rose to popularity. By the ’60s this trending style was worn by Hollywood icons Elizabeth TaylorJackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn. Moreover, it started the inception of many jumpsuit variations that we see trending on the market today.

    Listed below are some of the different jumpsuit designs:

    • Blazer Jumpsuits
    • Boiler Jumpsuits
    • Culotte Jumpsuits
    • Denim Jumpsuits
    • Overalls
    • Playsuits or Rompers
    • Shirt Jumpsuit
    • Skinny Jumpsuit
    • Tank Jumpsuit
    • Wide-leg or Flared Jumpsuit

    The various styles, designs and comfort of jumpsuits make them our number one pick for any occasion. Additionally, these one-pieces are for every kind of body shape or age and can be worn by anyone based on personal preference. However, it may get confusing to pick the right jumpsuit for a specific outing. Inspired by our stylish Instagrammers, we have put together a list of occasions and the best-suited jumpsuit for each. Be it a date night, brunch, office meeting or even a holiday-we have got you covered!

    Scroll below to see the ideal jumpsuit for every occasion:1. At Home

    Ever since WFH became a thing, being comfortable while looking stylish is a priority on our list. What better way to execute this than by going for relaxed onesie. A harem styled jumpsuit like the one Shereen Sikka is wearing by Rheson looks suited to lounge at home all day. Vibrant colours and a printed pattern adds some fun to your look, whereas the soft material allows you to stay cool all day long. Additionally, a loose fit and tapering leg style is perfect to look trendy without sacrificing comfort when you have a Zoom call or supermarket errands.

    View this post on Instagram

    Video game remotes are the new polka dots 💚💜 Wearing the cutest most comfortable jumpsuit from @wearerheson with unicorn @vaphshoes Shot by @ishaannair7 Hair and makeup @afreen_makeupartist . . . #ootd #lotd #shereenlovebug #loveandotherbugs #indianfashionblogger #wearerheson

    A post shared by Shereen (@shereenlovebug) on Apr 1, 2018 at 4:21am PDT

    2. On The Job

    Calling out all the boss ladies! Radiate power by swapping your traditional two-piece suit to a one-piece jumpsuit. This is a good choice to look professional without being too dressy. Malini Agarwal makes a statement in a teal blazer wide-leg jumpsuit by Ajiesh Oberoi. Dark colours such a black, navy, bottle green, charcoal grey or a pinstripes pattern are more office-appropriate. Moreover, don’t be afraid to dress it up with high heels and elegant accessories! 

    View this post on Instagram

    #Missmaliniootd #ootd 👗@ajieshoberoiofficial 💁🏻‍♀Styled by @rishika_devnani assisted by @juichitaliya @ravneet_bijan @teamrishikadevnani 💄Hair & makeup by @makeupbyswatidas assisted by @makeupbyrajvi 📸 @faizankhan.6 #blogger #fashionista #blogppst #ootd #classy #chic #hotlook #elegant #formallook #currentlywearing #dressy #mylook #goodvibes #staystylish #missmaliniootd

    A post shared by Team Rishika Devnani (@teamrishikadevnani) on Mar 11, 2020 at 7:53am PDT

    3. Weekend Brunch

    A blazer playsuit is the right mix of formal and casual for the weekend. Riya Jain looks chic and carefree in her white playsuit. She chooses to let her accessories pop with a bright red clutch and sunnies, along with a chunky neckpiece. With the Monsoon season here, dressing light and airy is key. Hence, a playsuit in a moveable fabric is a more sensible choice along with a soft colour selection for the day time. To look more effortless, you can choose to pair your outfit with casual sneakers, an ideal ensemble for a lazy Sunday brunch!

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    Ain't got no worries 💯 Loveee the Loreal Paris #RougeSignature range of colours and all the new Sunset shades💄 Its lightweight formula is amazing😍 @lorealmakeup is one of my favourites!! You can get some amazing deals on #RougeSignature lipsticks at L'Oreal Paris stores and Nykaa.com🌟🌟 #lessismore #newshades #warmsunsetshades

    A post shared by Riya Jain (@caughtinacuff) on Jan 24, 2020 at 6:51am PST

    4. Holiday Fun

    Whether strolling a new city or lazing by the beach, a romper is exactly what you need. We love Debasree Banarjee’s leopard print romper that she has paired with gladiator sandals and oversized sunglasses, making it the perfect holiday look! Furthermore, a romper makes for a stylish alternative to your usual beach cover-up. Layering your swimsuit below looks cute and casual while allowing for maximum comfort at the same time! Additionally, pairing footwear with this is super easy as you can match anything from flip-flops to sneakers with it.

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    Woke up reminiscing this beautiful day from Versailles ✨ Wearing @hm jumpsuit.

    A post shared by Debasree Banerjee (@debasreee) on Sep 20, 2019 at 1:54am PDT

    5. Cocktail or Night Out

    Ditch your fancy dresses and choose to dazzle in a one-piece wonder for the night. Rich colours, luxurious fabrics such as silk, and sparkly accessories can make your look fancy. Gabriella Demetriades sizzles in a deep neck fitted jumpsuited by her brand Deme By Gabriella. This classic, yet ravishing piece is fit for a formal night out. Furthermore, you can choose to dress up the look with high heeled pumps, sparkly accessories and a designer handbag. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement in your classy jumpsuit!

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    Deme classics! #demegirls #demelove #classics #throwback

    A post shared by Deme_Love (@deme_love_) on May 23, 2020 at 11:24pm PDT

    Which style of the jumpsuit is your favourite, and where do you wear it the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Blogger Pro Tips: 5 Ways To Style Up Your Sequin Outfit

    href=”author/rishikadevnani”>Rishika Devnani , 22 May 2020

    Styling Sequins, Roshni Bhatia, Malini Agarwal and Masoom Minawala | (Source: Instagram | @thechiquefactor, @teamrishikadevnani, @masoomminawala)

    If all the glitters is not gold, then it must be sequins! Ever wondered how these glittery coins became a part of the fashion industry? The term sequin originates from Sikka, the Arabic word for coin. It then found its way to France towards the end of the 16th century and came to be known by the term sequin. The fashion trend of sequins then saw itself on a rise in the 1920s with its use of sequins on the costumes of sexy flapper girls. Today, these glittery beads are made from plastic and can be adorned on flamboyant gowns, dresses, to several fashion accessories as well.

    Are you someone who loves to add sparkle to their wardrobe but worries that you will look OTT, or might even end up looking like a Christmas tree? Wearing sequin outfits should not be limited to a special occasion or festive season only, there are several ways you can sport this look all year round. We understand the confusion that can come about from styling a sequin outfit. Maintaining a balance of being trendy while not looking tacky can be challenging. To guide you through this, we put together 5 ways you can style your sequin outfits to look chic and sparkle in style.

    Are you ready to dip your toes into some stylish sequin looks? Check out our tips below:1. Short dress with a high neckline

    Go all-out with a shiny short dress that is sure to catch everyone’s eye! A high neck adds sophistication with an edge of sexy to your short sparkly dress. To avoid going overboard with your final look, make sure you balance it out by wearing zero or minimal accessories, and soft neutral makeup. Let your outfit do all the talking! Masoom Minawala’s boat neck, puffed sleeves, and ruffled hemline make her sequin dress look sexy yet elegant.

    View this post on Instagram

    // ME AND MY BED ❤️ A quarantine love story & the steadiest relationship in all our lives right now. And before you ask – ofcourse we (pillow) fight sometimes. 😋💖🧘🏽🌙🤫

    A post shared by Masoom Minawala Mehta (@masoomminawala) on May 18, 2020 at 6:52am PDT

    2. Add a glittery jacket to your outfit

    Pairing an over-the-shoulder sequin jacket with a monochromatic outfit or jumpsuit can both stylise and sparkle up your otherwise simple look. This trick can make your outfit stand out while adding a glam factor without going over the top. We love how Komal Pandey has rocked her monochromatic black outfit + sequin jacket and bold red lips!

    View this post on Instagram

    Only reason why I hire an Uber XL, so I can stretch my leg and pop my booty and take some Huji. Not sponsored. 😛 On my way for the @rohitgandhirahulkhanna X @angelique.raina Studio Party! ✨

    A post shared by Komal Pandey (@komalpandeyofficial) on Apr 19, 2019 at 9:08am PDT

    3. Have some fun with colourful sequins

    Girls just wanna have fun! If you are someone who loves to experiment with loud colours, this look is for you. Our very own Malini Agarwal rocking a Monisha JaisingXShweta Bachan piece. This colourful sequined top paired with electric, blue shiny shorts taps into the playfulness of the overall look. Fun and sexy—It is time to bring out the confidence and sass!

    View this post on Instagram

    #MissMaliniootd #ootd 👗 @mxsworld 👠 @trufflecollectionindia 💁🏻‍♀️styled by @rishika_devnani assisted by @shah_ishiii @yeanshalodha @teamrishikadevnani 💄 hair & makeup by @headturnermakeovers 📸 @faizankhan.6 . . . . . #Photography #fashion #style #currentlywearing #gown #outfitoftheday #ootd #mylook #fashionblog #styleblogger #beautiful #pretty #instalike #todaysoutfit #tothemoon #missmalini #loveyourself #bling #black

    A post shared by Team Rishika Devnani (@teamrishikadevnani) on Jun 1, 2019 at 10:21pm PDT

    4. Keep it real with sequins and denim

    An odd pairing? We beg to differ! Instead of saving your favourite sequin top for a special occasion, make the best use of it by pairing it with muted, neutral trousers or some denim for a relaxed look. Chiara Ferrangi’s high-waist denim with a gold, sequin crop-top is a great look for those days where you want to look chic without putting in too much effort! Additionally, you can also layer it up with some accessories to dress up your casual look for a brunch or night-out with your friends.

    View this post on Instagram

    New Year’s Eve in the desert ✨

    A post shared by Chiara Ferragni ✨ (@chiaraferragni) on Dec 31, 2019 at 7:28am PST

    5. Sequin blazer suit

    Roshni Bhatia setting some serious boss woman goals in this Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna sequin blazer suit attire! We love the addition of a black camisole inside and the pairing of black pumps to tone down the look. When worn right, this versatile look can be worn to a cocktail, formal gathering, or even a fun night out! You can never go wrong with a classic blazer—add some sequins to it and it just got better. Furthermore, keep in mind to go for a monochromatic blazer suit as it keeps the look streamlined while adding a dash of elegance.

    View this post on Instagram

    Tis the sequin ✨✨ . . Tonight Wearing this super sexy sequin pantsuit from my fav duo @rohitgandhirahulkhanna at the special launch of their festive collection 🖤 #ootn #festivefeels #tistheseason #rohitandrahulgandhi #sequin ✨ 📸 by the lovely @kajolarora101 😘

    A post shared by Roshni Bhatia (@thechiquefactor) on Oct 25, 2018 at 6:57am PDT

    What is your favourite way of rocking sequins? Let us know in the comments below.

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