These 8 ‘Inspirational Quote’ Reels By Influencers Are Hilariously Honest

href=”author/alice”>Alice Peter , 12 Apr 2021

Kusha Kapila, Ranveer Allahbadia (Source: Instagram | @kushakapila, @beerbiceps)

In the last few months, I have seen some of the most fun, interesting and entertaining Instagram Reels. And with each new trend I love how creators try to add their own new twists to it. A Reel trend that has popped up on my feed almost everyday, maybe since the day of it’s inception is the ‘inspirational quotes’ one. The trend is about how you can take negative comments and dress it up using a vibrant, good-looking background or template. The music for this trend is the most positive song one can find, Vanessa Carlton‘s A Thousand Miles. A few creators shared their own interesting and hilarious versions of this Instagram Reel trend and it was every bit amazing.

Scroll away to see it for yourselves…1. Kusha Kapila

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

Kusha‘s version of this trend is so relatable that if I could put a tick mark next to each one of these statements, I literally would. Right from the Aadhar card and passport size photo one to the reminder of a relative’s birthday, this Reel is all of our chats with our dads, amirite?

2. Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a BeerBiceps

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A post shared by Ranveer Allahbadia (@beerbiceps)

If I could share this Reel a hundred times or perhaps even more, I totally would. There have been umpteen discussions about such ‘career advice’ being handed out to kids, which needs to change asap. Ranveer, we are so proud of you for addressing these lines as is. Hopefully, they will soon be a thing of the past.

3. Srishti Dixit a.k.a @srishtipatch

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A post shared by Srishti Dixit (@srishtipatch)

Right after a dad Reel on this trend, a mom Reel just seemed like a mandate! Srishti‘s version to this trend are a bunch of things mom say when it comes to boys, boyfriend and getting married. Tbh, these line turned into inspirational quotes are absolutely savage.

4. Debasree Banerjee

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A post shared by Debasree Banerjee (@debasreee)

Ever had some weird or noticeable messages in your DM that you wish you could tell the world about. Well, Debasree’s take on this trending Reel can be the perfect way you can do it now. My fave one from her list of ‘inspirational quotes’ is defo, “Send Me Your Makeup”. Have you received any such messages that made you go woah? Tell us about it in the comments.

5. Komal Pandey

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A post shared by Komal Pandey (@komalpandeyofficial)

Komal, we have all been there with a Siddharth Batra in our lives. And these boyfriend quotes are so on-point. Brb, just sharing this with my girl squad to know their reactions too.

6. Dolly Singh

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A post shared by Dolly Singh (@dollysingh)

Wow, Dolly… so many of these lines we may have never even said to ourselves out loudly. And you have put them in this Reel, I would like to really applaud you for this. This version of the trend is so hilarious and quite unique, tbh.

7. Saurabh Ghadge

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A post shared by Saurabh Ghadge (@saurabhghadge_vines)

Confession time, I watched this Reel on loop ‘cuz honestly, who would have ever thought of creating these responses from your house help into a trending Reel like this one? Of course, it had to be Saurabh, you hilarious genius!

8. Natasha Patel

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A post shared by Natasha Patel (@natasshapatel)

Here’s another version of the boyfriend quotes turned into inspirational ones. Natasha‘s take on this trend is sooo relatable that the feel of this Reel is literally the word DITTO, yes in bold. I think all the boyfriends must have said at least one of these things in their life, I can say that for sure, ‘cuz the word ‘No’ is a universal fave.

So, these were some hilarious, on-point and relatable versions of this trend. I love it when creators get so real with their content and put it out there for the world to see it irrespective of the responses. And for that, kudos to you all. I honestly loved all of these Reels, what about you? Which Instagram Reel from this list did you find the most relatable? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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5 Reels By Kusha Kapila That Unleashes The Filmy Keeda In Us

href=”author/alice”>Alice Peter , 31 Mar 2021Kusha Kapila (Source: Instagram)

If you scroll through Kusha Kapila‘s Instagram page, there will be posts, videos, or Reels for every situation, societal problem, and mood! The creator’s recent videos have been around some of the most cliche Bollywood songs and moments that everyone may have thought about at least once, but never thought it could take such a hilarious twist. Scroll down to see them for yourself, and if you go on a laugh marathon, I just wanna say we warned you!

1. The 80s Bollywood Vamps

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

OMG! This Reel about Bollywood vamps is so darn apt that I cannot stop watching it on loop! The dress, that voice, and that ending is so on-point that I think I broke my phone hitting the ‘like’ button on Instagram.

2. Taking Bollywood Song Lyrics Literally

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

Some Bollywood songs are just so good to hear, but when you try to understand those lyrics… umm… they can be a little extra! Like this one right here, that Kusha tried applying to her life and well, it was hilarious. Our favourite part in this entire Reel actually is Kusha’s own rendition towards the end. Brb, going elsewhere to laugh a little louder right now.

3. Dance Moves On Point!

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

This Reel is so Bollywood from the past that it makes me nostalgic and also makes me wonder, why did we as kids always think this to be so normal? Ask us now, and we may try to justify ourselves saying, “it’s Bollywood baby, you don’t need to understand it, you just have to enjoy it!” Hahaha!

4. The Classic Sooraj Barjatya Vibe

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

This video is such a gem that no amount of words can explain how Sooraj Barjatya this Reel actually is. And yes, this time, I quite frantically abused the share button and tbh I don’t regret it.

5. The Honest Devdas Reel

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

Devdas is one of my favorite films but after seeing this Reel, it is probably the most super real version of the song, Dola Re. LOL!

So there you go guys, these were some of the Bollywood reels I could not stop ROFL over. And this article may be over but Kusha’s content isn’t. We are so looking forward to more of Kusha’s hilarious Bollywood videos and reels, are you guys too? If yeah, tell us about it in the comments below.

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7 Creators Who Made Our ‘Holi-Day’ Entertaining With Their Hilarious Content

href=”author/trending-intern”>Trending Intern , 30 Mar 2021Kusha Kapila, Viraj Ghelani, Dolly Singh (Source: Instagram | @kushakapila @viraj_ghelani @dollysingh)

Sadly, our long weekend has come to an end, although we had an amazing ‘Holi-day’ this year staying home and staying safe. Holi is the festival of colours, happiness and celebration with our near and dear ones. Honestly, this festival got more bright and colourful when a few creators shared their hilarious Holi content. These creators really helped us sail through the festival without actually celebrating. If y’all haven’t watched these videos yet, then I must say that y’all are missing out on some major entertainment. So, scroll down to get your daily dose of LOLZ!

Here they are:1. Viraj Ghelani

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A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

Can you imagine chefs playing Holi? If not then you have to watch Viraj’s video where he sprinkles salt! We can’t stress enough on how unique Viraj is with his content, the fact that he thought of ‘How chefs play Holi‘ says it all. Honestly, the way he recreated the process of cooking using Holi colours as Indian spices is hilarious and we genuinely can’t control ourselves from saying ‘That’s So Viraj‘.

2. Ashish Chanchlani

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A post shared by Ashish Chanchlani (@ashishchanchlani)

‘Holi-yay’, does your colour come out completely after you play Holi? Mine doesn’t for sure! Ashish has portrayed this bang-on with this Reel right here. All our crazy friends apply so much colour on us that it gets super difficult to get rid of it for the next few days. Even though we try to protect ourselves, we end up rubbing and cleaning the colour for hours. But, here we are to the rescue, check these tips out to save yourself from spending hours washing that pakka colour off your face during the next Holi.

3. Dolly Singh

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A post shared by Dolly Singh (@dollysingh)

There’s no secret that Dolly’s characters are next-level entertaining and relatable. As her caption says it all, we were legit ROFLing on how accurately she portrayed different types of women on Holi. From ranting ones to the not so innocent ones to the elite ones, she showed us all the shades. The way she used these characters to talk and share about all the important things one needs to keep in mind during Holi was awesome. To find out more deets, you should defo watch this video!

4. Kusha Kapila

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

I absolutely love how Kusha’s video begins with, ‘Bura mano ya na mano’, Holi Hai‘. Kusha defo has a lot to say about Holi during a pandemic through her humour, so don’t miss out on this video! Also, she is totally acing the typical high society Delhi girl vibe!

5. Barkha Singh

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A post shared by Barkha Singh (@barkhasingh0308)

I’m pretty sure there are many parents who told their kids ‘Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo’ to celebrate Holi! We were all Barkha yesterday, don’t y’all agree? Even though we all were dying to go out and play, she showed us that staying home and staying safe is the best and most important thing right now as festivals come and go every year. The message she shared was the need of the hour and we are glad that it came out so well. We hope you all enjoyed the festival safely.

6. Karishma Govil a.k.a @soul_kari

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A post shared by Karishma Govil (@soul_kari)

Ngl, but isn’t this the story of every household in India? We totally love how Karishma shows the life journey of every t-shirt ever. The way we treat our new outfits when we buy them, to wearing the same on Holi after few years pass, to a stage where we use them as a typical pochha. Brb, gonna show this video to my mother! 😛

7. Pulkit Kochar

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A post shared by Pulkit Kochar (@pulkitkochar)

If you guys want tips to call your friends out to play Holi, then Pulkit has got you covered! His tips and tricks will surely convince one’s parents to send their children out to play Holi next time. The ‘holi-stic‘ approach was indeed one of the funniest ‘cuz come on, we all do this every single time, don’t we?

Well there you go, a list of influencers that definitely made us laugh out loud during Holi. Hope you guys had a safe Holi with your families and cherished those festive memories. So, tell us in the comments below which one made you ROFLing.

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10 Influencers Recently Visited Goa & Gave Us A Digital Tour Through Their Content

href=”author/shivangi-sethi”>Shivangi Sethi , 04 Mar 2021Shereen Sikka, Deeksha Khurana, Kritika Khurana, Siddharth Nigam (Source: Instagram | @shereenlovebug @thatbohogirl @thesiddharthnigam)

Over the last few weeks, we have noticed a lot of influencers travel to the ideal getaway in the country, Goa! If you’re craving for sun, sea, beach, and fun, but can’t get some, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered digitally. Here’s a list of creators who have travelled to the pearl of the orient, ‘Goa’, and posted some stunning pictures. We can guarantee that just by looking at their posts, you’ll wanna drop everything and head straight for a vacay. So, sit back and enjoy your cooler drink as we head straight to a virtual tour specially curated for you to India’s beach paradise, Goa!

Here we go:1. Kusha Kapila & Komal Pandey

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

Damn, Kusha and Komal are looking nothing less than modern apsaras here. The beachy vibes are hitting us right in the feels, even at night. Honestly, I really wanna wear my swimsuit and run to Goa, ASAP!

2. Shereen Sikka

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A post shared by Shereen (@shereenlovebug)

The gorgeous, Shereen Sikka is giving us major bohemian vibes with this picture. Let’s confess, relaxing at a beach resort without any stress from daily life routine is the best, isn’t it? Goa is like a paradise where sand meets the sea and magically takes all your stress away.

3. The Khurana girls

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A post shared by Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl)

Ngl, but good times and tan lines with sisters is a mandate. The Khurana sisters are really winning our hearts with their adorable sisterhood.  It looks like Kritika and Deeksha are having a blast together. I wish we had the power to stop time and ‘seas‘ the moment.

4. Larissa D’ Sa

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A post shared by Larissa D’Sa🌴Travel•Lifestyle (@larissa_wlc)

It looks like Larissa is vibin’ with the tides! Just like the queen of the sea, she is sitting on her shore throne and enjoying the sound of the waves. These pictures are so candid and serene, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t even look half as good as her on the beach!

5. Aanam Chashmawala

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A post shared by Aanam C | What When Wear 🇮🇳 (@aanamc)

Watching sunsets at the beach is quite romantic, isn’t it? Goa is a perfect couples’ destination, to relax with your bae and just spend some quality time together. So, all the couples out there, now y’all know where to plan your romantic date!

6. Siddharth Nigam

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A post shared by Siddharth Nigam (@thesiddharthnigam)

Water sports and Goa go hand-in-hand! We all know that Sid is a fitness enthusiast, therefore it’s obvious that he would give all these water sports a try. These pictures of him trying out different activities will make you wanna scream ‘an adventure a day keeps us active in a way’. 😛

7. Shivani Singh & Meghna Kaur 

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A post shared by Shivani Singh (@shivani.singhh)

Sipping some sun and sea, these two are really giving all of us major #FriendshipGoals! Love how beachy Shivani and Meghna look here wandering on the beaches of Goa. We can totally feel a wild, free, and together forever kinda vibe, can you?

8. Rishabh Chawla, Aashna Hegde & Ashi Khanna 

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A post shared by Rishabh Chawla (@rishabhchawlaaa)

DamnFam is enjoying their getaway in Goa, soaking up all the ‘vitamin sea’ on the beach. This picture of Rishabh with Ashi and Aashna is just so happy. What really adds to the Goan vibe here is the coconut in Rishabh’s hand. Sipping some refreshers and casually relaxing with friends is something we all want to do with our squads, amirite?

9. Avneet Kaur

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A post shared by Avneet Kaur Official (@avneetkaur_13)

It looks like the beach is calling Avneet and she is all ready to leave her footprints on the sand! Gosh, she looks so steller that taking our eyes off her just seems impossible.

10. Siddharth Batra

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A post shared by Siddharth Batra (@siddharth93batra)

The ever-so-charming, Siddharth’s Goa vacay is the perfect summer break we all are craving for! He is a fashionista who is nailing it with his looks all over the internet. If you wanna get any tips for a perfectly sunkissed, summer picture, then you must ask the master!

While we totally want to escape to the beach ASAP, we encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe. The pandemic is still very much intact and we must take all possible safety measures. However, this article here will help you travel to Goa virtually anytime so, start planning your dream itinerary!

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Video: Kusha Kapila Talks About Making A Career Switch At 28

href=”author/avya-sharma”>Avya Sharma , 01 Jul 2020

Kusha Kapila

Ask any millennial in India who Kusha Kapila is and you will see them enacting her in the many characters she has brought into life. Social media has given us some great talents and she is one of them. Kusha is the most popular influencers in the country and her hilarious and super relatable content is undoubtedly among my favourites, especially the South Delhi Girls series and Billi Mausi. From Karan Johar to the Ambanis, she is famously known to staying updated with what’s pertinent in the pop-culture scene of the country. So, when Malini’s Girl Tribe announced the Virtual Happy Hour with the one and only Kusha, it got me all excited.

Our wonderful boss lady MissMalini came up with an idea of doing a Virtual Happy Hour for Malini’s Girl Tribe to drive our quarantine blues away. Our first Virtual Happy Hour was kicked off by the super handsome and charming Rahul Khanna and this time we had the social media sensation, Kusha. A few members of Malini’s Girl Tribe got to spend a lovely evening with her virtually over conversation and fun games. The event began with a light-hearted conversation between Kusha and Malini, where Kusha was expressing how happy she was when she heard about this. This was followed by a Q&A where the tribe members got to ask the influencer their questions. Kusha spoke about how her career changed at 28 and how much she enjoys what she does. The event concluded with fun ‘how well do you know’ Kusha quiz and an endearing message for the tribe by her.

Watch the video here!

Gauahar Khan Says She Is Auditioning For Projects Virtually During The Lockdown

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 08 Jun 2020

Gauahar Khan

After having spent almost 3 months in lockdown, a lot of people have adapted themselves to this ‘new normal’ of working from home. As for the actors though, they cannot do much until they can get out and shoot. But, many are finding ways to keep themselves busy. One way they are doing that and spreading joy among their fans is through virtual meet and greets and live sessions. As part of our MissMalini‘s Happy Hour recently, members of Malini’s Girl Tribe got to interact with the lovely actress, Gauahar Khan.

Given it was such a super fun and joyous conversation with the girls, Gauahar’s session had to make it to our latest episode of Some Good News India, which is our very own version of John Krasinski‘s show, Some Good News. 

Talking about how she is spending her time in lockdown, she says that they cannot shoot or have any events for at least 6 months now and it’s a tough time in that sense. But, auditioning for roles online is giving her hope; that it will all be okay soon and she can shoot for those projects once everything is over. When asked by one of the ladies about the first place she would like to visit once the lockdown is over, she exclaimed that she would take the first flight out to UK to visit her brother and his family.

I am sure a lot of people would relate to her right now, and I wish she gets to do that very soon!

Catch her conversation here, along with more such good news from Kusha Kapila and singer Avanti Nagral in our latest episode: