Director Anand Gandhi On How He is Equipping Young Creators Of Tomorrow

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 31 Mar 2021Anand Gandhi (Source: Instagram | @memewala)

Inspired by a curiosity of astronomer Bob Williams, who pointed the world’s most powerful telescope at nothing and unlocked and made humungous discoveries about the universe, director Anand Gandhi also has aspirations to find stars where only darkness existed before.

Gandhi has worked towards expanding the paradigm of cinema in India with his films like Tumbbad, Ship of Theseus and An Insignificant Man. As the founder and producer at Memesys Culture, Gandhi aims to discover the brightest stars who will lead his revolution.

Speaking about the process that his studio employs to discern the makers of tomorrow, Gandhi shares:

First, a burgeoning creator must indicate a deep curiosity and comprehension of the human experience. Second, they must rigorously follow through on that curiosity by investing in their education in sciences, philosophy, literature, and cinema. And lastly, they should display some prowess in articulating their insights and abilities, be it through first-draft scripts or early storyboards or short pieces of cinema. When I see signs of curiosity, comprehension and clarity in a burgeoning creator, I invest in the augmentation of their worldview and craft with my full weight behind them.

He also adds that the studio invests significant resources in building talent, honing their crafts, and
expanding their frameworks through education in everything from design and art to science and
politics. And then, when their creators are ready, he shares that they chart a course for them to reach the moon with their ideas.

But of course, there are times when a few ambitious projects also fail to launch. Speaking about how they  approach it then, he shares that every hiccup is an opportunity to study more, build a better launchpad, a
more aerodynamic rocket, and make the science more rigorous. He adds, “Any experiment undertaken
with courage and integrity is valuable. In a world of cultural noise pollution and intellectual
laziness, the ambition of originality is worth protecting.” 

This bold approach has yielded many successes for creators and the slowly-changing Indian
landscape alike. Gandhi has collaborated with filmmakers like Khushboo Ranka and Vinay Shuka on their project, An Insignificant Man. He has mentored Zain Memon from an outreach intern to the special effects supervisor on Tumbbad. Gandhi was also a hands-on producer on SHASN, Memon’s first
major undertaking, and the most celebrated strategy board game out of this part of the world.

Gandhi produced Chaitanya Tamhane‘s debut play, Grey Elephants in Denmark, years before
he went on to make Court and Disciple. Nitin Zihani Choudhary‘s journey from an art intern to a
Filmfare Award-winning production designer under Gandhi’s mentorship is another feather in
Gandhi’s cap.

The newest creators that Gandhi has introduced to the world are Pooja Shetty and Neil
Pagedar, the minds who have jump-started a dialogue around Indian science-fiction with OK

Anand says:

When Pooja and Neil first came to me with their idea, I was blown away. They ticked all the boxes in a big way. They had gone through a rigorous peer review program at Memesys. Their vision was vast and I believed in it completely. We were absolutely convinced about taking a bet on these creators, and we’ll do it again.

Now that Shasn and OK Computer are out there for us all to experience, I sure can’t wait to see what
Gandhi and his studio are going to produce next.

5 Reels By Kusha Kapila That Unleashes The Filmy Keeda In Us

href=”author/alice”>Alice Peter , 31 Mar 2021Kusha Kapila (Source: Instagram)

If you scroll through Kusha Kapila‘s Instagram page, there will be posts, videos, or Reels for every situation, societal problem, and mood! The creator’s recent videos have been around some of the most cliche Bollywood songs and moments that everyone may have thought about at least once, but never thought it could take such a hilarious twist. Scroll down to see them for yourself, and if you go on a laugh marathon, I just wanna say we warned you!

1. The 80s Bollywood Vamps

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

OMG! This Reel about Bollywood vamps is so darn apt that I cannot stop watching it on loop! The dress, that voice, and that ending is so on-point that I think I broke my phone hitting the ‘like’ button on Instagram.

2. Taking Bollywood Song Lyrics Literally

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

Some Bollywood songs are just so good to hear, but when you try to understand those lyrics… umm… they can be a little extra! Like this one right here, that Kusha tried applying to her life and well, it was hilarious. Our favourite part in this entire Reel actually is Kusha’s own rendition towards the end. Brb, going elsewhere to laugh a little louder right now.

3. Dance Moves On Point!

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

This Reel is so Bollywood from the past that it makes me nostalgic and also makes me wonder, why did we as kids always think this to be so normal? Ask us now, and we may try to justify ourselves saying, “it’s Bollywood baby, you don’t need to understand it, you just have to enjoy it!” Hahaha!

4. The Classic Sooraj Barjatya Vibe

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

This video is such a gem that no amount of words can explain how Sooraj Barjatya this Reel actually is. And yes, this time, I quite frantically abused the share button and tbh I don’t regret it.

5. The Honest Devdas Reel

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A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

Devdas is one of my favorite films but after seeing this Reel, it is probably the most super real version of the song, Dola Re. LOL!

So there you go guys, these were some of the Bollywood reels I could not stop ROFL over. And this article may be over but Kusha’s content isn’t. We are so looking forward to more of Kusha’s hilarious Bollywood videos and reels, are you guys too? If yeah, tell us about it in the comments below.

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8 Skincare Products I Wish I Had Used In My Early 20s

href=”author/kanak-devnani”>Kanak Devnani , 31 Mar 2021

For as long as I can remember makeup has always been my happy place. I was the one literally swatching every eyeshadow in sight and ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the latest releases. Skincare never really was a thing I worried about in my early 20s. I followed a basic moisturiser and sunscreen routine and that was that. Obviously, at that point you don’t worry much about anti-ageing and time is on your side. But as I’ve learnt more about my skin throughout the years I look back and cringe at my mistakes. Prevention is always better than the cure and you should start it as early as possible. While I might be doing damage control now, I wish I’d done a little more during that time. Even just working a few more steps into my skincare routine then would have made a huge difference over the years. 

Keep reading to discover the handful of skincare products I wish I had started using sooner:1. Eye Cream

Can you imagine never using an ounce of eye cream? Well, that was me at 22. It wouldn’t have mattered as much but with my dry skin, it would have been especially useful in providing the hydration my skin needed, especially during the winter months. Not to mention, my concealer would have gone on a whole lot smoother. Currently, I’ve been loving the Origins Ginzing eye cream that hydrates, brightens and depuffs my tired under eyes.

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream | (Source:

2. Hand Cream

Do yourself a favour and invest in a good hand cream with SPF included in the formula if you’re lazy with your sunscreen. Our hands are the first to show signs of ageing and sun damage so you need to protect them daily. Plus with our constant handwashing and extensive use of hand sanitiser on the daily, our hands are in dire need of hydration.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream | Source: L’Occitane

4. Cleansing Balm

I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to throw out those makeup wipes. They really were awful and always irritated my skin or dried it out. Now I can’t even imagine going anywhere near them. My trusted cleansing balm breaks down any makeup and helps remove any dirt or oil at the end of the day. Moreover, it’s way more gentle on my skin!

Origins, Original Skin Cleansing Makeup-Removing Jelly With Willowherb| (Source:

5. Gentle Hydrating Shampoo

I don’t even know what the heck my hair was doing before. It was so dry and my scalp was never happy even on natural hair days sans heat tools or styling products. This probably had to lot to do with the horrible harsh shampoos I was using that were stripping the natural oils from my hair. While I’m still searching for my perfect shampoo and conditioner combo, using more gentle hydrating shampoo without sulphates has made such a huge difference.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Super Moisture Shampoo | Source: Briogeo

6. Hair Mask

The number of mistakes I’ve with my hair I can’t even count but not using a hair mask was a big no-no. If you’ve got dry or curly locks you truly understand the need for a hydrating hair mask for extra moisture.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask Jar | Source:

7. Hyaluronic Acid

The saviour for dry dehydrated skin everywhere, I wish I knew about this crucial ingredient early on. I detested using heavy-duty creams that never seemed to skin in or moisturize my skin. Now I look for hyaluronic acid in a lot of my skincare like serums and at times makeup products.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II | (Source:

8. SPF Lip Balm

Did you know your lips need SPF too? The skin there is thin and especially more prone to damage and wrinkles. A lip balm with SPF is not just essential but crucial.

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 | Source: Bobbi Brown

What skincare product do you wish you knew about early on? Let me know in the comments below.

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Sanya Malhotra Thanks The Makers Of ‘Pagglait’ For Believing In Her For The Film

href=”author/avya-sharma”>Avya Sharma , 31 Mar 2021Poster of Sanya Malhotra’s Pagglait (Source: Instagram | @sanyamalhotra_)

It would be right to say that actress Sanya Malhotra‘s career took quite the leap this year with her performance in her latest film ‘Pagglait’. Playing such a different role in the film, the Dangal actress left many in awe of her skills and her craft.

Heading a project like this, single-handedly comes with its own challenges, but Sanya shuns brightly as ever. Talking about the massive success of the film, the actress shares—

I am grateful for the response we have received for Pagglait. My phone hasn’t stopped buzzing. Big thank you to Guneet, Ekta and Umesh sir & Achin for believing in me for the film. It encourages me to take more and different roles like these.

‘Pagglait’ saw Sanya in a never-seen-before comic role. Her comic-timing, straight-faced sarcasm and the bright smile became the talk of the town in no time.

With the never-seen-before avatar in her professional career, Sanya carried out the role with sheer confidence and grace leaving not only the audience but also the critics impressed.

Riding high on the success of the film, Sanya has ‘Love Hostel’ alongside Vikrant Massey and ‘Meenakshi Sundereshwar alongside Abhimanyu Dasani.

तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा के शैलेश लोढ़ा ने दिलीप जोशी और उनके डिफरेंसेस वाली खबरों पर किया रिएक्ट

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 31 Mar 2021

Tarak Mehta, Jetha Laal, (Source: Instagram | @jethiyeah_)

तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा एक ऐसा शो है जो हमें सालों से एंटरटेन करता आ रहा है। इस शो के सभी किरदार अपने आप में बहुत अलग और एंटरटेनिंग हैं। और इस शो की कास्ट हमें एक फैमिली से कम नहीं लगती। इसलिए जब हाल ही में खबर आई के शो में एक दूसरे कर बहुत अच्छे दोस्त का किरदार निभा रहे तारक मेहता और जेठा लाल उर्फ़ शैलेश लोढ़ा और दिलीप जोशी रियल लाइफ में एक दूसरे से बात तक नहीं करते तो हम चौंक गए थे। लेकिन हाल ही में शैलेश ने इन खबरों पर अपना रिएक्शन दिया है।

दैनिक भास्कर के साथ बातचीत में शैलेश ने कहा के ये खबर सच नहीं है।

उन्होंने कहा-

मेरा विश्वास करें, दिलीप जोशी और मेरे बीच ऐसा कुछ नहीं है। हमारा रिश्ता हमारे ऑनस्क्रीन रिश्ते से बहुत स्ट्रॉन्ग हैं।

दिलीप आयरा शैलेश के डिफ्रेंसेस के साथ ये भी खबरें आ रही थी के दोनों बहुत प्रोफेशनल है, शूट करते टाइम ऐसा लगने ही नहीं देते के उनके बीच प्रॉब्लम है और सीन खत्म होने के बाद दोनों अपने अपने मेकअप रूम में चले जाते हैं।

इस बारे में बात करते हुए शैलेश ने कहा-

हम दोनों एक ही मेकअप रूम शेयर करते हैं और सेट पर लोग हमें बेस्ट बडीज़ बुलाते हैं।

इसी के साथ शैलेश ने ये भी कहा के हो सकता है उनकी और दिलीप की पर्सनालिटी अलग है लेकिन एक चीज़ दोनों में कॉमन है और वो है ह्यूमर। उन्होंने ये भी कहा के वो और दिलीप बहुत सालों से साथ मे काम कर रहे हैं, वो सेट पर बहुत मज़े करते हैं और अभी तक उनके बीच थॉट्स का क्लैश नहीं हुआ है और वो उम्मीद करते हैं के आगे भी ऐसा ही रहे।

तो पढ़ा आपने? हमारे जेठा लाल हर तारक मेहता के बीच सब ठीक है।

‘Every Minute With Jackie Shroff Sir On The Hello Charlie Set Was A Laugh Riot!’ — Aadar Jain

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 31 Mar 2021Jackie Shroff and Aadar Jain

Aadar Jain is eagerly waiting for the release of his film, Hello Charlie. The trailer of the film dropped a few days ago and it is garnering attention because of his comic timing and his one-of-a-kind, hilarious friendship with a gorilla (which is actually Jackie Shroff in disguise).

Hello Charlie is an adventure of a young simpleton (Charlie) from a small town who is given the task of transporting a Gorilla (Toto) from Mumbai to Diu. What transpires then is what makes for a hilarious tale!

Aadar says that sharing screen space with the yesteryear star was a true-blue fan moment for him:

I’ve always been a big Jackie Shroff fan and after working with him, I’ve become an even bigger fan of his. He’s a rockstar in the truest sense and hands down the coolest person I’ve met! I had a blast working with him, we share a great bond and I just have the most amount of love & respect for him, as an actor and as a human being.

Aadar adds:

I’ve known him for many years now. Even before I became an actor, we met first on the sets of Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ in which I worked as an assistant director and I always wanted to share screen space with him, so to finally get the opportunity to work alongside him in ‘Hello Charlie’ was really special for me.

Aadar says that he cherishes every minute that he has shared with Jackie on the sets of Hello Charlie and shares:

Every minute with Jackie Shroff sir on set was a laugh riot or an exchange of warm words. We heard a lot of young cool African music together and exchanged many interesting stories about my family and his.

Talking about how Jackie was a big motivator for Aadar on the sets, he says, “To be honest, he just always showered me with a lot of love and praise, and that in itself was really encouraging and motivating for a young actor like me. If at all, he just said ‘bindaas bidhu, just enjoy yourself!”

Starring Aadar Jain, Jackie Shroff, Shlokka Pandit, Elnaaz Norouzi, Rajpal Yadav, Darshan Jariwalla, Girish Kulkarni, and Bharat Ganeshpure among others, Hello Charlie is directed by Pankaj Saraswat, Produced by Excel Entertainment‘s Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar. The film is all set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on the 9th of April, 2021.

Theatrical Release Of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Sooryavanshi’ Reportedly Delayed Yet Again

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 31 Mar 2021Akshay Kumar In The Sooryavanshi Poster (Source: Instagram | @itsrohitshetty)

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of things around us to a pause last year, this time. As for the team of Rohit Shetty‘s Sooryavanshi, the film’s theatrical release was pushed indefinitely due to the shutting down of theatres as a precautionary measure.

Now, given the industry is slowly getting back to work and theatres were allowed to function with 50-100% capacity in many cities, the makers of Sooryavanshi and other films announced revised release dates of their films. The Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif starrer was all set to release this April 30th, 2021.

But now, the sudden spike in the COVID-19 cases in the past few days in Maharashtra especially, night shows have been stopped and night curfews have been put in place. The general uncertainty and people’s safety concerns have forced theatres to hold the release of such a big-budget film, thus further postponing the film’s release indefinitely.

A Times Of India report states that the director, Rohit, refused to go for an OTT release last year, and even now is reportedly still contemplating it. The report further states that they could go for a simultaneous theatrical and OTT release or have an OTT release 14 days post theatrical release.

What the makers will finally decide is something we need to wait and watch. Apart from Sooryavanshi, Amitabh Bachchan‘s Chehre is also another film whose theatrical release has been pushed indefinitely.

All You Need To Know About Being A Girl-Boss (Part 1)

href=”author/mallika-jhaveri”>Mallika Jhaveri , 31 Mar 2021Malini Agarwal On Being A Girl-Boss

Being a driven, career-oriented woman is incredible, but being a girl-boss is a feeling like no other. However, many women who want to feel empowered by running a business, lack the guidance to do so. They’re lost when it comes to setting up a business, growing on social media, investment avenues and more.So, to help them out, we hosted an Ask Me Anything session on our Girl Tribe App with Malini Agarwal, the Founder and Creative Director of MissMalini Entertainment. She answered questions on growing businesses, creating an online presence, commercialising creativity and kick-starting one’s entrepreneurial dream. The questions were oh-so relatable, and she answered them beautifully! Here is all you need to know about being a girl-boss!

1. Are there any sure-shot methods to grow my Instagram presence?

This is one of the most frustrating problems many of us face! I think the main thing that helps is using all their features, especially their newest feature- Reels. Posting three Reels a week can be very beneficial. I also feel interacting with other people in your category and target audience really helps too!

2. I have worked in many different fields from event-management to teaching. I am totally confused as to which one is perfect for me! How do I pick one and succeed in it?

You seem like a great multi-tasker, however, I feel like the best way to identify your true calling is to apply the “ikigai” rule. Answer these four questions: What do you love to do? What are you good at? What can you get paid to do? And what does the world need? These should help you pick which field you want to pursue and is your true calling!

3. Are there any tips for people who want a career in celebrity journalism to make their journey slightly easier?

I actually started over a decade ago and things have definitely evolved since then. The best tip I can give you is being consistent and covering the latest news and coming up with unique features. That definitely gets you the views at the beginning. After that, building relationships with the celebrity PR network gives you good access to exclusive content. In the current environment, following celebrities on social media is a great resource for content too!

4. Can one start a blog with minimal investment?

Yes! Certainly. The good thing about blogging is that it can be started with zero or very little investment. When I started, I began my blog on WordPress and only started investing money in it once I had grown a following. Now, it is a full-fledged business and I have diversified into various other fields as well.

5. What are the basics you need to start a business? And how do I know if it’s the right thing for me to pursue?

Such a great question! Usually, the key is to think of a business that fills a need that may not be available in the market. Or one that adds a new twist to an existing concept. You definitely need a business plan with an understanding of your audience, goals and requirements to get it off the ground. After that, you’re pretty much set!

6. How I get sponsors for services?

Depending on your service, identify brands that want to reach the audience you think will most likely avail of your service. Then reach out to them on social media platforms like Instagram and see if they are interested. This can lead to partnerships, giveaways and more!

7. What are your tips to make a blog successful apart from regularly publishing content?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is your best bet. Many online services that can help you understand optimization. In fact, WordPress and other blogging platforms help you with that themselves. Using social media to amplify your reach always helps too, especially if you tag people who would find your content useful.

8. What are the 3 most important things to keep in mind while starting a small-scale business?

  • Have short term and long term goals and plan your expenses accordingly.
  • Use Social Media to build a micro-community for your brand of loyal customers.
  • Find your audience by going to them instead of expecting them to come to you.
  • If you have any tips for kick-starting an entrepreneurial dream, share them with us in the comments below!

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    रुबीना दिलैक और पारस छाबड़ा ने फैन्स से गेस करने को कहा अपने नए म्यूज़िक वीडियो का नाम

    href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 31 Mar 2021

    Paras Chhabra, Rubina Dilaik, (Source : Instagram | @vyrloriginal)

    बिगबॉस का हर सीज़न बहुत ही एंटरटेनिंग होता है और जब शो खत्म हो जाता है तो हम सभी को कंटेस्टेन्ट्स के बारे में पढ़ना और उनके बारे में जानना बहुत अच्छा लगता है। बात करें इस सीज़न की, तो कुछ ही दिन पहले ख़बर आई थी के बीबी 14 की विनर रुबीना दिलैक और बिगबॉस 13 फाइनलिस्ट पारस छाबड़ा जल्द ही एक म्यूज़िक वीडियो में नज़र आने वाले हैं। इस अनाउंसमेंट के बाद और म्यूज़िक वीडियो का फर्स्ट लुक देखने के बाद हम सभी पारस और रुबीना को साथ देखने के लिए बहुत एक्साइटेड थे।

    इस म्यूज़िक वीडियो का नाम तो हमें नहीं पता, लेकिन हाल ही में पारस और रुबीना ने अपने सोशल मीडिया पर एक वीडियो शेयर किया, जिसमें उन्होंने फैन्स से अपने म्यूज़िक वीडियो का नाम गेस करने के लिए कहा। वीडियो में रुबीना कहती हैं, ‘हम आपको बताएंगे आपका गेस सही है या गलत।’ जिसपर पारस कहते हैं ‘गलत नहीं गल्त’। पारस का जवाब देते हुए रुबीना कहती हैं ‘गल्त पंजबी में और गलत हिंदी में’।

    फैन्स ने इसे क्लू समझा और काफी लोगों ने कमेंट किया के गाने का नाम ‘गलत’ है।

    यहाँ देखिये वीडियो-

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Paras Chhabra™ (@parasvchhabrra)

    आपको क्या लगता है, क्या है इस गाने का नाम?

    Exclusive: Suniel Shetty Speaks About The Importance Of Holistic Wellness In His Show ’21 Din Wellness In’

    href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 30 Mar 2021Suniel Shetty (Source: Instagram | @suniel.shetty)

    Suniel Shetty has always been someone who has lived a life of discipline and fitness. So it would be super cool to get to hear from the man himself about what it takes to stay fit and adopt a holistic and healthy lifestyle, no?

    We exclusively told you about how the actor is set to host a radio show, and it’s called ’21 Din Wellness In’ on BIG FM, where he is going to be talking about exactly that — about the various aspects of holistic and healthy living and busting myths and offering tips on fitness, dieting, mental health and more. I got a chance to have a quick chat with the man himself, where he stated that this is a show that is made for the masses, for people from all walks of life and is all about simple living.

    His idea is that anything you start to practice, takes 21 days to become a habit, and his goal is to have people make wellness a habit. He says, “In 7 days you’ll feel it, in 14 days you’ll see it and in 21 days you’ll hear it from everyone around you, and that is the aim of his show”.  

    Given he is addressing mental health on the show, in today’s time has become something that is not only a topic for the millennial generation to engage in, but something people from older generations are also trying to grasp and understand — especially after the pandemic. He reasons out that it is a different struggle for each generation, and that people of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations are facing loneliness more than anything else right now, which could potentially affect their mental health.

    He adds:

    We give our parents “gyaan” about all this from what we read on social media. We might not follow it ourselves, We tell them to not go out right now, and how it is not safe. But we also don’t give them our time, given we are always busy. This show is thus, designed to address this concern from a children’s perspective as well as from a senior citizen’s perspective in order to bring about a change.

    Speaking about diet fads that people adopt, mostly influenced by celebrities, he says that he has always been one to eat simple, organic foods that are grown in his backyard and kitchen and that is what the show is going to talk about too — simple nutrition that is accessible and easy.

    Ask him about one lifestyle change he made in his life that changed the game for him, and he replies very simply — “discipline”. He says that it is super important to start something and follow through with it and to dedicate one hour in a day for yourself as “ME time“.

    Well, these already are such insightful and helpful points, and I am super excited to listen to more such conversations on ’21 Din Wellness In’, which is playing now on BIG FM.

    6 Of Vidya Balan’s Sarees I’d Love To Add To My Summer Closet

    href=”author/sakshi-kore”>Sakshi Kore , 30 Mar 2021Vidya Balan | (Source: Instagram | @balanvidya, @who_wore_what_when)

    Most will agree, few won’t, but once you get hit by that saree fatigue, it’s hard to snap out of it! It’s rightly just the wardrobe staple that holds an irreplaceable position in an Indian closet. Few can deny the charm of the six-yard drape. But for those that can’t get enough, you must check out the sarees from Vidya Balan‘s collection. The actor hardly misses an opportunity to drape herself in one. From ombré finishes, handpainted ones, embroidery-heavy to lightweight, floral-printed numbers and more, Vidya Balan has a saree for every mood, occasion and season!

    But with summer upon us accompanied by the unbearable heat, it’s essential to pick sarees that are lightweight and also look dressy enough to be worn for occasions. So here’s a quick glance at 6 of my favourite summery sarees I wish I could steal from Vidya Balan’s closet.

    6 sarees by Vidya Balan perfect for summers:1. House of Masaba

    An airy, colourful and floral-printed chanderi saree like this one is a no-brainer for the season and perfect for intimate traditional occasions. Am I right or am I right?

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Vidya Balan (@balanvidya)

    2. Rouka By Sreejith Jeevan

    If you swear by a saree even at home, you’re absolutely going to love this easy-going number, too. The pastel colour of the saree and the stitched blooms makes the look dressy yet retains that subtlety factor.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Vidya Balan (@balanvidya)

    3. Vedika M

    The burst of colour and the interesting pattern of the saree are two reasons why it makes it to the top of my list. Reason three? The breezy look and feel of the drape. Such an interesting saree, it has that potential of instantly becoming the talk-of-the-room!

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Vidya Balan (@balanvidya)

    4. Gaurang

    Pastel hues and handwoven silk—you can’t miss this duo for the season of summer. When it comes together in the form of a saree like this one, lightly adorned with zari for a pop of shine, why wouldn’t you want to add it to your summer closet? It’s balmy, easy on the body and perfect for outdoors and indoors.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Who Wore What When (@who_wore_what_when)

    5. Medium 

    Linen sarees are an instant yes for summers. This one with a delicate zari border and bandhani print interspeced with a chevron pattern and a striped blouse has that balance of style and grace with comfort.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Who Wore What When (@who_wore_what_when)

    6. The Haelli

    Any saree that feels light as a feather and comes printed with micro blooms instantly becomes a summer winner, no?

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Who Wore What When (@who_wore_what_when)

    Which of her sarees do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below.

    And don’t forget to follow @missmalinifashion on Instagram to never miss a style tip!

    8 YouTubers Who Made Headlines In March For Crossing Major Milestones

    href=”author/alice”>Alice Peter , 30 Mar 2021Ashish Chanchlani, Manav Chhabra, Siddharth Nigam (Source: Instagram)

    We have seen content creators work so hard and grow so much that any news of their success, brings us nothing but joy and pride. In the month of March, we saw some amazing achievements earned by some really talented YouTubers that undoubtedly called for celebrations. So, let’s check out which influencer made some massive noise by crossing some impressive milestones on YouTube!

    1. Ashish Chanchlani

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Ashish Chanchlani (@ashishchanchlani)

    Now here’s a creator who keeps churning out some awesome and hilarious content. Ashish Chanchlani started his channel in the year 2009, and in the span of 12 years, we have seen him grow exponentially. Today, this YouTuber has crossed a whopping 24 million subscribers on his channel and we are so happy for him!

    2. Siddharth Nigam

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Siddharth Nigam (@thesiddharthnigam)

    The month of March surely did turn out to be a celebratory month for Siddharth Nigam. After the success of the creator’s music video with Anushka Sen, Siddharth then took to Instagram to share some more good news. Siddharth received the prestigious ‘Golden Play Button’ from YouTube! Tbh, we think all his hard work truly did pay off and this play button is absolutely well deserved!

    3. Manav Chhabra a.k.a Mr. MNV 

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Adv. Manav Chhabra (@mr.mnv)

    Mr. MNV has got some really great content on his YouTube channel, which not only shows us glimpses of his life but also his experience with DamnFam. This YouTuber’s channel recently crossed 600k subscribers and we were every bit ecstatic. Kudos to you, Manav!

    4. Viraj Ghelani

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

    The celebrations doubled up for Viraj Ghelani this month! This YouTuber not only crossed 100k subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘That’s So Viraj’ but also got a verified tick. Woohoo Viraj, may you keep growing and slaying like a boss!

    5. Gaurav Taneja a.k.a The Flying Beast

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast) (@taneja.gaurav)

    Gaurav Taneja’s YouTube channel, The Flying Beast, crossed the 5 million subscriber mark and, it was absolutely well deserved. Here’s wishing the creator more success!

    6. Vicky Patel

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Vicky Patel (@vickypateldance)

    Vicky Patel’s YouTube channel recently added another feather to their hat. The dance-based channel crossed 5 million subscribers. We are super happy for him and we are sure that he has a lot more wonderful surprises in store for us this year!

    7. Laughing Ananas

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Laughing Ananas (@laughingananas)

    We cannot keep calm cause blogger turned YouTuber, Laughing Ananas recently crossed 500k subscribers on her YouTube channel. The creator also went live from her channel to celebrate this special moment. All we want to tell her, is that keep that content coming ‘cuz we are absolutely lovin’ it!

    8. Sarah Hussain a.k.a ZingyZest

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Sarah Hussain (@zingyzest)

    Sarah Hussain’s YouTube is all about food. Be it the lip-smacking dishes from vendors on the street or the high-end 5 star restaurants, this YouTuber features them all! This month was quite a celebration for Sarah as she crossed the 100k subscriber mark. Yay, we are so happy for her. May you continue to create such amazing content, which BTW is an absolute visual treat to watch.

    The month of March definitely has been an amazing one for these YouTubers and we are beyond happy and quite proud of each and every one of them. The hard work and efforts put into making content has earned them the success they deserve. They are definitely an inspo for all. Is there a YouTuber on this list whose content you find most relatable? Comment below and let us know!

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    10 Stylish Top Knot Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

    href=”author/kanak-devnani”>Kanak Devnani , 30 Mar 2021

    Most of us know the power of a good top knot. It’s the trusty hairstyle we turn to that can turn even lifeless hair into something special. Our best friend, whether it’s the second day of wash or you just need to shove that hair away from your face while still looking good it always comes to the rescue. In the same family as the messy bun and traditional top knot, the knot bun can be work either precisely or as textured or messy as you like. However, one thing we all can agree on is that no matter the season or no matter your hair type this updo looks good on everyone. Versatile and immensely pretty you can always a top knot style out there that looks fabulous on you. So, if you’ve been searching for some fresh inspo on how to wear this updo, keep reading for our favourite easy top knot hairstyles.

    Keep scrolling to check out fantastic top knot hairstyles that look great on everyone:1. Double knots pigtails

    This cutesy ’90s hairstyle reminiscent of space buns is totally cool and trendy plus super easy to do. All you have to do is part your hair in the middle create ponytails and twist each one into a bun. Whether you prefer a more dishevelled loopy knot or a sleeker version, either way, this style is way too much fun to miss out on.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by James Earnshaw Hair (@jhair_stylist)

    2. Topknot with twists

    If you have kinky or coily hair try this half-up top knot braided version with Marley or Havana twists. Embellish it with a single cute accessory and your good to go.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Zolee (@zoleeg)

    3. Elegant high bun with a scarf

    The top knotted style of your dreams made for long-haired gals, this bun is so full of volume appears totally smooth and carelessly messy at the same time. Ideal both for casual and formal occasions. 

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Amélie (@ameliecheval31)

    4. Curly hair top knot

    If you’ve got curly hair let down a few loose curls in front to highlight your facial features and embrace this effortless knot that adds texture and volume to your hair. Simple yet effective.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by L I N D A ⚡️ (@lindaestelle_)

    5. Sleek top knot

    You really can go wrong with a sleek top knot for any occasion. In fact, it works great on unwashed or third-day hair. Plus you can give your face a natural facelift with this incredible scraped back look. Whether your choose to place the bun lower on your head or choose to pull out strands instead of slicking every baby hair off your face, this hairstyle is nothing short of a sleek statement.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Danielle Priano (@daniellepriano)

    6. Braided top knot

    Braids are always a great protective hairstyle and so pleasing to the eye. The next time you wear your hair in a bun add braids to elevate your look. Whether it’s French braids box braids or twists, you’ll be sporting an enviable bun.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Zolee (@zoleeg)

    7. Tousled top knot

    Ah, the messy bun we all know and love but carefully calculated for a more chic look. If you’re attending an event or special occasion you want it to be the right amount of messy and pretty instead of looking like you just got out of bed.  Remember to be a bit more strategic in pulling out strands.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Mane Addicts (@maneaddicts)

    8. The scrunchie bun

    We love ourselves a good silk scrunchie and a simple bun paired with it gives another level of comfort chic. Plus it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to achieve. 

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Mane Addicts (@maneaddicts)

    9. Half up half down the knot

    A half-up-half-down top knot is the ultimate cool-girl hairdo that goes perfectly for more relaxed days. It’s intentionally messy, plays on the volume and length of your hair and casually shows off your jawline.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Nicole Noire LLC (@nicolenoirehair)

    10. Hairbow top knot

    This might take a little patience but why not be bold and have some fun. Rather than adding a bow to your knot, make your hair an accessory itself. It’s super adorable and a great way to do something different for your next occasion.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Amélie (@ameliecheval31)

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    Here’s Why Deepika Padukone Is One Of The Most Bankable Stars Today

    href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 30 Mar 2021Deepika Padukone

    In a country like ours, film stars and celebrities have a huge reach and influence over their audiences and are adored and looked upto by their fans. When it comes to Deepika Padukone, she is a star who fits that description best! She is one actress who has established herself as a name to reckon with in this industry.

    Her off -screen persona too is something that makes everyone – from teenagers to elders – admire her.
    So naturally, it turns out that it’s not just filmmakers, but also people in the advertising world who have their laser-focus vision on her and her star-power.

    Apart from a super well-known denim label who recently signed her on, Deepika Padukone has also been signed by 3 other big brands in the last few months. A couple of more major brand endorsements are also reportedly in pipeline and are soon to be announced.

    A source from the brand world shares:

    Deepika Padukone has always been the go-to person for major brands because of her ever increasing popularity and superstardom, her fan following and her consistent numero uno position in showbiz. So, it’s not surprising to see such a range of major brands signing her on as their brand endorser and investing in her.

    Speaking about her stature in the industry — not just here, but internationally as well — a trade analyst says:

    It’s not just because of her successful movies, like Cocktail, Chennai Express, Ram-Leela, Bajirao Mastani, Padmaavat but also her international projects and talked about appearances at Cannes that escalate her stature. Noteworthy brands love to associate with her name as it brings the trust and credibility factor to the table.

    The source also adds that a major brand is set to announce her as their brand ambassador very soon.

    I sure can’t wait to know more about which one it’s going to be and all the other huge brands that are going to have her as their face!

    Ajay Devgn To Resume ‘Maidaan’ Shoot After Director Amit Sharma Tests COVID-19 Negative

    href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 30 Mar 2021Ajay Devgn in the poster of Maidaan (Source: Instagram | @ajaydevgn)

    Ajay Devgn‘s upcoming film, Maidaan, was supposed to release in November last year, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the dates had to be moved around. Now, finally, with the industry starting up again, the film was also planning on going on floors in January. But, the director, Amit Sharma, testing positive for Coronavirus put the entire shoot on halt. Now, he has tested negative and the shoot is all set to resume again.

    Amit had tested positive for the virus earlier this month and quarantined himself at home. Now, as he has tested negative, and feeling better, he is keen to get back to work. The makers are all set to make preparations for the shoot to be back on track.

    For the uninitiated, Maidaan is a story that is based on the very acclaimed football coach, Syed Abdul Rahim. This will be the first time that Ajay will be essaying a role of a sports coach and I sure am looking forward to seeing him step into this role.

    The film will also star Priyamani opposite him along with Gagjraj Rao, who is playing a pivotal role in it. This sure is one interesting star cast that I can’t wait to witness on screen! The film is being produced by Boney Kapoor and Zee Studios, in association with Freshlime Films and is slated to release this Dussehra 2021, on 15th October.

    7 Creators Who Made Our ‘Holi-Day’ Entertaining With Their Hilarious Content

    href=”author/trending-intern”>Trending Intern , 30 Mar 2021Kusha Kapila, Viraj Ghelani, Dolly Singh (Source: Instagram | @kushakapila @viraj_ghelani @dollysingh)

    Sadly, our long weekend has come to an end, although we had an amazing ‘Holi-day’ this year staying home and staying safe. Holi is the festival of colours, happiness and celebration with our near and dear ones. Honestly, this festival got more bright and colourful when a few creators shared their hilarious Holi content. These creators really helped us sail through the festival without actually celebrating. If y’all haven’t watched these videos yet, then I must say that y’all are missing out on some major entertainment. So, scroll down to get your daily dose of LOLZ!

    Here they are:1. Viraj Ghelani

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

    Can you imagine chefs playing Holi? If not then you have to watch Viraj’s video where he sprinkles salt! We can’t stress enough on how unique Viraj is with his content, the fact that he thought of ‘How chefs play Holi‘ says it all. Honestly, the way he recreated the process of cooking using Holi colours as Indian spices is hilarious and we genuinely can’t control ourselves from saying ‘That’s So Viraj‘.

    2. Ashish Chanchlani

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Ashish Chanchlani (@ashishchanchlani)

    ‘Holi-yay’, does your colour come out completely after you play Holi? Mine doesn’t for sure! Ashish has portrayed this bang-on with this Reel right here. All our crazy friends apply so much colour on us that it gets super difficult to get rid of it for the next few days. Even though we try to protect ourselves, we end up rubbing and cleaning the colour for hours. But, here we are to the rescue, check these tips out to save yourself from spending hours washing that pakka colour off your face during the next Holi.

    3. Dolly Singh

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Dolly Singh (@dollysingh)

    There’s no secret that Dolly’s characters are next-level entertaining and relatable. As her caption says it all, we were legit ROFLing on how accurately she portrayed different types of women on Holi. From ranting ones to the not so innocent ones to the elite ones, she showed us all the shades. The way she used these characters to talk and share about all the important things one needs to keep in mind during Holi was awesome. To find out more deets, you should defo watch this video!

    4. Kusha Kapila

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

    I absolutely love how Kusha’s video begins with, ‘Bura mano ya na mano’, Holi Hai‘. Kusha defo has a lot to say about Holi during a pandemic through her humour, so don’t miss out on this video! Also, she is totally acing the typical high society Delhi girl vibe!

    5. Barkha Singh

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Barkha Singh (@barkhasingh0308)

    I’m pretty sure there are many parents who told their kids ‘Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo’ to celebrate Holi! We were all Barkha yesterday, don’t y’all agree? Even though we all were dying to go out and play, she showed us that staying home and staying safe is the best and most important thing right now as festivals come and go every year. The message she shared was the need of the hour and we are glad that it came out so well. We hope you all enjoyed the festival safely.

    6. Karishma Govil a.k.a @soul_kari

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Karishma Govil (@soul_kari)

    Ngl, but isn’t this the story of every household in India? We totally love how Karishma shows the life journey of every t-shirt ever. The way we treat our new outfits when we buy them, to wearing the same on Holi after few years pass, to a stage where we use them as a typical pochha. Brb, gonna show this video to my mother! 😛

    7. Pulkit Kochar

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Pulkit Kochar (@pulkitkochar)

    If you guys want tips to call your friends out to play Holi, then Pulkit has got you covered! His tips and tricks will surely convince one’s parents to send their children out to play Holi next time. The ‘holi-stic‘ approach was indeed one of the funniest ‘cuz come on, we all do this every single time, don’t we?

    Well there you go, a list of influencers that definitely made us laugh out loud during Holi. Hope you guys had a safe Holi with your families and cherished those festive memories. So, tell us in the comments below which one made you ROFLing.

    Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending on Instagram to know more about your favourite influencers!

    VIDEO: Farhan Akhtar’s Transformation For His Upcoming Movie Toofan Is Inspiring

    href=”author/pallavi-manoj”>Pallavi Manoj , 30 Mar 2021Farhan Akhtar | ( Source: Instagram | @faroutakhtar )

    Farhan Akhtar shared a BTS video of him training for Toofaan and just the intense music playing in the background will get you popped up for a grueling workout. From the video, you can see Farhan skipping without missing a beat and working up a sweat.

    Looking at the BTS videos of Farhan Akhtar training, it really looks like ‘Toofaan Uthega‘ in his upcoming sports drama, Toofaan. Farhan will be essaying the role of a boxer and the teaser has given the audiences a glimpse of the treat they’re in for.

    Sharing this video of him doing the skip ropes, from the time he was training for the film, the actor wrote, Be light on your feet .. be light on your feet .. that’s what every rep reminds you to be .. work hard now so you can play hard later.

    Check it out:

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Farhan Akhtar (@faroutakhtar)

    Toofan is all set for a digital release on 21st May 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. The project is produced by Excel Entertainment and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and is also directed by Rakeysh. This will be the second-time Rakeysh and Farhan will be collaborating after Bhaag Milkha Bhaag which was a critical and commercial success. Even Rakeysh said that after he worked with Farhan in BMB he was certain he was the perfect protagonist for Toofan.

    We can’t wait for this Toofan on our screens!

    जैस्मिन भसीन ने अली गोनी के साथ अपनी शादी को लेकर दिया जवाब

    href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 30 Mar 2021Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin (Source: Instagram | @jasminbhasin2806)

    जैस्मिन भसीन और अली गोनी बिगबॉस 14 के बाद से टैली टाउन के फ़ेवरेट कपल बन चुके हैं। बिगबॉस में जाने से पहले भी अली ने घर के बाहर से जैस्मिन को बहुत सपोर्ट किया था, घर में आने के बाद भी दोनों ने हमेशा एक दूसरे का सपोर्ट किया और अब बिगबॉस खत्म होने के बाद भी दोनों हमेशा एक दूसरे के साथ ही रहते हैं और अपनी तस्वीरों से हम सभी को कपल ग़ोल्स देते हैं।

    अली और जैस्मिन दोनों के फैन्स के मन मे ये सवाल है के उनके फ़ेवरेट कपल शादी कब करेंगे। यही सवाल पैपराज़ी ने भी जैस्मिन से कर लिया। हाल ही में जैस्मिन सैलून से बाहर निकल रही थी तब पैप्स ने उनकी और अली की शादी के बारे में पूछा। इसका सवाल का जवाब देते हुए जैस्मिन ने कहा ‘अभी पॉसिबल नहीं है।’

    उन्होंने कहा-

    पॉसिबल ही नहीं है। अभी तो हमारी कोई बात नहीं चल रही। अभी तो नया नया प्यार हुआ है।

    वैसे बात तो साही है, अभी तो नया नया प्यार हुआ है। शादी में अभी टाइम है और तब तक हम जैसली की खूबसूरत तस्वीरें देखकर ही बहुत खुश हैं।

    8 Unusual Signs Your Dog Is Really Sick & You Need To Take Them To A Vet

    href=”author/suruchi-patwary”>Suruchi Patwary , 30 Mar 2021Petting A Dog by Chendongshan |

    There are various medical problems that impersonate behavioural changes in dogs and it becomes tough for pet parents to figure it out. The majority of the time when pets are taken to a vet for a check-up, they act as normal as they can, so it becomes vital for the owners to observe their pets closely. 

    This is when platforms like Practo come to the rescue for all the medical help one may need for their furry friends from the comfort of their homes. In a bid to create equitable healthcare access for all, Practo also launched a veterinary telemedicine service on their platform. They have teamed with licensed veterinarians across the country and will be offering 24*7 online consultation services for pets!  

    And so, we got in touch with Dr Prachi Kshatriya, a veterinarian who also consults on Practo to understand more about the typical behavioural changes in pets that require prompt actions and here’s what she had to say:

    1. Aggression/Calmness/Panic/FearPanicked Dog By dezy |

    All of a sudden, if your pet becomes aggressive, sits alone in one corner of the room or avoids communicating with you then he needs to be shown to an expert as it could be a result of a tragic encounter with an aggressive dog or it could be due to an intolerable pain!

    2. Vocalisation

    Changes in howling or barking patterns can be as simple as sore throat or can be as serious as rabies infection, laryngitis, etc. Pay attention to it and consult your vet when you notice a change in their vocalisation.

    3. Social Behaviour

    Usually, dogs are part and parcel of a family and they prove the same by their love and affection. But when they start behaving unusually and require space, now that calls for attention! There could be something bothering them that they’re not able to communicate to you.

    4. Feeding & Excreting DisturbancesDog Eating Food By ThamKC |

    If your pet has improper eating patterns and you notice changes in stool or urine like its recurrence, colour and excreting in unusual locations or the like, it can be systemic failures like gastric problems, anal gland problems, urinary tract infections, stones in the urinary passage or any cancerous state.

    5. Gait Changes

    These are very crucial to make out if not detected attentively! If there is any sort of limping or inefficiency to put weight on legs then it could be an accidental trauma, general weakness, parasitic infection or arthritis which could be alarming.

    6. Water Uptake

    Any increased or decreased water intake can be seasonal. But it can also be due to hormonal problems, which definitely needs to be examined!

    7. Excessive Grooming/Licking/ScratchingDog Scratching By mylisa |

    This change could be a result of parasitism, anal gland disorders, allergies, skin infection which can be severe. Instead of just saying a stern ‘no’ to stop them from excessive scratching, grooming or licking, take them to a vet and get them examined.

    8. Sleeping Patterns

    Many times, your dog may experience disturbed sleeping patterns which might be because of systemic pain, hormonal problems, allergies or any sort of irritation, etc.

    We hope these signs help you notice the need for a vet check-up for your pupper, now that you know the reason behind them! For more such content, don’t forget to follow @missmalinilifestyle!

    Here’s How Your Email Habits Are Harming The Planet

    href=”author/sakshi-kore”>Sakshi Kore , 29 Mar 2021How Email Contributes To The Carbon Footprint by eakkasit90 |

    Ever since March 2020, I have actively been observing how I live, my habits if they are harming the planet or are good for it, and to my surprise, I realised I’m hardly sustainable and conscious in my ways. So I obviously researched how I could adopt a more mindful, eco-friendly and conscious lifestyle and I also tailored my Instagram following list in a way that suits my needs of entertainment and schooling on this topic. And one fine day, as I was aimlessly scrolling through my feed, I came across a post by @envisoc.ssc that said, “If all email users (2.3 billion users) deleted just 10 emails, that would save 38,053 metric tonnes of CO2 emission. That’s approximately equivalent to 19,356 tonnes of coal burnt.” And boy, I was shell-shocked!

    So how does an innocent email cause so much harm to the planet?

    From the many articles and documents I read online about this, I realised one thing, not being able to see the real-time effect of what sending and receiving emails does is one reason why we’re so unaware of its environmental impact. Storing and transmitting data requires there to be huge server rooms. These servers save an unimaginable amount of data and hence consume a whole lot of water, air-conditioning to keep them from getting hot and in the process, use up a lot of energy. The more data to save, the more carbon to emit. Sending an email requires electricity, which in turn requires fossil fuels to be burned, which is exactly what causes these emissions.

    A few statistics gathered from Reset states that a single email emits about 0.3 grams of carbon and emails with a considerable amount of text and attachments can go up to 50 grams even. To sum it up perfectly, when you send or receive an email, it goes through a chain of energy-burning electronics as put forth correctly and simply by BBC News.

    Here are some easy ways to reduce our personal carbon footprint caused by our email habits:

    1. Regularly declutter and clear your inbox because storing an email takes up energy.

    2. Avoid sending emails that are not fruitful in nature like, “thanks” and “you’re welcome”.

    3. Check your spam box on the daily and trash these emails as spam emails account for 54.68% of all the emails, as calculated in 2019.

    4. Unsubscribe yourself from the many, many emailers that all of us are guilty of never having to look at.

    5. Do not unnecessarily send an email to people that needn’t be involved in the chain.

    6. Try to keep your emails crisp yet detailed so as to reduce follow-up emails.

    In conclusion..

    Altering your email habits which may seem non-harming is quite easy. Any and all effort is good for the planet.

    What are your thoughts on this and do you have any more tips we should adopt to reduce our carbon footprint? Tell us in the comments below.

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    9 Creators Who Remind Us Of These Awesome Colours

    href=”author/shivangi-sethi”>Shivangi Sethi , 29 Mar 2021

    Malini Agarwal, Ashish Chanchlani, Sejal Kumar (Source: Instagram | @maliniagarwal @ashishchanchlani @sejalkumar1195)Here comes the festival of bright colours, water splashes and fun-filled celebrations, HOLI. It is a ‘rangeen‘ festival that represents the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil. Speaking about Rangwali Holi, it is nothing less than rainbow showers that are from red to green to yellow, each colour adds its essence to the day, beautifully. Let’s just agree, that this festival of colours brings a wave of zest and zeal amongst us! So, therefore I decided to get a lil‘ creative and splash a bucket full of colours that according to me describes these creators the best. Are you ready to splash into this colourful ride? Let’s dive right in!

    Here they are:1. Gulaal Gulaal (Source: Instagram | @maliniagarwal)

    Most of you are familiar with this popular Holi colour, amirite? So, hear me out as to why I feel Gulaal is Malini Agarwal’s go-to colour. In simple words, this colour symbolizes affection, kindness, and yes femininity of course. Therefore, who else other than the boss lady can fit in these qualities seamlessly? Also, let’s just take a moment to appreciate how stunning she looks here in her Indian attire!

    2. YellowYellow (Source: Instagram | @beyounick)

    It’s time to say hello to yellow! Moving on to the brightest colour, Be YouNick has all the reasons to prove that yellow is made for him. With his extraordinary knowledge and creativity, he is totally acing the game of content creation. Moreover, the fact that he is always radiating positivity and happiness makes him the sunshine of social media.

    3. Light GreenGreen, (Source: Instagram | @bhuvan.bam22)

    Okay, now close your eyes and imagine Bhuvan Bam as a creator, what do you see? The first thing that pops-up in our minds is the fact that he maintains a perfect balance between all his characters. A dynamic creator who is always on the go for entertaining his fans with something new and unique. Just like the colour green, he is also quite natural, ambitious and cool, don’t you all agree?

    4. IndigoIndigo, (Source: Instagram | @mostylsane)

    Prajakta Koli is calm like the sea but is always flowing with full energy! Tbh, I feel the sky is not the limit for her and we are super proud of her for achieving such great milestones. Prajakta is totally winning our hearts with her confidence and entertaining self. Now, if you still think blue is not her colour then we defo can’t be friends anymore! 😛

    5. OrangeOrange, (Source: Instagram | @lilmissgurung)

    Name a better creator than lilmissgurung to carry that bright orange colour! Guess what, she is a perfect match! Shraddha is a happy-go-lucky creator who is full of enthusiasm, creativity and joy. Just like orange screams warmth and encouragement, so does Shraddha’s content. No doubt, she has been inspiring us with her self-confidence and positive attitude. Therefore, we have to agree that the orange colour reflects Shraddha in so many ways and we love it!

    6. GoldenGolden, (Source: Instagram | @sejalkumar1195)

    Omg, Sejal Kumar, you are legit a superstar who is shining as bright as gold! Golden is the colour of excellence and guess what, she’s excelling in content creation with flying ‘glitters’. So, we cannot agree on this more but Sejal is an all-rounder who is sprinkling her shimmer on everyone’s heart.

    7. Silver Silver, (Source: Instagram | @dollysingh)

    Silver as a colour symbolizes strength, elegance, grace and modernity! You have to admit that Dolly Singh is all about modernity and grace, isn’t she? She legit shines on social media with her sassy attitude and relatable content. She is a strong woman who carries herself in a very smart and creative way. We believe she has all the star qualities inbuilt in her.

    8. RedRed, (Source: Instagram | @ashishchanchalani)

    Red is the colour of love and passion and we do not need to say much about how this colour accurately fits and describes Ashish Chachlani. A youth icon who receives ample love from his fans, #ACVians. The fact that he followed his passion for content creation proves that one must follow their dreams. Today, he is a successful creator in India and we love him way too much!

    9. PurplePurple, (Source: Instagram | @juhigodambe)

    Juhi Godambe is a fashion icon who is killing it with her chic looks and awesome content ideas. In simple words, she is magical and is stealing our hearts with her cute little smile. We honestly are hooked to her feed for hours and look forward to watching her content every day.

    So, here’s a list of creators whose style matches the different colours of Holi. Wishing you all a very happy Holi! A festival where everyone paints the sky and their surroundings in the magnificent colours of joy. Make sure you celebrate this day full of colours with precautions and stay safe. Tell us which creator-colour duo, do you think fits extremely well in the comments below!

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    Vicky Kaushal & Kriti Sanon Reportedly In Talks To Star In ‘Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein 2’

    href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 27 Mar 2021Kriti Sanon & Vicky Kaushal (Source: Instagram | @kritisanon, @vickykaushal09)

    The 2001 romantic film, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, starring Dia Mirza, R. Madhavan and Saif Ali Khan went to become a huge hit among the audiences at that time. There have been talks about the makers looking at coming back with the second instalment of the film.

    Now, according to an exclusive article on Pinkvilla, producer Jackky Bhagnani is planning the sequel to the 2001 film with Vicky Kaushal and Kriti Sanon in mind. While news about Kriti was known to some, the producers have reportedly just initiated conversations with Vicky.

    The makers were on a lookout for a fresh pairing, and considering the two actors haven’t worked together yet, they seemed like the perfect fit! A source tells the publication that the actors are keen on coming onboard the film and that the financial aspects and the dates are currently being worked upon. The source also adds that the producers are looking to rope in ‘Mom’ director, Ravi Udyawar, to helm the project. If all goes well, the project will mostly go on floors by the end of 2022.

    The source shares that Jackky is super pumped about this project and is making sure to leave no stone unturned as it is a big responsibility to take a cult favourite like Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein forward.

    Well, I am certainly excited for the sequel and cannot wait to see Vicky and Kriti together! What about you guys?

    How To: Figure Out Your Hair Type And Its Needs

    href=”author/kanak-devnani”>Kanak Devnani , 27 Mar 2021

    Trying to understand and figure out your hair type can at times be easier said than done. The question of what’s your hair type is, can determine what your hair truly needs. Much like how crucial it is to understand your skin better to care for it better. Your hair type also plays a massive role in your daily hair care routine. If the products you currently use don’t seem to work for you, chances are you may not know your hair type as well you thought.

    Take this opportunity to re-evaluate your hair type and its current needs to serve you better. In addition to the obvious categories like straight, wavy or curly, other factors determine your unique hair type. These include your hair’s density, diameter, porosity, moisture, and curl pattern. Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry we’re here to break down everything you need to know to figure out your hair type with ease. Also, keep in mind that if you’re still confused about which category you fall in you might have a unique mix of two or there.

    Here’s all you need to know to find out your hair type1. Hair Density

    This refers to the numbers of hairs on your head; not how thick they are. If you take the front section of your hair to the side and can’t see your scalp clearly you probably have dense hair. If you can visibly see your scalp without parting your hair the density is low. This can be affected by several factors like stress, hormones or diet.

    Source: Shutterstock

    2.  Hair Diameter

    Your hair’s diameter is all about determining the width of your strands. This is an important step in understanding your hair type. Do the strand test to understand if your hair is fine, medium or thick. Take a strand of your hair and feel it between your fingertips. If it looks or feels thick and textured you probably have coarse hair. But if you can’t really see it or barely feel it then you have fine hair. Anything in between these two would be medium.

    Thinning Hair by file404 |

    3. Hair Porosity

    Porosity is your hair’s capability to consume and retain moisture. You need to know this so you can decide what treatments your hair can withstand. All you go to do is place a single strand in a glass of water. If it submerges to the bottom, your hair has high porosity. On the other hand, if the strand is floating in between it is well balanced. This means it is less prone to damage. If your strand does not absorb water well, it will remain on the surface of the water. This means it has low porosity which also means your hair cuticles have fewer pores to take in the moisture.

    Highly porous hair can drink up too much moisture and product which mean it could be damaged. You’ll find that high porous hair tends to dry quickly but does feel nourished or hydrated. Meaning you might find yourself using more product. In this case, you need to avoid heat, tools and products that may further dry out your strands.

    Young woman applying oil onto her hair by SpongePo |

    4. Scalp Moisture

    This indicates what shape your scalp is in and how greasy or dry it can get. By understanding your scalp health you’ll know how frequently to wash it and pick the correct formulas to balance its levels. When trying to figure this out you might find you’re experiencing a mix of symptoms and will need to treat it accordingly.

    Inspect your scalp on the second day after wash. If you find your roots flat and greasy you might need to wash your hair more often. Find a shampoo that gets prevents buildup and balances out your sebum levels. Flaking, on the other hand, means your scalp is dry and needs a more gentle hydrating formula. But what if it’s a combination of symptoms? This probably means you have a lot of product or oil buildup. You might not be washing your hair properly or often enough. In this case, you need to re-evaluate your hair care routine for something that calms the scalp and removes excessive buildup.

    Baby hairs by Elvira Koneva |

    5. Hair Texture

    The texture of your hair generally means the natural shape or pattern of your strands. Check your hair right now, is it curly, wavy, straight or kinky? If you’re not sure next time you wash your hair leave it free of hair products and let it dry to see its true form. See the section below and try to identify which of these best describes your pattern.

    Straight Hair

    If you have straight hair you probably live and breathe for dry shampoo! It’s usually soft, silky and stays pin-straight without holding any curls. You can often see an oily scalp with straight hair types. While every person’s hair is unique this type usually falls under these sub-categories:

    • 1A: has baby fine hair, doesn’t hold curls well and commonly oily or limp
    • 1B: has a very slight bend but no curl.
    • 1C: is the super thick, very slight wave in the underbrush, prone to little frizz and can hold styles well.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma)

    Wavy Hair

    A happy medium between curls and straight hair but needs the right combination of products to behave. Type 2 is divided into:

    • 2A: is thin and wavy with an occasion bend. Think classic bed head.
    • 2B: has relaxed waves with a medium thickness.
    • 2C: has thicker waves and sporadic curls throughout. Is usually bigger and bouncy.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra)

    Curly Hair

    If your hair dries with a defined curl or loop pattern, it’s likely Type 3. This hair type has definite curls that stay curly and higher density compared to wavy or straight hair. Curly hair can be divided into three sub-categories:

    • 3A: has loose curls, strands are larger in diameter with a mix of wavy pieces
    • 3B: has curls that look like stretched-out spirals that cascade down toward the shoulders.
    • 3C: has thick tight curls most prone to frizz. Clearly defined their corkscrew coils that can range in size. 

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Zendaya (@zendaya)

    Coily Hair

    The kinkiest coarsest, and driest of all the hair types but it can be quite fragile and soft. It is easily prone to breakage and damage if not cared for properly. Coiley hair texture can have trouble getting moisture to the scalp and retaining shine. It also tends to shrink down easily. It’s divided into the following sub-categories

    • 4A: is soft and full of miniature curls.
    • 4B: has wiry Z-shaped kinks and S-shaped coils 
    • 4C: is extremely wiry with no distinct curl pattern. Usually difficult to detangle or get any definition.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Tracee Ellis Ross (@traceeellisross)

    After going through all of these you might find that you’re a mix of different types. Don’t worry about it, it’s extremely normal. Everybody’s hair is unique and can be tough to put into a box. But all these tests help you get a thorough understanding of your hair to make better decisions and make sure they look and feel their best. Now that you have all this information at your fingertips you can explore and experiment with the right kind of products and figure the best hair care routine for your locks.

    What category do you fall under? Let us know in the comments below.

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    New York’s Times Square Lights Up With Ram Charan’s Images On His Birthday Today

    href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 27 Mar 2021Ram Charan’s Images On The Times Square

    Telugu superstar Ram Charan celebrated his birthday today and has been flooded with birthday wishes and blessings from all over. And when I say all over, I mean globally — all over the world!

    While the actor has been getting millions of birthday wishes on his social media, his fans were in for a complete surprise when they saw him grace the screens in the Times Square in New York. Yes, he had a special birthday message being broadcasted for him at the Nasdaq Building where his images flashed on the screens with the message “Happy birthday to the superstar Ram Charan”.

    Check it out here:View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by MissMalini Showbiz (@missmalinibollywood)

    Isn’t this so cool? This sure does put the Telugu industry on the global map!

    Ram Charan was also welcomed with another surprise today as his RRR director, SS Rajamouli celebrated his birthday in a large scale. The director and the entire team of the magnum-opus had fireworks, balloons, cake and a huge cut-out that had “HBD Ramcharan” written on it.

    Check out the video here:View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by MissMalini Showbiz (@missmalinibollywood)

    Just yesterday, the makers of RRR released his first look from the film as Alluri Sita Ramaraju and it was all things magnificent. Not just this, the actor is also set to join his father, the iconic Chiranjeevi, in their first film together that is titled Acharya. The makers released the first poster of the film today and announced that it is all set to release on May 13th. I sure cannot wait to watch this one!

    Check it out here:View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by MissMalini Showbiz (@missmalinibollywood)

    A Dermatologist Tells You How To Care For Your Skin, Nails & Hair For Holi

    href=”author/natasha-patel”>Natasha Patel , 27 Mar 2021Holi celebration by Kristin F. Ruhs |

    Celebrating Holi has been a tradition in India since the very beginning… The splash of colours, the laughter, the dancing, basically, the fun! Since last year didn’t really go according to everyone’s plan, Holi was cancelled. So naturally this year, while we’re being cautious and weary about the spread of the virus, here are a couple of things one needs to keep in mind when it comes to their hair, skin and nails. Think of this as your one-stop guide from a Delhi-based dermatologists, Dr. Kiran Sethi, owner and founder of Isya Aesthetics to know how best to take care of your body when it comes to playing Holi.

    P.S: If you’re skipping the Holi shindig this year, save this post for next time do you end up playing!

    Holi skincare no-nos:

    • do not apply any retinol, retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids, polyhydroxy acids or salicylic acid the night before.
    • do not do any laser on the face/neck or exposed areas for at least 6 days before Holi.
    • do not do any chemical peels for 6 days before.
    • do not do any scrubs the night before or the day of Holi before you play colours.

    Holi skincare musts:

    • use only all-natural vegetable dye-based colours that wash away easily.
    • moisturise as much as possible to create a strong skin barrier.
    • use vaseline petroleum jelly the night before and the day of Holi to create a barrier against those tough colours.
    • wear a hat for sun protection.
    • wear a lot of sunblock! And reapply throughout the day… Who cares if u can see the sunblock you will get colour on you anyway!

    Post-Holi care:

    • first wash off the colours as soon as you can gently with a foaming cleanser.
    • then use a cleansing oil to get rid of those oil soluble colours.
    • use a scrub gently on the skin to remove some tough to remove colour.
    • use a toothbrush for those tiny hard to reach crevices with some cleanser.
    • for the last remnants of the oil- massage oil into your skin then wash it off in round circular motions—this gets rid of that tough colour.
    • consider a facial like Silklove with exfoliates off the colour while infusing nutrients lost during holi and the post-holi color removal process!

    Holi nail care:

    • first moisturise those nails with lotions like Bioderma‘s Atoderm Baume.
    • apply vaseline jelly to your nails and cuticles prior to playing holi then reapply throughout the day.
    • scrub off color with a toothbrush gently.
    • moisturise right after and apply vaseline jelly again.

    Holi hair care:

    • pre-Holi no hair treatments like highlights/keratin/perms because they open up the hair cuticle and colour can get in
    • don’t shampoo the day of or the day before to keep the strands a little oily.
    • apply coconut oil the night before and the day of to create a barrier against the colour from penetrating those strands. The oil prevents the colour from penetrating.
    • tie up your hair.
    • wear a little sunblock (like a spray) on the hair to protect the strands from sun damage
      wear a hat.
    • after holi, shampoo the oil out and apply a conditioner, then re-shampoo and condition again.

    Have a safe and happy Holi everyone!

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    Rapper Shen B Comes Out With His Debut Single ‘Zamaana’

    href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 27 Mar 2021Shen B from the track Zamaana

    Discovering new artists and music is honestly the best things ever, no? Shen B, a rapper and music producer from Jammu is one such.

    The artist has come out with his debut Extended Play (EP), with a bunch of songs. And the first single from the EP is called ‘Zamaana‘. Given Shen is from Jammu, the song reflects upon his life and upbringing in the state. The rapper delivers his songs in Hindi, and his catchy beats will have you wanting to groove along!

    Check out the track here:

    This sounds super fun and is thought-provoking at the same time! He sure seems like someone to look out for in the rap and music scene and I’m excited to hear more from him!

    How To Whip Up Cafe-Style Strawberry Cooler At Home

    href=”author/suruchi-patwary”>Suruchi Patwary , 27 Mar 2021Strawberry Cooler By Victoria Kondysenko |

    Do you ever try a certain drink at a cafe and then can’t stop thinking about it for days? You wish you could get your hands on that recipe and treat yourself with that drink every day! Well, I’ve got my hands on a cooler recipe that fits the bill. Juliano Rodrigues, Chef and General Manager at Out of The Blue restaurant shared with us his signature strawberry cooler recipe and I think my summer is sorted. Scroll down to check out the full recipe.

    What You’ll Need

    60 ml of strawberry crush

    10 ml of lime juice

    100 m; of soda

    60 ml of limca

    Mint sprig

    Lime slice and cherry for garnish

    Here’s How You Can Put It All Together

    Step 1: In a high ball or Tom Collins glass, place the garnish—lime slice, cherry along with muddled mint.

    Step 1

    Step 2: Add strawberry crush or fresh strawberry compote or squash to it.

    Step 2

    Step 3: Now, add some lime juice.

    Step 3

    Step 4: Top it up with soda, limca and some ice cubes.

    ExitStep 4Step 4

    Step 5: Serve chilled and without stirring it as it’s a build-up summer mocktail!

    Step 5

    Doesn’t this strawberry cooler look absolutely tempting? I can’t wait to try my hands on this recipe and if you guys try it out too then don’t forget to let us know in the comments below how it turned out.

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    6 Colourful Eyeliners That Will Amp Up Your Holi Makeup Looks

    href=”author/kanak-devnani”>Kanak Devnani , 27 Mar 2021

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by ROWI SINGH⚡️🌻 (@rowisingh)

    When it comes to colourful makeup looks there’s no better time than the festival of Holi. While the season may look very different this year, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. I personally feel you can still have fun and get all the colours of Holi in your life by getting creative with your makeup at home. Trust me, adding even just a pop of colour to your look can really brighten your mood. I know it makes a difference for me! The easiest way to do this is by simply swiping on a colourful eyeliner. It’s effortless and looks great by itself or paired with more glam makeup looks. And truly, anyone, even a makeup newbie can pull them off. So put down that black pencil and check out these gorgeous vibrant eyeliners jazz up your looks this weekend

    Here are the best colourful eyeliners for a festive flourish this season:1. NYX, Vivid Brights Liner In Vivid Halo

    This pastel yellow shade will surely brighten your day. It’s a super cheerful hue that you don’t see very often but can really perk up the eyes. The wand is incredibly sharp allowing you to create a very precise line and the colour of the payoff is great. 

    NYX Vivid Brights Liner In ‘Vivid Halo’ | Source: NYX Cosmetics

    2. Sugar Cosmetics, Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliner In Green Ray

    How pretty is this minty green shade? Mint is a super trendy colour and this formula has a matte finish that’s long-wearing and smudge-proof. Enhance your eyes and create stunning graphic eyeliner looks that last all day.

    Sugar Cosmetics, Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliner In Green Ray (Source:

    3. Debasree, D/Fine Liners In #2 D/SSERT

    These gorgeous liners come in so many wonderful shades it tough to pick just one. This water-activated formula allows you to get as creative as you want. Use it on your lids or all over your face. This is a great pick if you’re in a mood to experiment. If you have to pick just one, go for this stunning hot pink that will make you stand out from the crowd.

    Debasree, D/Fine Liners In #2 D/SSERT (source:

    4. Urban Decay, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil In Psychedelic Sister

    You really can’t go wrong with these best selling eye pencils. The formula is ultra-creamy with intense and long-wear colour that doesn’t budge once it sets. If you can’t decide what colour to wear try this gorgeous metallic purple. Purple is always in style and looks great on just about everyone. Line your eyes for a hint of colour or why not opt for a more graphic look.

    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil In Psychedelic Sister| (Source:

    5. Fenty Beauty, Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner In Lady Lagoon

    These creamy liners come in a convenient twist-up tip that makes it easy to swipe on a bold pop of colour. This electric ocean blue is especially gorgeous just by itself or pair it with some glitter to glam it up.

    Fenty Beauty, Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner In Lady Lagoon (source:

    6. Lakmé, Absolute Shine Line Eye Liner In Sparkling Olive

    Intense colour with a single stroke, this water-based eyeliner is easy to apply and stays on for hours. If louder vibrant shades aren’t quite or thing try this more subdued olive green that has a slight shimmer to it. You’ll look fabulous without compromising on colour.

    Lakmé, Absolute Shine Line Eye Liner In Sparkling Olive (

    Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures if you do happen to rock any of these colourful eyeliners.

    Which of these colourful eyeliners are you most excited to try first? Let us know in the comments below

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    Amaal Mallik & Singer-Duo Prakriti & Sukriti Kakar Drop The Indian Remix Of Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’

    href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 27 Mar 2021Amaal Mallik, Dua Lipa, Sukriti & Prakriti Kakar

    Just yesterday, Dua Lipa released a remix of her global super-hit song, ‘Levitating‘, remixed by none other than our very own, super talented music producer — Amaal Mallik.

    Amaal Mallik brought in the twin sisters, Prakriti Kakar and Sukriti Kakar, to lend their vocals to the super energetic track.

    Speaking about this release, Dua Lipa said:

    I am so thrilled with the response from my Indian fans to ‘Future Nostalgia’. I had an amazing time in India in 2019, and so I always wanted to do something special for them. The Indian music icon Amaal Mallik has remixed the track, adding his touch with beautiful Indian instruments. This is my gift to my Indian fans, and I hope you all will love the remix as much as I do.

    The man behind this rendition, Amaal Mallik says:

    It is a tremendous feeling to be collaborating with such a talented pop star and global icon! Dua Lipa’s music is something we all love, hence it’s quite an honour for me to be doing the official India remix, giving an Indian touch to one of her biggest tracks. Prakriti Kakar, Sukriti Kakar, Kunaal Vermaa and I feel elated to be coming together to remix Levitating, one of the standout songs on the ‘Future Nostalgia’ album! Congratulations are in order for Dua on her Grammy win, and I think it’s the best time to be dropping this track of ours. I look forward to the reception.

    Sukriti Kakar, who lent her vocals to the track, adds:

    Dua Lipa was the reason I wrote my first single in 2019. I’ve been following her work so closely since the very beginning. We’ve been so inspired by her work for as long as I can remember. I’m so excited that I got to do this with my twin sister Prakriti, as well as Amaal Malik who produced the remix and gave it a desi touch, as we all have been long-time fans of Dua and her world of music!

    Prakriti Kakar ends by saying that Dua has been one of their biggest inspirations when it comes to her and her sister’s songwriting careers and that having sung a version of her charter buster song is both an honour and responsibility for them.

    Listen to their version of the track here:

    Amaal is said to have used traditional Indian elements such as the North-Indian ‘tumbi’ to give the song a desi twist. It’s a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Indian and international pop stars, and is sure something we are super pumped about.

    This latest rendition of the song comes just a week after Dua Lipa stunned global audiences with her performance of ‘Levitating’ at the 2021 Grammy Awards, where she won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album for her 2020 album ‘Future Nostalgia’.

    Slayy Point: The YouTubers Who Used Satire To Create Viral Videos

    href=”author/alice”>Alice Peter , 27 Mar 2021Abhyudaya Mohan & Gautami Kawale (Source: Instagram| @slayypoint)

    If the name Binod brings back memories or for that matter of fact a series of memes to your mind? You have Slayy Point to thank! Last year, YouTubers Gautami Kawale and Abhyudaya Mohan posted a video dedicated to the bizarre comments they received. Out of all the comments, the Binod one stood out from the rest. Their take on this comment made the video all the more hilarious. Their video left the internet cracked up and what followed was a series of memes. This viral video by Slayy Point today stands at over 10 million views and counting!

    About Slayy Point

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    The YouTube channel, Slayy Point, started off as a small idea converted into a full-fledged channel by Gautami and Abhyudaya. The two best friends were trying to figure ways to utilize their post junior college summer vacation. And the eagerness to explore the digital world helped them take their first step. Their initial videos were comical movie reviews and predicting cricket game results. Though these videos received great feedback, they soon realized that they weren’t passionate about these genres as they thought they would be. The YouTubers’ aim was to create relatable and entertaining content for Millenials around the country. And with this thought, they began their journey in the world of comedy and satire.

    All About Their Content

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    Gautami and Abhyudaya continued to experiment, understand and study the likes and dislikes of the audience and adapted to the demands of their viewers too. This helped them develop their own style of social commentary videos. These YouTubers speak their minds out in the videos and wrap it well in a blanket of comedy. This particular trait helped them rise and earned them the title of one of the most popular comedy duo on YouTube.

    The creators always ensure that their content is original, relevant, and as raw as possible. This exclusiveness teamed with the comical factor helped their channel, grow dramatically and as of now, Slay Point has over 4 million subscribers.

    The YouTubers made the most of the lockdown situation and started their second channel, Slayy Pop. The videos on this channel focus on the universe of gaming. Their characteristic Slay Point channel trait of hilarious commentary and some cross-references have been used in these videos quite well.

    Here’s what Gautami and Abhyudaya have to say about their journey,

    “We were just two young college go-ers, who were fascinated by the online world. We used to watch YouTube pretty much all day, study a lot and for a break we did play a lot of games, etc. One day we decided to pick up the camera and shoot some of our thoughts about an internet clique and that became our thing! Life was just the usual, before Binod showed up! Binod was that fortunate accident that literally changed our lives! We saw a surge in our subscribers which literally doubled! We’re a happy 4 million family, now trending on YouTube! Here’s a huge shoutout to all our friends and followers who inspire and motivate us to keep going! It’s unbelievable that a channel of this size could create a country wide trend!”

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    A post shared by Slayy Point (@slayypoint)

    The Slayy Point channel sure did manage to get the internet to notice their content. Gautami and Abhyudaya’s talent is commendable and their sheer dedication is definitely the inspo we all need! Cheer to these YouTubers and Binod, who now resides in the darkest corner of our hearts forever and ever. Haha!

    If you haven’t check out their channel yet, check it out right here!

    Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending on Instagram to know more about your favourite influencers!