Abhishek Bachchan Teams Up With Yami Gautam And Nimrat Kaur For Social Comedy ‘Dasvi’

href=”author/avya-sharma”>Avya Sharma , 22 Feb 2021Abhishek Bachchan, Yami Gautam and Nimrat Kaur in the poster of Dasvi (Source: Instagram | @yamigautam)

There is a piece of good news for all the Abhishek Bachchan fans out there. The actor just shared the details of his next film titled, ‘Dasvi’. Abhishek took to his social media to unveil the first look from the film, in which he will be seen playing the role of a character named Ganga Ram Chaudhary.

In the poster, Abhishek can be seen in a rugged look. The film’s shooting kickstarted today. The film also stars Yami Gautam and Nimrat Kaur in pivotal roles and is being backed by Dinesh Vijan and Jiyo Studios. It will be helmed by debutant director, Tushar Jalota.

Sharing the film’s poster, Abhishek Bachchan wrote “Meet Ganga Ram Chaudhary. Devi shoot begins.”

Have a look at the poster here—

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A post shared by Abhishek Bachchan (@bachchan)

The actor also shared Yami’s look from the movie. She is all set to play a police constable. “Meet JYOTI DESWAL,” he captioned the picture.

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A post shared by Yami Gautam (@yamigautam)

Nimrat Kaur also took to her social media to share her look from the upcoming film. The actor can be seen donning a saree with chic sunglasses to complete her look. Her caption read— “ Meet BIMLA DEVI #Dasvi Shoot Begins…“

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A post shared by Nimrat Kaur (@nimratofficial)

I am super excited about this one and sure can’t wait for the makers to reveal more details about the film.

These Epic Posts By Our Fave Influencers Will Make You Wanna Run To The Mountains

href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 22 Feb 2021Masoom Minawala, Ritu Rathee, Rasbhari Taneja, Gaurav Taneja (Source: Instagram | @masoomminawala, @taneja.gaurav)

Let me tell you a secret, whenever I’m tired of my daily life and routine, I always run to the mountains. Hills and hill stations are indeed the best place for a rejuvenating vacation. Now that winter is almost coming to an end, the summer heat is already catching on. At this time, just imagine if you were between mighty mountains and playing in the snow. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, while we can’t physically go and visit the mountains at the moment we can always feast our eyes with a virtual tour. Some of our fave influencers paid a visit to the hilly areas of the world and trust us, they had ‘snow’ much fun! Check out their awesome posts to virtually keep the summers at bay. 😛

Check them out!1. Gaurav Taneja 

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A post shared by Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast) (@taneja.gaurav)

This is such a cute family picture! Looks like the #FlyingBeast fam is having a gala time snowboarding in Kashmir. The beautiful state of Kashmir is considered to be a paradise on earth and now we can see why. It’s so beautiful and snowy. Also, Rasbhari looks extremely adorable in her pink jacket!

2. Masoom Minawala 

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A post shared by Masoom Minawala Mehta (@masoomminawala)

Everything about this post is just so aesthetic! Skiing in Switzerland is like a dream for so many of us, isn’t it? Not just that, all her skiing outfits look super chic and it must have surely made some heads turn in Swizterland.

3. Aakriti Rana 

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A post shared by Aakriti Rana (@aakritiranaofficial)

I cannot stress enough on how stunning these pictures are! Aakriti really has her way with photos and I love that about her. Hands down, this must be one of the prettiest pictures ever clicked in Himachal Pradesh. While she looks so gorgeous, I can’t help but wonder how did she manage to survive in the cold with that outfit!

4. Savi & Vid

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A post shared by Travel & Love – Savi & Vid (@bruisedpassports)

As y’all know, Savi & Vid are one of my favourite travel vloggers and their content is not just visually appealing but also insightful. Their Ladakh room tour Reel really had me hooked ‘cuz everything about it is just so pretty! The couple has been making a lot of informative Reels like this and surely this must have helped so many people who wish to visit Leh Ladakh.

5. Shraddha Gurung 

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A post shared by Shraddha Gurung (@lilmissgurung)

Shimla is indeed a place with clear blue skies and mind-blowing sceneries. Shraddha visited Shimla last February and we can see why she loves this place so much. Also, can we please talk about how adorable she looks in her winter attire?

6. Rohan Shah 

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A post shared by Rohan (@rohan_shah_)

As his caption reads, it was Rohan Shah’s first snow experience and I am sure it could take anyone’s breath away! He visited the hills with his bunch of close friends and we can only imagine the amount of fun they must have had in the mountains together. This Reel gave us an amazing snippet of their trip and tbh, I feel like taking a vacay with my friends too!

7. Amit Sobti 

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A post shared by Amit Sobti (@iam_amitsobti)

I think it’s evident that we are suckers for skiing and looks like Amit Sobti is too! This is such an amazing click and it makes me feel like heading to Manali right away.

8. Somya Gupta 

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A post shared by Somya Gupta (Michu 🍍) (@thesassthing_)

So many creators are visiting Manali ‘cuz it is indeed a beautiful place. Somya Gupta a.k.a Michu also travelled to this much talked about location and her snowy selfie looks lovely, doesn’t it?

These awesome pictures and snowy Reels are really making me wanna head to the mountains right away! We absolutely love how creators take us on a virtual tour whenever they are visiting a new place. Do you like hills and hill stations? Tell us about your favourite hill station in the comments below!

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5 Daring Trends Of The Season To Watch Out For

href=”author/rishikadevnani”>Rishika Devnani , 22 Feb 2021Daring Trends | (Source: Instagram | @asyoulabel, @asyoulabel)

The runways for this season have spoken and “dare to bare” seems to be the new way to go! Last year, designers adapted to a rather different scenario and most collections consisted of comfortable loungewear such as pillow boots and knit sets. However, this year we see a shift in the theme. After months of resting in sweats, it’s time to swap out your wardrobe for some daring skin-showing attire.

For a change, I am all in for glamming it up and exchanging my tracks for a mini-skirt. Some of these trends are a blast from the past so chances are, you already have some of these items tucked away in your closets. For instance, the ’90s inspired mini-skirts and party-favourite cutout bodycon dresses. Fashion houses have provided us with plenty of ways to show skin; all you got to do is dare to play around with the trend you are most comfortable with!

Which of these 5 trends would you dare to sport? 1) Sheer Dresses

A trend that carries on from the previous year(s) is that of sheer dresses. This style became popular on red carpets, where A-list stars flaunted glamorous sheer pieces from top designers. It then took off to the mainstream market and has made a return this year as a dominant trend. A great thing about sheer clothing is that it can be worn in many cool ways, that require zero skin show! For instance, layer your tank top beneath an organza jacket or a gauzy tunic over a slip dress. Feel free to experiment with various layering techniques when it comes to sheer clothing!

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A post shared by SAMI MIRÓ (@samimiro)

2) Micro Mini-Skirts

Mini-skirts take a whole new spin this season! Taking the “dare to bare” motto seriously, the hemlines have gone up taking mini to micro-mini. A blast from the past, this trend is similar to that of Versace‘s from the ’90s, which was worn by supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni. Sporting this trend will help you turn back the clock no matter how you style it—with a buttoned-up shirt and a blazer or a with a cute crop-top! 

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A post shared by Miu Miu (@miumiu)

3) Bare Midriff

Using separates to showcase the midriff was highly popular on this season’s runways. Be it a matching two-piece set or a combination of a crop-top and low-rise bottom, this trend goes all out with the belly display. With summer around the corner, we’re on board with a bare midriff!

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A post shared by DODO BAR OR (@dodobaror)

4) Cutout Dresses

Another trend of fall/winter’20 that extends to the next season is that of cutout dresses. However, this year the popular silhouette we see are body-con dresses with thigh-high slits. In addition to this, we see both, specifically placed cutouts and those taking over an entire side. 

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A post shared by LaQuan Smith- Designer (@laquan_smith)

5) Exposed G-Strings

Re-introduced from the ’90s, this controversial trend is back and endorsed by popular celebrities like Hailey Bieber. This time around, designers made it easier by having the G-string built into the waistline of bottoms, thus, making it easier to wear and style. The exposed G-string trend can also be found with skirts and the back of cutout dresses. 

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A post shared by AsYou (@asyoulabel)

Which daring trend are you ready to get on board with this season? Tell us in the comments below. 

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5 Medically-Recommended Things You Need To Do If Your Back Hurts 24/7

href=”author/mallika-jhaveri”>Mallika Jhaveri , 22 Feb 20215 Things You Need To Do If Your Back Hurts 24/7 (source: Dr Shradha Maheshwari)

Most of us often face terrible back-aches and frankly, we are 110% at fault. Our posture is never good and thanks to working from home (or rather our beds), it has become worse. You’re probably reading this slumped over your pillow with your neck cranked and lower-back bending terribly. While you may relate to the “banana-back” memes and joke about constant back pain, you’re in for a painful future. To save you from becoming The Hunchback Of Notre Dam, we got in touch with Dr Shradha Maheshwari, a Consultant Neurosurgeon. Here are 5 things you need to do if your back hurts 24/7!

5 Things You Need To Do If Your Back Hurts 24/71. Lose A Lil’ Weight

While we’re all in for body-positivity and not conforming to Instagram model standards, we’re not in for unhealthy weight-gain. Being obese can be terrible for back health and posture and can cause a lot of complications. Dr Maheshwari says,

Obesity gives rise to a sedentary lifestyle leading to restricted activity. Restricted activity effects the spine and gives rise to back pain and further decreased the activity, ultimately this further increases obesity. Hence, it is essential to break this vicious cycle so as to keep your spine fit and active. The inter-vertebral discs which are the soft structure in the spine and hence are the first to bear the brunt of the excess weight. The degenerative process begins here naturally and with obesity this process is faster. The weakened support system and changed alignment of obese individuals makes them more prone to slipped discs problems. This can cause acute, severe back pain and leg pain, sometimes making the patient bedridden.

The thought of being bed-ridden sends a shiver down our spine and pushes us to fix it, and it should do the same for you. Get active, go for walks, cycle in your neighbourhood and more. Putting in even 20-30 minutes daily is good enough. Regular physical activity helps not only in keeping the weight in check, but also strengthens the core and the muscles which support the spine.

2. Don’t Overdo It

Dr Maheshwari says,

Low impact light exercises and cardio are best suited to start repairing of the weakened back muscles. Stepping up the exercises in a staged fashion helps in improvising the back health.

Basically, don’t do those 1000- calorie YouTube workouts everyday, you will make things worse for yourself. Listen to your body and know when to stop. Similarly, overdoing it with diets isn’t recommended either. Your back muscles need good amounts of nutrition to become strong and extreme dieting can deprive them of that. Eat healthy quantities of nutritious food and your back will thank you.

2. Fix Your Posture

Our posture is a joke and we know it. Unconsciously we sit, stand and move in ways that not only are terrible for our spine, but also our core. By taking conscious efforts to fix our posture, we can begin to heal our back pain. Dr Maheshwari suggests making corrections in our posture such as avoiding protruding your belly while standing, bending from your knees while picking objects from the ground and sleeping on your sides can go a long way in recovery. Additionally, fastening your seat-belt properly and using back-support chair braces can help greatly too!

3. Avoid Fashion Faux-Pas

Some fashion trends may look fabulous but could harm your back. Tight clothes like skinny jeans and body-hugging dresses interfere with movements of back joints in a bad way. Even bags with non-adjustable straps can be strenuous on your neck and back! Dr Maheshwari recommends opting for a back-pack instead as it’s more balanced. We live in a world where literally anything can be made fashionable, so opting for comfortable clothes, shoes and bags will not send alert the the fashion police!

4. Go Slow, Go Steady

Don’t be a jerk and don’t jerk yourself! Sorry for that terrible line, but you get the point. Fast, jerky movements like lifting a heavy bag off the floor can cause back troubles like slip-disc and bad spine injuries. So go slow, go steady and avoid all and any jerky movements!

How do you fix your posture and help your back? Share it with us in the comments below!

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9 Gorgeous Cut-Crease Eyeshadow Looks You Have To Try

href=”author/kanak-devnani”>Kanak Devnani , 22 Feb 2021Gorgeous Cut-Crease Eye Looks (Source: Instagram | @ash_kholm @nikki_makeup)

If you’re a makeup aficionado you’ve probably already heard of the term cut-crease before. It’s an eyeshadow technique that’s become super popular in recent years seen on celebs and bloggers alike. You’ve also probably seen tons of tutorials on it by now. But what is it exactly? First made popular around the ‘60s, a cut crease has the power to create depth and add definition to your eyes. The technique involves you defining your eye by cutting it across with makeup but most commonly with concealer. It works to make your eyes look more open and wide, almost faking a ton of eyelid space. While any eye shape can rock it with some smart execution, the added depth and other qualities are exactly why it’s an especially popular style for those with hooded eyes.

From soft and natural looks to the more dramatic anything is possible with a cut crease. So if all that is exactly what you’re looking for you’ve come to the right place. Brush up on those makeup skills and have your eyeshadow brushes at the ready. Let our round-up some fabulous cut-crease styles inspire you to create the eye looks of your dreams.

Keep scrolling for some gorgeous cut-crease makeup inspo:1. Glitter Diamond Crease

All that sparkles is even better when worn as eyeshadow. Add glitter to your cut crease for an ultimate glam sparkly effect. This will make your eyes pop. After you define the crease lay down some sliver shadow on the lids as a base then top it off with a gel-based glitter. Use a rich black eyeliner to define the eyes.

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A post shared by Ash K Holm (@ash_kholm)

2. Double Liner

Amp up your basic cut crease look with double the liner. Over your black liner go in with a very thin lime green liner to spruce it up. Apply a similar toned shadow or glitter on the bottom lashes and voila this makes your look double the fun.

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A post shared by Pamela 🤍 MAKEUP & TUTORIALS (@ohhmels)

3. Subtle Contour

This version isn’t much in your face compared to other crease looks but it’s so uniquely beautiful you can’t miss it. Here it’s all about creating a natural shadow effect with subtle contouring. Topped off with some accent lashes to add some depth and balance and you’ve got yourself a winning look no matter what the occasion.

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A post shared by Nikki_Makeup (@nikki_makeup)

4. 90s supermodel glam

‘90s makeup is super trendy ATM and the supermodel glam from that era are truly iconic. Recreate this look with warm matte browns and sharp as a knife winged liner that could cut anyone that crosses you.

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A post shared by Ash K Holm (@ash_kholm)

5. Soft Glam

This dreamy look is more simple but super effective. Suitable for any occasion day or night, the soft blend of ivory pink, earthy browns and nudes with a thin feline flick is the chefs kiss! Definitely bookmark this one for your next date.

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A post shared by Makeup Artist Patrick Ta (@patrickta)

6. Retro Vibes

Fall into the ‘60s with this stunning cut crease look. The pastel greens perfectly coincide with the spring season for a look that’s on-trend and ever so pretty. Remember to keep those lashes fluttery for a more romantic look.

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A post shared by Nikki_Makeup (@nikki_makeup)

7. Bold Bejeweled Beauty

Truly a work of art! Trace tiny jewels around the crease to show off your cut look and amplify it. Go full out on the crease to shine bright or go more sparse with jewels or appliques for a subtler effect.

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A post shared by NATALIA ZAJĄC 🐰 (@paranatka)

8. Emerald Hues

Gold and green? Yes, please! How stunning is the combo of golden eyeshadow paired with the green tone? Creating a sort of halo eye they both contrast beautifully adding some extra oomph to the look while making the eyes pop.

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A post shared by Nikki_Makeup (@nikki_makeup)

9. Flame On

Feeling a little bold and brave? Flair your creative juices and slay all day with this look that calls for red hot liner and drawing on accent flames. This one isn’t for the faint at heart.

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A post shared by NikkieTutorials (@nikkietutorials)

Which of these looks is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Singer Ipsitaa’s New Track ‘Solo Laila’ Is All About Girl Power

href=”author/avya-sharma”>Avya Sharma , 22 Feb 2021Ipsitaa

Ever since she made her singing debut alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh in ‘First Kiss’ last year, singer Ipsitaa has become one of the most sought-after new-age vocalists in the music industry. And now her recent release, ‘Solo Laila’ is gaining all the praise and attention from the audience. Presented by T-Series, it is crooned by Ipsitaa and composed by Tanishk Bagchi with lyrics written by Vayu. The music video has been helmed by Viraf Sarkari and Sabreena Sarkari.

Ipsitaa’s song is dedicated to all single women. The song is themed on girl power and how single ladies are going to call the shots. The music video is shot across some of the most picturesque natural locales and while the song aims to give out a strong message, there is a fairytale vibe to it. The heavy use of instruments renders a dramatic feel to the track.

Have a look at the music video here—

Talking about Solo Laila, Ipsitaa says—

Girls are taught at a young age to settle down and tether their wings, to find their security and happiness in their partners. It’s high time we reject and change that narrative. Women are self-sufficient and we alone are responsible for our happiness. Solo Laila is a track dedicated to all the women who dare to fly high.It was wonderful creating this song with Tanishk and I can’t wait to share it with the world!

I absolutely enjoyed the song, what about you guys?

कार्तिक आर्यन और कियारा अडवाणी की भूल भुलैया 2 होगी 19 नवंबर 2021 को रिलीज़

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 22 Feb 2021Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani, (Source: Instagram | @kartikaaryan, @kiaraaliaadvani

अनीस बाज़मी की भूल भुलैया ने हम सभी को बहुत एंटरटेन किया था। अक्षय कुमार और विद्या बालन स्टारर ये फ़िल्म उन फिल्मों में से एक है जो इतने साल बाद भी यादगार है। और इसलिए जब मेकर्स ने ये अनाउंस किया के भूल भुलैया 2 बन रही है तो हम सभी की खुशी का कोई ठिकाना नहीं था। आपको बता दूँ भूल भुलैया 2 में कार्तिक आर्यन, कियारा अडवाणी और तब्बू नज़र आने वाले हैं।

जबसे इस फ़िल्म की अनाउसमेंट हुई है तभी से हम फ़िल्म के बारे में और जानने का बेसब्री से इंतज़ार कर रहे थे और अब हमारा ये इंतज़ार खत्म हो चुका है क्योंकि मेकर्स ने हमें फ़िल्म को लेकर एक नई अपडेट दी है। टी सीरिज़ ने अपने सोशल मीडिया के ज़रिए भूल भुलैया 2 की रिलीज़ डेट अनाउंस की है। आपको बता दूँ ये हॉरर कॉमेडी 19 नवंबर 2021 को थिएटर्स में रिलीज़ होगी। है ना एक्साइटिंग?

यहाँ देखिये अनाउंसमेंट पोस्ट-

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Anees Bazmee (@aneesbazmee)

आपको बता दूँ, अनीस बाज़मी द्वारा डायरेक्ट की जा रही इस फ़िल्म के प्रड्यूसर टी सीरिज़ के भूषण कुमार और सिने 1 स्टूडियोज़ हैं। वहीं इस फ़िल्म के राइटर फरहाद सामजी और आकाश कौशिक हैं।

Sensitive Eyes? Here Are 5 Amazing Mascaras You Need To Try ASAP

href=”author/kanak-devnani”>Kanak Devnani , 22 Feb 2021Close-up portrait of a beautiful girl touching black mascara to her lashes by Makistock | (Source: www.shutterstock.com)

Whether you’re a minimal makeup kind of gal or love a full face we would argue that one item you can’t do without is a tube of mascara. While you might be able to eliminate almost everything if you’re in a pinch getting ready except your mascara. Here’s the problem though; if you find yourself with watery, itchy or stingy eyes, I hate to break it to you but you probably have a case of extra sensitive eyes or allergic to an ingredient. One swipe of the wrong mascara and your eyes might be watering up creating a smudged mess which is not cute! And if you wear contact lenses and it gets trapped? Ouch, it’s even worse. This is a sign that you may need to switch up your formula.

We know what you’re thinking, finding the best mascara is general is tough but now you have look for a highly specific product?—cue the never-ending journey. Don’t freak out just yet! Thanks to growing innovative formulas released in recent years we’ve found there’s actually some pretty good options that do an amazing job overall without irritating your eyes. And not to worry we’ve listed some fantastic foolproof picks below to get you started. However, before we get to that keep in mind everyone’s sensitivities are different so its tough to make any generalisations about ingredients to avoid. If you’re worried about any allergens please consult your doctor first.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the best mascara for yourself:

  • Scan the label. Look out for the words hypoallergenic, allergy-tested, or ophthalmologist- or ophthalmologically-tested on the product’s packaging. They’re not just fancy words slapped on the bottle. It implies that the band did do some consultations with an eye doctor during the testing phase so the product might have the least amount of allergens. Although remember its not a 100% guarantee.
  • Go back to basics. Avoid fibre mascaras that can have fleck fall into your eye and cause more irritation. Stay clear of any trendy new mascaras like coloured ones, or waterproof options. Go for more traditional formulas or even tubing mascaras. And always do a patch test.
  • Replace your tube. When did you last purchase or open your tube of mascara? This could be the reason why your eyes itching. Chuck that bottle out ASAP. Remember to throw out your mascara every three months once opened. They are prone to bacteria buildup and continuing to use it is just tempting fate for an eye infection.

Keep scrolling to check out five gentle mascara formulas perfect for sensitive eyes that do it all:1. Essence, Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Essence’s many mascaras are highly underrated! This particular one delivers very similar results in comparison to higher-end brands. The special tapered wand coats and separates each lash and the formula lasts throughout the day without flaking, smudging or clumping. Perfect if you’re looking for more fuller, longer and darker lashes, plus its great value for your money.

Essence, Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara | (source: www.essencemakeup.com)

2. Tarte, Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-In-1

A cult favourite and the best selling mascara from Tarte’s range, the wand and formula in this bottle is like magic. Along with being hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested, it’s safe for contact lens wearers too. It does it all; curling, lengthening, volumizing and conditioning your lashes without looking clumpy. Moreover, it’s a vegan, cruelty-free formula that’s void of parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil. What more could you want.

Tarte, Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-In-1 Mascara | (Source: www.tartecosmetics.com

3. Clinique, High Impact Mascara

For years Clinique has built a beloved reputation for their gentle and irritation-free products. You really can’t go wrong with this one. Fragrance-free, allergy and ophthalmologist tested this freaking good mascara will give your lashes some major volume and definition with its pigment-packed wand. Get bold lashes without much effort in just one swipe.

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

4. NudeStix, Lash Lengthening Mascara

If you’re looking for more natural feathery lashes then this one’s just right. A great everyday mascara this is preservative- and fragrance-free but is also infused with peptide to strengthen your lashes over time. Plus all you need to take it off easily after a long day is just some warm water.

NudeStix Lash Lengthening Mascara | (Source: www.nudestix.com)


5. La Roche-Posay, Toleriane Volume Mascara

We saved the best for last. A brand is known for its sensitive skin this is the ultimate mascara for anybody with watery eyes. Designed for comfortable wear all day its micro-aerated formula creates volume without weighing down your lashes. Moreover, it’s a waterproof formula doesn’t smudge even if you’re sweating.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Volume Mascara | (Source: www.laroche-posay.com)

What’s your favourite mascaras for sensitive eyes? Let us know in the comments below. 

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रोहित रेड्डी और अनिता हसनंदानी ने अपने बेबी बॉय का चेहरा किया रिवील

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 22 Feb 2021

Rohit Reddy, Anita Hassanandani, (Source: Instagram | @anitahassanandani)

साल 2021 बहुत से सेलेब्रिटीज़ के लिए खुशियों की सौगात लेकर आया है और उन्ही में से एक हैं टेलीविज़न के पावर कपल रोहित रेड्डी और अनिता हसनंदानी। रोहित और अनिता ने पिछले साल के आखिर में हमें ये खुशखबरी दी थी के उनके घर नन्हा मेहमान आने वाला है। इस खबर के बाद से ही हम गुड न्यूज़ का बेसब्री से इंतज़ार कर रहे थे और हाल ही में 9 फरवरी 2021 को डैडी रोहित ने अपने सोशल मीडिया के ज़रिए ये खबर दी के उनके घर बेबी बॉय आया है।

अनिता और रोहित के बेबी बॉय के आने के बाद से ही हम उनका नाम जानने का और उसका चेहरा देखने का बेसब्री से इंतज़ार कर रहे थे। वेल अब हमारा ये इंतज़ार खत्म हुआ क्योंकि कुछ ही समय पहले अनिता ने अपने सोशल मीडिया के ज़रिए बताया था के उनके बेटे का नाम आरव है। है ना कितना प्यारा नाम? इसी के साथ बीते कल अनिता और रोहित ने अपने सोशल मीडिया के ज़रिए एक प्यारा सा वीडियो शेयर करते हुए आरव की झलक भी दी।

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हाय!! कितना प्यारा है ना आरव? इस प्यारे से एंजल को किसी की नज़र ना लगे।

Ranbir Kapoor May Star In The Sequel Of PK

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PK was released in 2014 and became a hit at the box-office in no time. Starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles, the film received a good response from the audience and the critics. But what further made the viewers all excited was its climax scene which showed none other than Ranbir Kapoor making a cameo appearance in the film. This led to rumours about the making of a possible sequel of PK.

Well, these speculations are true as the producer of the film, Vidhu Vinod Chopra has confirmed the possibility of the same! According to reports, the filmmaker revealed that they will make a sequel. He further added about how they had shown Ranbir’s character at the end of the movie and said that there is a tale to tell about it. However, the producer also said that writer Abhijat Joshi has not yet penned the script yet.

For the unversed, PK was helmed by Rajkumar Hirani and also starred late Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjay Dutt in key roles. In the film, Aamir played the character of an alien who lands on Earth and loses his device aka ‘remoteva’ that helps him to get back to his planet.