Rakul Preet Makes A Classy Entry In Her Cosy Polo-Necks

href=”author/nelly-wadia”>Nelly Wadia , 17 Feb 2021Rakul Preet

It looks like Rakul Preet is about to have an extremely busy 2021. The star will be seen in 2 Tamil films. 1 vigilante film called Indian 2 and a science fiction film called Ayalaan. In addition to this, she also happens to have 4 Hindi films in her kitty. Attack opposite John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez, Sardar and Grandson opposite Arjun Kapoor, Mayday alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgan and Thank God opposite Ajay Devgan and Siddharth Malhotra. The list doesn’t end there, as Rakul will also be seen in 2 Telugu films. Check and an untitled film directed by Krish.

Let’s take a closer look at Rakul Preet’s cosy airport OOTD’s:

Rakul Preet wears a warm and snug cable knit sweater. The sweater features long sleeves and a polo neck. The star keeps it simple and wears them with a pair of blue jeans that are ripped at the knees. She accessorises her look with plain white sneakers and the Chanel Red/White Deauville canvas tote bag. I generally prefer oversized bags when travelling because they can hold pretty much all the essentials you may need. She leaves her hair open and naturally wavy, filled-in brows and kohl-lined eyes add to her glam. A black facemask to observe precautions when travelling completes her look.

Rakul Preet

For Rakul Preet’s second appearance at the airport, the star opts for another snug and cosy look. This time she wears a black, midi dress with a polo neck. The dress is sleeveless and has a pencil shape silhouette and what I love about this silhouette is that it simply takes on the shape of the body. This particular dress would be perfect for work and can easily transition into an outfit for after-work drinks. She styles her look with red sneakers that match her Chanel tote bag.  The star pulls her hair into a tight low ponytail and finishes off her look with round reflector sunglasses.

Rakul Preet

What do you think of Rakul Preet’s outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

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Aditi Rao Hydari’s Casual Glamorous OOTD’s Are A Vibe

href=”author/nelly-wadia”>Nelly Wadia , 17 Feb 2021Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi Rao Hydari is currently promoting her movie The Girl on the Train. She stars opposite Parineeti Chopra and Kirti Kulhari in pivotal roles. We’ve seen trailers of the film and we’re super excited. The movies will release on OTT platform Netflix India on the 26th of February.

On the work front, Aditi will be seen in Hey Sinamika, opposite Dulquer Salmaan and Kajal Aggarwal. She also has Maha Samudram opposite Sharwanand, Siddharth and Anu Emmanuel in her kitty.

Here’s a closer look at Aditi Rao Hydari’s effortless OOTD’s:

For her first look, the star wears a bright sunflower yellow tee. Which she expertly pairs with high-waisted, wide-leg jeans. She skips any jewellery as she is seen leaving Kromakay in Juhu. Every Bollywood celebrities favourite salon. She takes her Valentino Garavani medium Rockstud tote bag that costs 1 lakh 75 thousand rupees on a spin. Aditi tops off her look with white slides and a facemask that says Cancelled Plans. Perfect for every single introvert out there, don’t you think? The actress walks away sans makeup with freshly blow-dried hair. 

Aditi Rao Hydari

For her second look, she wears a dull green t-shirt with camo jeans. The high-waisted jeans cut off slightly above her ankles. Aditi accessorises her look with the Rhyton Gucci logo leather sneakers. The white sneakers cost around 90 thousand rupees. In addition, Aditi also adds another statement accessory to her look. The Louis Vuitton multi pochette accessories. It is a cross-body bag that comes with a coin purse and a removable gold chain. It also features an adjustable LV inscribed jacquard strap. Wavy hair and filled-in brows complete her look that she tops off with a blue facemask.

Aditi Rao Hydari

What do you think of Aditi Rao Hydari’s outfits? Let me know in the comments below.

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Actor Ranvir Shorey Tests Positive For COVID-19

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 17 Feb 2021Ranvir Shorey (Source: Instagram | @ranvirshorey)

With actors getting back to work and on sets again, work in the show business has resumed again. But COVID-19 is still very much around, and news now is that the number of cases in Maharashtra have seen a sudden sharp rise in the past week. Production houses and film teams are taking all the necessary precautions and following government protocols to ensure safety of everyone on sets while work goes on.

But sometimes, the virus finds you even then. And that’s what happened with Ranvir Shorey. The actor took to his social media today to inform everyone that he had tested positive for COVID-19, and that he is only suffering from mild symptoms.

Taking to his Twitter, Ranvir wrote, “I have tested positive for #COVID19. Symptoms are mild. Am quarantining.”

Have a look at his tweet:

I have tested positive for #COVID19. Symptoms are mild. Am quarantining.

— Ranvir Shorey (@RanvirShorey) February 17, 2021

He later tweeted a picture of his IPhone and a heath device to keep him company while he quarantines at home until he recoups. The actor also tweeted to all his followers, thanking them for their well wishes and positive vibes  He shared that he is on day 3 of being symptomatic and that “the battle has only just begun”.

Take a look at his tweets:

My companions for the next week or so. #covidlife #quarantine #covidpositive pic.twitter.com/d94vmR1sUB

— Ranvir Shorey (@RanvirShorey) February 17, 2021

Thank you all for all the positive vibes and good wishes.
My symptoms are mild – so far!
I believe I’m on day 3 of being symptomatic.
The battle has only just begun. #COVID19 #covidpositive #covidlife

— Ranvir Shorey (@RanvirShorey) February 17, 2021

Here’s hoping Ranvir feels better and is back on sets very soon.

Speaking on the professional front, we saw Ranvir in some interesting projects in 2020 like Angrezi Medium, Lootcase, Kadakh, and series such as PariWar and High. Currently, he is starring in the Eros Now comedy-drama series, Metro Park, whose second season is streaming now since January this year.

7 Reasons Why Viraj Ghelani’s Nani Is A Digital Sensation

href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 17 Feb 2021Viraj Ghelani & Nani (Source: YouTube | That’s So Viraj)

We all know and love our Gujju boy Viraj Ghelani. Time and again he has managed to blow us away with his unique and hilarious content. He creates fantastic videos on YouTube and Instagram and trust me, I am literally hooked to his content. One more reason why he is able to set himself apart is that he makes such hilarious videos with his Nani. We have watched so many videos of Viraj and his digitally active Nani and tbh, they are super savage together. At this point, I am a die-hard fan of his Nani and absolutely cannot get over her videos. After watching her content y’all would surely agree that even at an old age, she is a digital diva!

Here’s why I am gushing over Viraj’s Nani…1. Nani is an influencer

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A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

The way she said ‘hey lovely fam‘ literally had me floooored! Also, can we please talk about how perfectly she is able to nail the influencer game? From sharing her skincare routine to hosting a fun giveaway, Nani is clearly set to become one of the top influencers of the country.

2. Nani jumping on trends like

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A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

Name someone who did the #Jugni challenge better than Nani, I’ll wait! I absolutely love how she takes part in viral trends and gives it her own adorable twist. It’s amazing how Viraj and his Nani are able to create such trendy and relevant content.

3. Sorry we won’t eat noodles ‘cuz ‘Aapde India Che‘

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A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

At this point, I really want someone like Viraj’s Nani in my life! She is absolutely adorable and her reason behind not eating noodles is even cuter. It’s amazing how Viraj and his Nani talk in Gujarati and maintain that authenticity in their videos together.

4. My life, my Mirchi 

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A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

This video proves that there’s no one in this world who is as savage as Nani! Viraj and his Nani’s fun take on the popular ‘Coolie No. 1’ dialogue is just too funny and relatable. I love how all grandparents in the world are a mixture of cute and savage!

5. Teaching Hindi slangs to Gujju Nani

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A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

This generation is famous for it’s typical Hindi slangs like ‘jugaad‘ and ‘bohot hard‘. However, it’s obvious that Nani’s generation wouldn’t know these slangs. Viraj created an epic video where he taught his Nani these Hindi slangs and the video was nothing short of hilarious and entertaining!

6. ‘Nan1‘ is the OG PUBG gangsta‘

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A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

Well, we know PUBG is banned in our country now but back when it wasn’t, millions of people played it on a daily basis. It’s true that PUBG is an addiction and I love how Viraj’s Nani is an absolute pro at it. Do you even NEED any more reason to prove that she is a digital superstar?

7. Living with Gujju grandparents be like…

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A post shared by Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

As a Gujarati kid, I can personally relate to this! Let me tell you something, even though I am a Gujju, I cannot understand numbers in Gujarati and this is exactly what used to happen to me when my grandparents recited phone numbers. The look on Nani’s face really had me cackling!

Well, I don’t think I need to say anything more to prove that Viraj’s Nani is nothing less than a digital sensation. Out of all the awesome videos they have done together, these 7 are defo my favourites. What I love about their duo is that they always remain true to their roots and create content inspired by daily experiences in a Gujju household (which is next level relatable, lol) Have you checked Viraj’s YouTube channel out yet? If not, click here and check their awesome content out.

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10 Tried-And-Tested Hangover Cures That Actually Work

href=”author/mallika-jhaveri”>Mallika Jhaveri , 17 Feb 2021Gold tequila shots with lime and salt in bar by Africa Studio | www.shutterstock.com

Waking up after a great and very hazy night only to feel disgusting and uneasy is terrible but sometimes inevitable. Hangovers are the cause for 99% of adult regret worldwide. They are the one thing that can completely take you from feeling like a superhero to less than a zero instantly. They’re like punishments for having a fun night (why God, why?). While having a hangover is hard, curing them is even harder. No matter how much water you chug, it just doesn’t help! Since hangovers plague most of the world and there seems to be no vaccine for them, we asked the members of Girl Tribe by MissMalini for their tried-and-tested hangover cures that actually work. Turns out women aren’t just supportive when they’re drunk in bathrooms, but also hungover in bedrooms.

(PS: These hangover cures are recommended by women and not medical professionals!)

10 Tried-And-Tested Hangover Cures That Actually Work1. Salty Lemonade or Fresh Lime Soda

Electrolytes are the best way to cure your hangover. Hydrate yourself with salty and lemon-y drinks throughout the day. This will help do two things. It will make you pee a lot more, enabling your system to cleanse itself by flushing out the alcohol from it and it will also hydrate you better. So drink up!

2. Coconut Water

Coconut water, just like lemonade, is a great elixir for hangovers because it’s loaded with electrolytes and is a diuretic. It will help you hydrate and urinate, two key cures for your hangover! Furthermore, coconut water is refreshing and does boost your mood too!

3. Bananas

Bananas are known for being sick-people food. Have a bad stomach? Eat a banana. Feeling really fatigued? Eat a banana. Suffering from a hangover? Eat a banana! Bananas are great for hangovers because they’re loaded with carbohydrates that help absorb alcohol and are super-easy to digest that makes eating them really helpful. Plus, they taste great too!

4. A Good, Carb-Heavy Breakfast

While some like to skip breakfast when hungover, many stand by eating a good one. Based on this article by Healthline, When you’re hungover, you’re symptoms of nausea and uneasiness are magnified because of low blood-sugar, vitamins and minerals. Eating a good breakfast not only regulates your blood sugar, but also gives you a great vitamin refill and both are vital in reducing your horrid hangover symptoms.

5. A Cold Shower

Supposedly a cold shower while hungover is a great cure for it. Cold showers really jolt you awake and could also jolt the hangover away.

6. Pickle Juice

Apparently, drinking a shot of pickle juice works wonders to cure a hangover and many women stand by it. So we suggest giving it a try next time you feel like the Walking Dead.

7. Beer

Popularly known as “Hair of the dog”, the method of drinking more alcohol to cure a hangover can be a massive hit or a sad miss. There is some sort of chemical reason for why this works which you can read about in this article by Healthline. However, this may lead to some heavy alcohol dependence and unhealthy habits, so please be careful with it!

8. Burnt Toast

While this may seem like an extremely unlikely hangover cure, it isn’t. Based on this study by Raymond Crippen, burnt toast contains carbon and activated charcoal that help lessen the ill-effects of hangovers like nausea and fatigue. These tend to absorb the alcohol and it’s acids, helping you recover faster. However, don’t eat too many slices of burnt toast as it may give you a really bad stomach ache.

9. Puking Your Guts Out

Ah, a golden cure passed down by generations of alcoholics and party animals. Personally, vomiting makes me feel lighter and much better instantly. It’s not the best way to flush out all the toxins from your system, but it’s definitely the one that comes most naturally to us. Remember not to force yourself to throw up though!

10. Sleeping The Whole Day

All we will say is this, if you can afford to lie in bed all day, do it.

We hope your spirits stay high and also leave your body (do a shot if you got the pun). What are your tried-and-tested hangover cures? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Dia Mirza Showered With Praises By Fans For Having A Priestess Conduct Her Wedding

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 17 Feb 2021Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rakhi & the female priest at their wedding (Source: Instagram | @diamirzaofficial)

Actress and environmental activist Dia Mirza got married to businessman Vaibhav Rekhi in an intimate ceremony on Monday. It seemed like a beautiful celebration of love which happened in a cozy, dreamy setting at Dia’s house in Mumbai and was graced by the couple’s close friends and family.

Dia shared pictures from the wedding ceremony yesterday and they were nothing short of stunning. But one thing that stood out in the pictures was that Dia had a female priest conduct her wedding. While it’s always male priests that conduct the ceremonies here in Indian weddings, it sure is a refreshing change to see, don’t you think?

The picture Dia shared has her and Vaibhav sitting by the holy fire while an elderly woman dressed in an orange saree pouring ghee into the fire as she chants the mantras. Along with the picture, Dia wrote, “Love is a full-circle that we call home. And what a miracle it is to hear its knock, open the door and be found by it. Sharing this moment of completion and joy with you..my extended family. May all puzzles find their missing pieces, may all hearts heal and may the miracle of love continue to unfold all around us. #ThankYouPreeta #SunsetKeDiVaNe”

Check out her post:View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Dia Mirza (@diamirzaofficial)

Dia has always been one to use her platform and her voice for voicing her views on things that matter and this is one way that she is creating conversation.

One fan in the comments section wrote, “Priestess…living feminism in true sense.” Another one wrote, “And if I am not wrong it is the lady pundit who is chanting the mantras.” Given it is not something we generally get to see, there were comments from people who said they were seeing a ‘woman panditji’ for the first time.

Dia and Vaibhav have been dating for a while now but never publicly announced it. Previously, Dia was married to producer Sahil Sangha before they separated in 2019.  

रणवीर शोरे का कोविड-19 टेस्ट आया पॉज़िटिव

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 17 Feb 2021

Ranvir Shorey, (Source: Instagram | @ranvirshorey)

साल 2020 हम सभी के लिए बहुत मुश्किल रहा। इस साल एक ऐसी महामारी आई जिसने हम सभी की ज़िन्दगियों को बदल कर रख दिया। कोविड-19 कि चपेट में अभी तक बहुत लोग आ चुके हैं, लेकिन अच्छी बात ये है के अब इस वायरस की वैक्सीन आ चुकी है। बात करें बॉलीवुड सेलेब्रिटीज़ की तो बहुत से सेलेब्रिटीज़ भी इस वायरस की चपेट में आए। अमिताभ बच्चन, अभिषेक बच्चन, ऐश्वर्या राय बच्चन, अर्जुन कपूर, मलाइका अरोरा और रकुलप्रीत सिंह इनमें से कुछ नाम हैं। और अब एक और सेलिब्रिटी के कोविड-19 पॉज़िटिव होने की खबर आ रही है।

मैं बात कर रही हूँ, एक्टर रणवीर शोरे की। रणवीर में अपने सोशल मीडिया के ज़रिए शेयर किया के उनका कोविड-19 टेस्ट पॉज़िटिव आया है।

उन्होंने लिखा-

मेरा कोविड-19 टेस्ट पॉज़िटिव आया है, सिम्पटम्प्स माइल्ड हैं और मैं क्वारंटाइन कर रहा हूँ।

यहाँ देखिये ट्वीट-

I have tested positive for #COVID19. Symptoms are mild. Am quarantining.

— Ranvir Shorey (@RanvirShorey) February 17, 2021

हम सभी की विशेस रणवीर के साथ हैं और हमें यकीन हैं वो जल्द ही इस वायरस को हरा देंगे।

Bhumi Pednekar’s Lehenga Makes For An Unconventional Bridal Look

href=”author/sakshi-kore”>Sakshi Kore , 17 Feb 2021Bhumi Pednekar | (Source: Instagram | @bhumipednekar)

Post lockdown, Bhumi Pednekar has been on a roll, serving back-to-back OTT looks–both western and Indian. Only yesterday, the actor took to her Instagram to share a few pictures of herself dressed in a stunning Manish Malhotra creation—a flamboyant lehenga set she wore to a friend’s wedding. Her ethnic look comes just in time for the on-going wedding season, where brides-to-be are on an active hunt to bookmark an unconventional bridal look for their D-day. The best part about Bhumi’s look is that an outfit like hers would make for a stunning bridesmaid look provided the bride opts for a traditional red lehenga for the main day. Interested to know more? Keep scrolling!

A closer look at Bhumi Pednekar’s stunning wedding outfit:

Styled by Pranita Shetty, the Durgamati actor made a statement at her friend’s wedding in a lilac number. The set comprised a heavily-embellished sleeveless V-neck blouse featuring tonal beads and a voluminous lehenga with intricate thread-work in white and badla work in silver. She layered her lehenga and blouse with a sheer lilac dupatta that was decorated with gold sequins, delicate lacework and gold beaded tassels. The actor accessorised her look with a gold choker by Manish Malhotra Jewellery, encrusted with uncut diamonds and pearls that accentuated her décolletage!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Pranita Shetty (@pranita.abhi)

For her hair and makeup, Bhumi played the role of a makeup artist and of a hairstylist and did a supremely fine job at it! Her picks: a soft lilac eyeshadow with mascara-laden lashes, filled-in brows, blushed cheeks and a creamy blush pink lip stain. The colour palette that Bhumi played around with only glammed up her entire look further. As for her hair, the actor curled her shoulder-grazing locks into soft waves and gave them the perfect side parting.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Bhumi 🌻 (@bhumipednekar)

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Bhumi’s look? Tell us in the comments below!

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Game Of Thrones Stars Kit Harrington & Rose Leslie Blessed With A Baby Boy

href=”author/pallavi-manoj”>Pallavi Manoj , 17 Feb 2021Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington (Source: Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com)

Good news! Game Of Thrones stars Kit Harington aka John Snow & Rose Leslie aka Ygritte had their first child together today. And it’s a baby boy!
The confirmation of the same was given by Kit’s representative to Entertainment Tonight. It was confirmed after a photograph was published of the couple holding hands in London while Rose was holding her newborn baby. Rose announced her pregnancy in September showing off her baby bump in a photoshoot for Make Magazine. While talking to the magazine she had expressed how excited she was to meet the latest member of her family.

Here’s a look at Rose rocking her baby bump and looking gorgeous:

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A post shared by Ursula Lake (@ursula_lake)

The couple met on the sets of GOT and have been married since June 2018. They tied the knot at Rose’s family’s castle in Wardhill in Scotland.

In an interview with GQ Australia, Kit talked about how wonderful he thought it was that their children could see a part of their love story on screen thanks to Game Of Thrones. He said while he was thankful to the show for everything, he was more grateful to GOT for giving him, Rose.

How sweet is that? Congratulations to the newbie parents and all our love to the little one!

निक्की तंबोली 6 लाख रुपए लेकर हो जाएंगी बिगबॉस के घर से बाहर?

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 17 Feb 2021Nikki Tamboli, (Source: Instagram | @nikki_tamboli)

बिगबॉस एक ऐसा शो है जो हर साल जब भी आता है, तब फैन्स के लिए 3-4 महीनों के लिए एक रूटीन से बन जाता है। लेकिन जैसे ही ये शो खत्म होता है तो हर किसी को खाली खाली लगने लगता है। बिगबॉस 14 के खत्म होने का टाइम भी करीब आ रहा है और जैसे जैसे फिनाले पास आ रहा है वैसे वैसे ट्विस्ट्स और टर्न्स के साथ साथ फैन्स की एक्साइटमेंट भी बढ़ती जा रही है।

बात करें ट्विस्ट्स और टर्न्स की, तो पिछले हफ्ते हमने देखा था के अभिनव शुक्ला घर से बेघर हो चुके हैं, बाद में हमने देखा के राखी सावंत ने 14 लाख रुपए लेकर फिनाले में अपनी जगह बना ली है वहीं अब हम एक और ट्विस्ट देखने वाले हैं।

आपको बता दूँ, बिगबॉस कंटेस्टेन्ट्स को हर साल की तरह इस साल भी एक मौका देंगे, के वो ब्रीफ़केस में रखे पैसे लेकर घर जा सकते हैं। इस बार ब्रीफ़केस में 6 लाख रुपए होंगे और खबरों की मानें तो निक्की तंबोली ये राशी लेकर घर से बेघर हो जाएंगी। जी हाँ आपने सही पढ़ा, खबरों की मानें तो निक्की फिनाले से पहले ही अपने घर चले जाएंगी।

आपका क्या कहना है इस बारे में?