Vishnu Kaushal Announces His Relationship Through An Adorable Instagram Post

href=”author/trending-intern”>Trending Intern , 01 Feb 2021Diksha Rawat and Vishnu Kaushal (Source: Instagram | @vishnukaushal)

By now, all of y’all know that we love influencer jodis! It’s absolutely amazing to watch them create awesome content together or just show their love for one another. Speaking of love, Vishnu Kaushal is one creator who’s been an apple of the eye for many girls out there. As soon as the season of love began, he took to social media and announced major news. That’s right ladies, he’s no longer single! Vishnu Kaushal is dating the talented and stunning creator, Diksha Rawat and we’re so happy for them. The couple took to social media to disclose their relationship & we’re in love with them already. Take a look at their swoon-worthy posts right here!

Vishnu Kaushal’s post on Instagram

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A post shared by Vishnu Kaushal (@thevishnukaushal)

Vishnu Kaushal is a popular content creator from Chandigarh, who makes hilarious content as well as uses his platform to speak about various issues of the society. We love Vishnu for his amazing content and couldn’t have been any happier about this news. While my single self wishes to cry in a corner, we have to agree that they look super adorable together and his caption is giving us major feels!

Diksha Rawat’s Instagram post

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A post shared by D I K S H A (@diksharawat22)

Diksha is a popular name in this industry as she creates some drool-worthy fashion content! Her Reels always manage to keep us hooked to her feed and we genuinely can’t get over how stunning she is. Along with Vishnu Kaushal, even she decided to make their relationship Insta official with a series of cute pictures of them. While we are totally gushing over their relationship, it’s making us feel super single! 😛

We wish the couple all the very best and can’t wait to watch them create epic content together. Can you suggest a ship name for this adorable couple? Tell us in comments below!

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“I Am Not Into Selling Myself” — Preity Zinta On Being Away From The Film Industry

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 01 Feb 2021Preity Zinta (Source: Instagram | @realpz)

Preity Zinta has won our hearts each time she has come on screen, no? Her dimpled smiles and charm have made all of us fall in love with her in her films. But for a long time now, we haven’t been seeing too much of her on-screen.

The actress celebrated her birthday yesterday, and around this time, she spoke to SpotboyE about her career and more. When asked about being missing from the showbiz world and film, PZ says that she has no complaints about it and that she is not one to vie for media attention.

She goes on to say:

I am not the kind of person who will stand up and complain about anything. I have no complaints against anyone. If I’ve been away from the entertainment industry it’s because I am not into selling myself. You won’t see me buying space to get written about. I want to be appreciated for the work that I do.

PZ was last seen in the film Bhaiyaji Superhit in 2018 which also starred Sunny Deol, Arshad Warsi, Ameesha Patel and Shreyas Talpade, which bombed at the box office.

She has been spending most of her time in the US with her husband Gene Goodenough and has been busy with her IPL cricket team, Kings XI Punjab. Reports state that she is set to produce the Indian adaptation of the series, The Night Manager, which is rumoured to star Hrithik Roshan in the lead role.

बिगबॉस 14 कंटेस्टेन्ट अली गोनी बने मामा, जैस्मिन भसीन ने दिया इस खुशखबरी पर अपना रिएक्शन

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 01 Feb 2021

Aly Goni, Ilham Goni and Jasmin Bhasin

अली गोनी की फैमिली के लिए ये जश्न का समय है क्योंकि उनकी बहन इल्हाम गोनी ने बेटी को जन्म दिया है। इल्हाम ने 31 जनवरी को जम्मू में बच्चे को जन्म दिया। वो पहले से ही ट्रिपलेट्स डैरन, इबादत और इब्राहिम की माँ है जिनकी झलक हम बिगबॉस 14 के फैमिली स्पेशल वीक में देख चुके हैं।

अली की माँ रूबी गोनी ने कहा-

माँ और बच्चा दोनों ठीक हैं। हम लोग बहुत खुश हैं और अली को मिस कर रहे हैं क्योंकि हम जानते हैं के वो अपने भांजा भांजी के कितने करीब हैं और हम नए बच्चे से उसके मिलने का इंतज़ार कर रहे हैं।

अली की क्लोज़ फ्रेंड और उनकी लेडी लव जैस्मिन भसीन ने भी इस खुशखबरी पर अपना रिएक्शन दिया।

उन्होंने कहा-

मैं बहुत खुश और सुपर एक्साइटेड हूँ। अली पागल हो जाएगा जब उसे इस बारे में पता चलेगा। मुझे इल्हाम और उसके बच्चों से बहुत लगाव है और मैं इस खबर को सुनने के लिए बेसब्री से इंतज़ार कर रही थी। मैं बेबी को देखने का इंतज़ार नहीं कर सकती। जैसे ही अली आएगा हम बच्चों के साथ टाइम स्पेंड करने के लिए जाएंगे।

आपको याद दिला दूँ, फैमिली वीक के दौरान अली ने इल्हाम से उनकी ड्यू डेट का पूछा था, जिसपर इल्हाम ने कहा था के अभी टाइम है और अली ने तुरंत जवाब दिया था ‘मेरे बर्थडे (25 फरवरी) पर करना।

इल्हाम और अली की पूरी फैमिली को हम ढ़ेर सारी बधाइयाँ देते हैं।

“I Was Only 19 When I Posted My First Video” – Sejal Kumar

href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 01 Feb 2021Virtual Happy Hour With Sejal Kumar

If you ask any millennial or Gen-Z kid, pretty much all of them would know who Sejal Kumar is. She has blown so many people away with her unique content and has inspired thousands of girls while she was at it. Also, every time she comes out with a new video, her fashion sense has us floored! We know that Sejal is a pioneer in her field and for this very reason Malini’s Girl Tribe organised a super fun Virtual Happy Hour with her. Hosted by Malini Agarwal herself, these Happy Hours are a way of putting your stress aside and having some fun. The Virtual Happy Hour with Sejal was hosted on 30th January and trust us, it was so much fun. Find out everything that happened right here!

Virtual Happy Hour with Sejal Kumar

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A post shared by MissMalini Trending (@missmalinitrending)

It was so amazing to watch so many enthusiastic girls join the Happy Hour and have a candid conversation with Sejal. The event kicked-off with some light-hearted conversation between Malini and Sejal. They spoke about her content, her latest music video and much more. Not just that, even the girls from the Tribe got a chance to personally ask their questions to Sejal. This was followed by a series of fun game rounds and a battle of millennial slangs between Malini and Sejal. She also spoke about how she started creating content at the age of 19 and how challenging this field of work is. According to her, you really need to be passionate about your craft as well as take care of your mental health, if you wish to make it big in this industry. We totally agree with her pearls of wisdom!

The Virtual Happy Hour took a musical turn

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A post shared by Sejal Kumar (@sejalkumar1195)

This Virtual Happy Hour was particularly special because we heard Sejal sing live! 😍 She spoke about her new track Khali Khali and also sang a few verses from it. Let us tell you one thing, she has the voice of an angel! Not just that, she also played a fun musical game with Malini and sang a few lines from her first original track, Aisi Hun.

We concluded the Happy Hour with a fun ‘How Well Do You Know Sejal‘ quiz and a beautiful message by her to all the members of the Girl Tribe. If you weren’t able to catch the live stream on Facebook, click here to watch the whole video!

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Rakulpreet Singh To Star Alongside Ayushmann Khurrana In Doctor G

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 01 Feb 2021Rakulpreet Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana (Source: Instagram | @rakulpreet, @ayushmannk)

Junglee Pictures and Ayushmann Khurrana recently announced an exciting, upcoming collaboration together titled Doctor G. The film is set to be directed by Anubhuti Kashyap and will see Ayushmann playing a doctor.

Now, we finally have news about the leading lady of the film and it is Rakulpreet Singh! Yes, we are set to see Ayushmann pair up with Rakul for the first time for this campus comedy-drama.

According to a report in Time Of India, Rakul is set to play Dr. Fatima, a medical student. Ayushmann’s character – Dr. Uday Gupta – will play her senior in the film.

Speaking about her character to the publication, Rakul says that she is very excited to be a part of Doctor G and can’t wait to start shooting for it. She shares that she was in love with the script right from the time she heard it. She also adds that it is an interesting story that is set in a campus and revolves around the medical profession that will “provide a new perspective to the audience”.

Doctor G, which is jointly written by Anubhuti, Sumit Saxena, Vishal Wagh and Saurabh Bharat, is expected to roll soon. I sure am super excited to see this fresh and interesting pair come together and to know more about the film!

PHOTO: Anushka Sharma Gives Us The First Glimpse Of Her Baby Girl And Announces Her Name

href=”author/pallavi-manoj”>Pallavi Manoj , 01 Feb 2021Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma and Vamika (Source: Instagram | @anushkasharma)

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli welcomed their beautiful baby girl into this world on 11th January 2021 (She’s a Capricorn, I’m not gloating.) Soon after the birth of their beautiful baby, Virat took to announce the happy news through all his social media handles thanking his fans and loved ones for their blessings but also requested the media to respect their privacy as the mom and baby get well. Later, both of them released an official statement to the Indian media requesting them to not click pictures of their little girl and promised the photographers that they would get all the content they want from them but not their daughter.

As promised a few weeks later, the newbie parents obliged and posed for pictures while they came out of a clinic in Khar. But today, the proud mommy finally announced the name of her baby girl. The couple named their little on Vamika. While we’ve still not got a full name yet, we reckon it’ll either be Vamika Sharma Kohli or Vamika Kohli. And as you can imagine, we already think it’s perfect. While the name is unique, we see a mix of our favourite powerful couple in here too. The couple seems to have used Virat’s V and Anushka’s Ka and added the ‘Mi’ so she’s unique in her own way. The picture that Anushka shared is all love, and you can see the newbie parents are enamoured by their little one. Anushka in her heartwarming note says that because of Vamika their lives are full of love, gratitude, and presence. She also revealed that they were not sleeping well, as many newbie parents do, but the family is happy and grateful for the little one.

Take a look at this sweet post:

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A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma)

All our love for this newbie family of three.

अनुष्का शर्मा ने दी अपनी बेबी गर्ल की पहली झलक और रिवील किया नाम, यहाँ देखिये तस्वीर

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 01 Feb 2021Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli (Source: Instagram | @anushkasharma)

बॉलीवुड के पावर कपल अनुष्का शर्मा और विराट कोहली ने जबसे ये अनाउंस किया था के उनके घर नन्हा मेहमान आने वाला है, तभी से हम उनके गुड न्यूज़ देने का बेसब्री से इंतज़ार कर रहे थे। और कुछ दिनों पहले हमें ये गुड न्यूज़ मिली भी लेकिन उसी के साथ विरुष्का ने पैपराज़ी से ये रिक्वेस्ट की के वो उनकी बेबी गर्ल की तस्वीरें ना लें और पैपराज़ी ने भी उनकी इस रिक्वेस्ट का मान रखा। लेकिन हम सभी इस इंतज़ार में थे के विराट और अनुष्का कब अपनी बेबी गर्ल की झलक दिखाएंगे और कब हमें उनकी लिटिल एंजल का नाम पता चलेगा। और आज हमारा ये इंतज़ार खत्म हो चुका है क्योंकि कुछ ही देर पहले अनुष्का ने अपने सोशल मीडिया पर अपनी छोटी सी फैमिली की तस्वीर शेयर की है।

प्यारी सी तस्वीर में अनुष्का और विराट की खुशी उनके चेहरे पर साफ़ झलक रही है। तस्वीर के साथ अनुष्का ने एक प्यारा सा कैप्शन भी लिखा है और अपनी बेबी गर्ल का नाम रिवील किया है।

उन्होंने लिखा-

हमने अपनी ज़िंदगी को साथ में प्यार, प्रेजेंस और ग्रैटिट्यूड के साथ जिया है लेकिन लिटिल वामिक इसको एकदम नए लेवल पर ले गई। कईं बार आँसू, हँसी, चिंता – सारे इमोशन्स एक साथ आ जाते हैं। नींद नहीं है लेकिन हमारा दिल पूरी तरह से भरा है। आपकी शुभकामनाओं, दुआओं और अच्छी एनर्जी के लिए शुक्रिया।

यहाँ देखिये पोस्ट-

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A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma)

‘वामिका’, कितना प्यारा नाम है ना?

हम सभी एक बार फिर विरुष्का को इस प्यारी सी ब्लेसिंग के लिए ढ़ेर सारी शुभकामनाएँ देते हैं।

Kartik Aaryan To Reportedly Star In Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heera Mandi

href=”author/avya-sharma”>Avya Sharma , 01 Feb 2021Kartik Aryan | ( Source: Instagram | @kartikaaryan )

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is all set to step in the world of web now. The mega-budget series’ script that was initially planned as a film, featuring Priyanka Chopra in the lead role. Now, according to reports, Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi have been roped in to play two leads, whereas talks are on with Vidya Balan as well.

But the heroine-centric film, that is based on the life of courtesans and prostitutes during the Indo-Pak partition, also has many prominent male lead roles.  The filmmaker has already initiated talks with a few actors. According to a report by Bollywood Hungama, a source was quoted as saying, “Kartik Aaryan and Bhansali have always discussed in teaming up for a film together. They have met a couple of times in the past as well but nothing worked out. Recently, he was spotted at the maverick filmmaker’s office and apparently, SLB asked him if he would like to do a role in Heera Mandi.”

For the unversed Kartik was also offered a role in Alia Bhatt-starrer Gangubai Kathiawadi which the former declined. Apart from this, the actor also has Ram Madhvani’s Dhamaka, Dostana 2 and Bhool Bhulaiya 2.

बिगबॉस 14: विकास गुप्ता ने जोकर कार्ड इस्तेमाल ना करते हुए लिया घर से एविक्ट होने का फैसला

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 01 Feb 2021

Vikas Gupta, (Source: Instagram | @lostboyjourney)

बिगबॉस 14 में हमें जितने ट्विस्ट्स और टर्न्स देखने को मिल रहे हैं उतने शायद ही किसी सीज़न में देखने को मिले हैं। इस सीज़न में पहले तो सीनियर्स आए, फिर वाइल्ड कार्ड्स आए और उसके बाद आए चैलेंजर्स। इन सभी के बीच कंटेस्टेन्ट्स का बाहर जाकर आना भी चलता रहा। और वो कंटेस्टेन्ट जिन्होंने इस सीज़न में तीसरी बार एंटर किया, वो हैं विकास गुप्ता। विकास की पहले तो चैलेंजर बनकर एंट्री हुई, उसके बाद उन्हें अर्शी खान को पूल में धक्का देने की वजह से घर से बेघर होना पड़ा। बाद में वो फिर घर में आए और उनकी तबियत खराब हो गई जिस वजह से उन्हें इलाज करवाकर फिर घर में आना पड़ा। लेकिन अब विकास कम वोट की वजह से घर से एविक्ट हो चुके हैं।

Vikas Gupta, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, (Source: Instagram | @lostboyjourney, @devoleena)

जी हाँ, आपने सही पढ़ा, विकास बिगबॉस के घर से बेघर हो चुके हैं। आपको बता दूँ, कुछ समय पहले विकास ने जोकर कार्ड जीता था, जिसका फायदा उन्हें अब मिल सकता था। विकास को कहा गया के अगर वो अपना जोकर कार्ड यूज़ करते हैं, तो वो घर में रह सकते हैं और सेकंड लोएस्ट वोट पाने वाली देवोलीना भट्टाचार्जी, जो एजाज़ खान की जगह आई हैं वो घर से बेघर हो जाएंगी।

लेकिन विकास ने जोकर कार्ड यूज़ नहीं किया और वो घर से बेघर हो गए।

खैर, विकास के फैन्स, दुखी मत होइए क्योंकि ये हमारे विकास हैं, ये हर साल की तरह अगले साल भी नज़र आ जाएंगे, अपनी और भी ज़्यादा अच्छी गेम लेकर।