‘Overwhelmed That My Effort Is Being Appreciated’ – Parineeti Chopra On The Response To ‘The Girl On The Train’

href=”author/avya-sharma”>Avya Sharma , 27 Feb 2021Parineeti Chopra (Source: Instagram | @parineetichopra)

Versatile actress Parineeti Chopra is currently basking the success of her latest film ‘The Girl On The Train’.The actress is getting heaps of compliments for her superlative performance in the direct to digital release The Girl On The Train (TGOTT).

Talking about the love she is receiving for her performance, Parineeti says—

It is truly a surreal moment for me seeing the kind of response that my performance in TGOTT is getting. I was holding on to Mira till the release of the film and then she and her story were for the audiences to see. I’m overwhelmed that my effort to bring this character to life is being appreciated.

Parineeti, who commands around 60 million followers on the internet, has been flooded with compliments from people who loved her as Mira (the character played by her in the movie).

She says, “I must admit that it is a little overwhelming for me because I have given my everything to channelise Mira’s pain on screen. As a performer, the biggest compliment is how the audience reacts to your work and my social media is flooded with wishes and compliments! It’s a feeling that will stay with me forever.”

For the unversed, The Girl On The Train is an acclaimed book by Paula Hawkins. It was made into a Hollywood film starring Emily Blunt in the lead in 2016. In the Bollywood version, Parineeti Chopra plays the eponymous girl taking the train, an alcoholic divorcee, who becomes involved in a missing person investigation and uncovers deeper secrets.

Vineet Kumar Singh To Play The Lead In Manish Mundra’s Directorial Debut Film ‘Siya’

href=”author/avya-sharma”>Avya Sharma , 27 Feb 2021Vineet Kumar Singh

Vineet Kumar is an actor who is known to sink into every role that he takes up, right from the prep mode to the shooting phase to the post-production. The actor possesses vast knowledge about the world of filmmaking. And now we have exclusively learnt that Vineet is all set to headline the social drama film ‘Siya’.

According to a source close to the development, Vineet will soon jet off to the first schedule of the film. They will be shooting in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The film is being helmed by Manish Mundra, who has previously produced numerous films like Ankhon Dekhi, Masaan, Kadvi Hawa, Newton among others.

Manish and Mukkabaaz fame Vineet have earlier worked together for ‘Aadhaar’ and the International award-winning film ‘Tryst With Destiny’. However, Siya marks their first collaboration as director and actor and Manish’s directorial debut.

On the work front, Vineet’s film Aadhaar is all set to release theatrically in May. The film is directed by Suman Ghosh and also stars Saurabh Shukla, Raghubir Yadav, Sanjay Mishra and Prrithvi.

I sure can’t wait to see the magic the impeccable actor unfolds on screen! What about you guys?

5 Random & Relatable Things All Procrastinators Have Done

href=”author/mallika-jhaveri”>Mallika Jhaveri , 27 Feb 2021

Mark Twain once said, “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well”, and this may be the biggest truth to ever exist. Putting off work to waste time doing useless things instead has its own charm. Procrastinating is killing us all slowly, yet we love it. We love avoiding jobs and responsibilities to do unrelated and weird things. Personally, I’m an ace-procrastinator, so much so that I put the “pro” in procrastinate. If you do too, you will definitely relate to these things!

5 Things All Procrastinators Will Relate To1. Break Down Time

“I still have an hour left. That’s 60 minutes which is 3600 seconds. That’s a lot and I can totally spend some time watching an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Breaking down time to make it seem longer than it really is, is something all procrastinators have done. We take time for granted all the time!

2. Freeing Up Phone Storage

Deleting marketing texts, cleaning up your email inbox, deleting photos and useless applications and freeing up a few gigabytes of phone storage is peak procrastination behaviour. We can spend hours doing this! This is ironic because freeing up phone space is always something we put off… until we have other important work to put off instead.

3. Taken A Nap

Must we even explain this? Nothing makes one fall asleep faster than knowing they have work to do. Plus these power naps (yes, that’s what we’re calling them) actually help make you feel refreshed and focused! No, we’re kidding, they totally don’t, but taking a nap and dreaming about your life with Harry Styles is far better than actually doing work.

4. Done A Full Face Of Make-Up

What starts as a, “hmm, let me wear this new lipstick”, ends in a full face of glam. We’re talking blush, bronzer, highlighter and the works. Personally, I feel more inspired to wear make-up when I have a long to-do list than when I am actually going out. If I have something due at 4 PM, I will definitely be doing a smokey glitter eye at 3 PM. Oh and let’s not forget, procrastination make-up (or any make-up really) is never done in silence. Pretending you’re shooting a make-up tutorial for the world to watch while psychotically talking to your mirror is the only way to apply your make-up. Don’t even try to deny it.

5. Gone Down A Internet Rabbit-Hole

No, we’re not talking about scrolling through Instagram to see what your ex’s new girlfriend’s brother was doing in London 5 years ago. We’re talking about digging through a cold case on a film extra who was possibly poisoned on the sets of Sholay but never got justice. If you don’t put off work by going down an internet rabbit-hole to unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes, are you even procrastinating? You’d rather spend double the time and effort to find out what happened to some random person in the 1940’s but you won’t do the work you’re supposed to. If that isn’t relatable, what is?

Do you relate to these? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Simmi Sakhuja: A Content Creator Who’s Redefining Fitness & Health

href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 27 Feb 2021Simmi Sakhuja (Source: Instagram | @simmisakhuja)

Fitness content is consumed globally by millions of people and it’s often hard to stand out from the clutter. However, there are always quality content creators who not only provide amazing fitness content but also entertain their audience. One such creator is Simmi Sakhuja! She goes by the name ‘Desi Punjabi Simmi’ on her Instagram handle and trust us, her content will leave you entertained and motivated. We’ve always believed that following a trustworthy fitness creator is extremely important and Simmi and her content is here to your rescue. So, if you’re looking to transform yourself this 2021, you should totes check out what Simmi and her content are all about!

All about Simmi’s content

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A post shared by Desi Punjabi Simmi (@simmisakhuja)

What we absolutely love about her content is that it’s not only about fitness. You’ll defo find her work entertaining and hilarious as well as insightful. A Punjabi at heart, Simmi is not only a certified fitness instructor but also a blogger and a radio jockey. With currently 17.8k followers on Instagram, her page is only growing by the day. Also, her page isn’t only about fitness, she also has a lot of relatable content on it, which may just leave you shaking your head with relatability. 😛

We had the opportunity to dig deeper into her journey. Check it out!

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A post shared by Desi Punjabi Simmi (@simmisakhuja)

1. Before we dive in, tell us more about what attracted you to start your digital journey as a content creator?

I was living in New York and I was snowed in, with a huge snowstorm. That’s when it all began in 2014. I picked up my phone and made my own documentary in Punjabi, giving an account of how the whole city had frozen. The format was a Govt. Of India films division documentary of the eighties. I was rolling in laughter myself mimicking the documentary style. A friend of mine, who was heading Colors, sent me a text saying, you are a natural at this. Must do more of these and I started to enjoy creating more videos and enjoyed the growing traction I got.

2. Tell us how you managed to stay healthy and happy during the pandemic?

I am a certified fitness instructor in many different forms of exercise. Exercises come naturally to me. I create my own workouts given any situation that I am thrown into. Throughout the pandemic, I was lucky that I and my family were stuck in our Delhi home which has a garden. So, I would start the day by cleaning the garden with a jhadu and pick up all the pots and rearrange them. This 2-hour activity was more than any cardio or strength training. It also brought to light that our day to day life offers us enough opportunities to create a workout in our functional life. We don’t have to seek a gym or a class to do exercises. The housework added to more physical activity and hence more calorie burn apart from my own scheduled pilates mat workout.

3. If I asked you to describe yourself in three words, what would they be and why?

Extrovert – I am a people’s person

Unapologetic – I say things as they are.

Progressive – I want to grow in life always as a person and move with the times professionally too

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A post shared by Desi Punjabi Simmi (@simmisakhuja)

4. Were you always into fitness? Tell us more about what ‘Slim with Simmi’ is.

As a kid, I was always more into outdoor activities and games than studies. I come from a very small town,  Ludhiana in Punjab. I have grown up in an environment of outdoor spaces with a lot of physical activities such as cycling, badminton, swimming and playing outdoor games. I try to bring elements from outdoor life to create exercise movements that help in building a strong body, stabilise muscle groups in sedentary life and are fun while you burn calories. ‘Slim with Simmi‘ is about fitness tips and exercise. It’s to help tweak our daily activities in small ways to remain fit and avoid getting fat. My aim is that everyone should be made aware to be constantly physically active especially in their work lives. One doesn’t have to be a gym rat to be exercising. Our time pass activities can help us stay fit.

5. Speaking about ‘Slim with Simmi’, can you give us a few tips about a healthy lifestyle?

Creating a healthy lifestyle is not complicated… it’s about enjoying exercise form that you like on a regular basis. If it’s ingrained in your mind that the human body is designed on the basis of physical activity to stay healthy, fit and disease-free…then you don’t give ‘laziness’ a chance. You should be on the move most of the time. Regrading food, everyone, especially all adults without any exception, need to consult a nutritionist so that they understand that everything that is called healthy food can not be eaten at the same time. It needs to be distributed according to their lifestyle needs in small amounts throughout the day.

6. We absolutely love how you maintain your cultural identity as ‘Desi Punjabi Simmi’ with your content. Tell us more about it.

I am Punjabi inside out. I thrive in the fact that I was born and brought up in Ludhiana. It was only in my late twenties I realised that the rest of the world does not talk or behave like us. People are different. The whole world is not Punjabi. So I decided to share how Punjabi’s walk, talk, think and behave. We are quite a novelty as compared to the rest of the world. As a Punjabi, my own casual conversations, beliefs, mannerisms make me laugh. There is no such thing as a sophisticated Punjabi, we are just different in slight shades. Some of us have just mastered the art of being politically correct but in reality -at home, we are all the same.

7. Other than fitness tips, we also see you create entertaining content and interact with your fans. What according to you is the best way to connect with your audience?

Just be your self. Don’t try and create something that is not you or go down a path that is trending. Trends are very transient. ‘You’ are a unique factor.

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A post shared by Desi Punjabi Simmi (@simmisakhuja)

8. Did you face any challenge while creating fitness or entertaining content on social media? If yes then how did you tackle them?

Yes, initially some members of my family ridiculed my Desi Punjabi Simmi content. But, then who lives to please others. Shut those unhappy doors and move on. I was lucky that my kids and my husband were always very encouraging and giving me new ideas.

9. According to you how is radio communication different from social media? Which one do you prefer and why?

I love the radio. I will always want to be on the radio. You can be what you want when you want. Having said that, social media is an ocean, you are your own writer, actor, director, makeup person, hairstylist and editor. Its a lot of fun. On the radio, no one can recognise you, but social media gives you instant recognition.  Also, if you are working at a radio station, you get your monthly salary but there is no such thing as a salary on social media. In social media, you hope to reach a point where you will be asked to endorse from soap to cooking oil. I am waiting to reach there!

10. In the near future, what can we expect from you and your content?

On social media – I am a fitness instructor and an actress. Come for the fitness tips and stay for the laughs.

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A post shared by Desi Punjabi Simmi (@simmisakhuja)

Simmi has always managed to blow us away with her content and we love how she is able to entertain as well as motivate people. If you are looking for some major fitness inspo then her account is the place to be. Check out her profile asap ‘cuz we know you won’t regret it! Have you started your workout journey yet? Tell us in the comments below!

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Alia Bhatt To Reportedly Croon A Song For Gangubai Kathiawadi

href=”author/avya-sharma”>Avya Sharma , 27 Feb 2021Gangubai Kathiawadi poster (Source: Instagram | @aliaabhatt)

Earlier this week, Alia Bhatt unveiled the teaser of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s much-anticipated Gangubai Kathiawadi. The teaser received great responses from the audience as well as the celebrities. Right fromAkshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan,Varun Dhawan to Priyanka Chopra, Ram Charan, SS Rajamouli, Katrina Kaif everyone was all praise for the teaser of the film. Now, according to a report by Pinkvilla, a source close to the development revealed that Alia will be lending her voice for a song in the upcoming period-drama.

The publication quoted a source as saying— “Alia is a really good singer, while Mr Bhansali is a celebrated composer, so the duo decided to collaborate for a song in the film. The composition will be in a more intense space and both Mr Bhansali and Alia are looking forward to it”.

Meanwhile, actor Ajay Devgn is all set to start shooting for the film today where Alia will join him too. For the unversed, Ajay has reunited with Sanjay Leela Bhansali after 22 long years. They last worked in ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. 

Gangubai Kathiawadi is inspired by a chapter from novelist Hussain Zaidi’s Mafia Queens of Mumbai.

Huma Qureshi Shows Us That Sweat Sets Are Always A Good Idea

href=”author/sakshi-kore”>Sakshi Kore , 26 Feb 2021Huma Qureshi

Tracksuits, sweatshirts, track pants, these active-wear-doubled-up-as-loungewear pieces have been in vogue for a long time. But somewhere between 2020 and the on-going year, the virus followed by the lockdown followed by restricted movement shed light on the importance of comfortable clothing. And that was the moment, the moment for sweaters and sweats to take over the sartorial world and so they did! Globally to closer home, oversized or fitted, pastel or poppy, printed or solid, a cosy pair of sweats has become a wardrobe must-have and nobody understands this better than Huma Qureshi.

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A post shared by Huma S Qureshi (@iamhumaq)

To say that the actor is a fan would be an understatement. Huma is crushing hard on this sartorial combo and we’re crushing hard on all of her looks! From a fuchsia pink set comprising a breezy sweatshirt and shorts to a colour-blocked version, tie-dye pieces in earthy tones and poppy hues to sets featuring quirky cartoon motifs, Huma’s collection of sweat-sets is to die for! Whether she has a work meeting, a salon appointment, a plane to catch or is simply lounging in, there’s no place or occasion the actor doesn’t think a sweat set isn’t suitable for! Browse through all of her latest looks below and see for yourself.

Huma Qureshi’s tryst with sweat sets needs your attention, RN: ExitHuma QureshiHuma QureshiHuma QureshiHuma QureshiHuma QureshiHuma QureshiHuma QureshiHuma QureshiHuma Qureshi in a tie-dye sweatshirtHuma Qureshi

Inspired to hop on the bandwagon and make space in your wardrobe for quirky, colourful and comfortable sweat sets? We don’t blame you! You can wear them as separates or as a set, dress them up or down as you wish, but one thing’s guaranteed, you’ll definitely be on-trend! Get started on the shopping hunt here—a curated list of loungewear and nightwear brands for you browse through.

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इमरान हाशमी ने किया रिएक्ट, क्या वो सलमान खान और कटरीना कैफ स्टारर टाइगर 3 में निभाएंगे विलेन की भूमिका

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 26 Feb 2021

Emraan Hashmi, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, (Source: Instagram | @therealemraan, @ekthatiger)

सलमान खान और कैटरीना कैफ स्टारर फ़िल्म टाइगर, ऑडियंस में काफी पॉपुलर है। इसका पहला पार्ट यानी एक था टाइगर और दूसरा, यानी टाइगर जिंदा है सभी को काफी पसंद आया था इसीलिए जब मेकर्स ने टाइगर 3 की बात की तब ऑडियंस का रिस्पांस बहुत अच्छा था और सभी इस फिल्म के लिए बहुत एक्साइटिड थे।

बात करें इस फिल्म के बारे में तो कुछ समय से खबर आ रही है कि टाइगर के थर्ड इंस्टॉलमेंट में इमरान हाशमी विलेन की भूमिका यानी नेगेटिव रोल निभाने वाले हैं। यह बात कंफर्म तो नहीं हुई है लेकिन हाल ही में एक मीडिया इंटरेक्शन के दौरान इमरान से यह पूछा गया कि क्या वह टाइगर 3 में विलेन की भूमिका निभा रहे हैं? इस बात पर इमरान ने अपना रिएक्शन दिया।

इमरान ने कहा-

मुझे नहीं पता। क्या मैं इसका पार्ट हूँ। मेरी ये फ़िल्म करने की खबर मुझे मीडिया से ही पता चल रही है। बात अभी चल रही है। आप टाइगर से पूछिए के मैं ये फ़िल्म कर रहा हूँ या नहीं।

तो पढ़ा आपने? हम तो इमरान को टाइगर की थर्ड फ्रैंचाइज़ में विलेन की भूमिका निभाते हुए देखने के लिए बहुत एक्साइटेड हैं, आपका क्या कहना है?|

Arjun Kapoor, Fahad Faasil & Other Celebrities Present The Teaser Of India’s First Mud Race Film ‘Muddy’

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 26 Feb 2021Muddy Teaser

Witnessing films that push the envelope and bring something new to the table is always super interesting, isn’t it? We are set to be treated to one such movie very soon, the upcoming pan-India film titled ‘Muddy’. Arjun Kapoor, Fahad Faasil, Anil Ravipudi, Jayam Ravi, Dr. Sivaraj Kumar, Unni Mukundan have come together to present this never-seen-before and intriguing concept that will throw light on mud-racing. Never before has this been explored in Indian cinema, marking a new wave in cinema.

Directed by Dr. Pragabhal, the teaser had me captivated from the get to thanks to the amazing background score and the mesmerising cinematography. This adventurous action thriller is born out of the filmmaker’s love for off-road racing and his close association with it. Muddy is going to be a story that will see an arc of rivalry, revenge, family drama, humour and adventure.

Yuvan, Ridhaan Krishna, Anusha Suresh and Amit Sivadas Nair are the lead artists in the film and Harish Peradi, I M Vijayan & Renji Panicker will be seen in pivotal roles.

Check out the teaser here:

This is Dr. Pragabhal‘s debut directorial venture bankrolled by Prema Krishnadas under the banner of PK7 Creations. He took five years to research, understand and nail the storyline, wanting no stone unturned in the process, with no spec of mistake and is now all set to present his labour of love. This is true of how meticulously the stunts and racing sequences have been shot as well. His vision was to have adventurous artists who were willing to invest the necessary time and energy, so no dupes were involved in the filming.

The makers have also not held back on the props used and we are set to see three different patterns of mud races, all choreographed by the director in real locations.

I sure am super excited to witness this never-seen-before film on screen very soon! What about you guys?

Exclusive: Neena Gupta Speaks About Being Protective Of Masaba Gupta On Her First Goa Trip Alone

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 26 Feb 2021Masaba Gupta and Neena Gupta

Motherly love is the same throughout the globe, amirite? However old we get, our mothers will never stop being protective about us. Neena Gupta is one such protective mother. she recently spoke about her relationship with daughter Masaba Gupta on Farah Khan‘s Star Plus show, Bingo! Comedy Adda. The both engaged in a super fun and candid candid conversation with RJ Naved of ‘Mirchi Murga‘ fame joining them.

Speaking about the time she had to let Masaba go on her first trip to Goa alone, Neena Ji shared a sweet anecdote about how she also went to Goa (and stayed separately) just to make sure she was okay.

She shared:

When Masaba wanted to go to Goa for the first time with her friends, I told my husband I was not comfortable with the idea, but he convinced me to let her go. My only condition was that my husband and I go to Goa during the same time. Masaba was in North Goa while on her insistence, me and my husband stayed in South Goa. Two days into the trip and I get a call from Masaba, she was crying as she had fallen sick, and wanted to come to us.

Not just this, on the show, Farah and Neena Ji will also play and engage in some fun segments like Mad News, Tedhe Sawaal and Boing! Pranks with the host, RJ Naved.

Neena Gupta and Farah Khan on Bingo! Comedy Adda

Neena Ji is always a treat to listen to and watch, given her candid and absolutely honest personality. And to have the crackling and super witty Farah Khan along with her is only going to make it more fun! The episode is set to premiere on Sunday on Star Plus at 10:30 P.M. and I am surely going to catch it, what about you guys?

If You’re A Loungewear Addict Like Me, Here Are 6 Brands You’ll Be Obsessed With

href=”author/natasha-patel”>Natasha Patel , 26 Feb 2021Loungewear Brands

If someone had to tell you about about a fashion trend that surfaced in 2020 but is now eventually trickling into 2021 as well, then it’s definitely got to be loungewear dressing. If like me, you’re all about dressing comfy and easy, loungewear is the aesthetic for you. While I’m not a connoisseur in this department, I definitely know a thing or two about fabric, cosy pieces and multipurpose items to double-up your regular clothing. If you’re growing tired of the same old PJs sets and sweats, here are a couple of my recent faves I love to lounge in…

1. Summer Somewhere

I’m a sucker for the tie-dye print (yes, still!) and this sweatshirt is definitely something one can wear in the winter and summer! I love the oversized detailing as well as the ribbed detail on the cuff and hem. Possibly something I can style with mom jeans or a pair of cotton trousers and sliders.

Summer Somewhere Belle Shirt (Source: www.summersomewhereshop.com)

2. Polite Society 

I’ve had my eye on this brand for a couple of months now and I love their camp collar shirts… They’re super light, silk and comes with some really unique and cool (and all original) artwork. You can wear these with a pair of beige joggers at home, trousers or even your fave pair of skinny jeans.

Polite Society Sounds Of Love (Source: www.politesocietyshop.com)

3. H&M

Sweatshirts have been all the rage during lockdown especially since its soft and comfy fabric gives us those homey feels. Most of H&M‘s oversized cotton blend sweatshirts comes with a very relaxed fit, soft on the inside, and recyclable as well.

H&M Sweatshirt Set (Source: www2.hm.com)

4. Nindia Lounge

A kaftan is probably something you’d never thought you needed to wear in this day and age, but I can’t stress enough how easy, breezy and comfy this is to wear. You can also style a kaftan over skinny jeans or palazzo pants or linen trousers for a chill and lounge-worthy look.

Nindia Lounge (Source: Instagram | @nindialounge)

5. The Summer House

Jogger style pyjamas have been my newest style obsession. The elasticated hem and in-seam pockets give it an effortless and comfy vibe. These kind of joggers can be worn with a sweatshirt and sneakers or with a kaftan or even with a spaghetti top for the summer.
P.S: all their garments are made with handwoven fabric.

The Summer House (Source: www.thesummerhouse.com)

6. Pista Clothing

I love when minimal meets relaxed cause it’s the best way to be easy, yet stylish. And the best part about this lazy girl OOTD, is that you can mix and match or keep the style aesthetic monotone.

Pista Clothing (Source: Instagram | @pistaclothing)

Comment below and tell us your fave loungewear set!

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10 Gorgeous IG-Worthy Pink Makeup Looks You Just Have Try

href=”author/kanak-devnani”>Kanak Devnani , 26 Feb 2021

The beauty of pink is that it’s a universally flattering colour. You can never really go wrong with almost any shade of pink. There’s always a way to incorporate it into your beauty routine no matter your aesthetic or season or what time of the day it is. Pink makeup can strike the perfect balance of tradition and modern styles while adding a hint of sweetness to the face and keep it feeling fresh. For this very reason, it’s always a been popular look that’s been a go-to for many and why brands keep producing various pink-toned makeup. It’s not a groundbreaking colour but it always works.

Whether you’re a minimal makeup kind of gal or go all out with the glam there’s plenty of ways to wear this colour. Swipe on some subtle blush or go bold with neons, choose what works for you best on your adventure. From magenta to dusty rose the possibilities are endless. So we’ve scoured Instagram to find some gorgeous pink makeup that looks great on every skin tone. You’ll want to bookmark these ever so dreamy and enchanting looks for your next day out or special occasion, STAT!

Scroll below to check out our favourite IG-worthy pink makeup looks:1. Smokey Eye

Pat McGrath really is the queen of makeup and this stunning dramatic fuchsia smoky eye is really meant to catch your attention. A blend of sparkly pinks and matte tones with a similarly toned highlighter and slicked-back hair really create a dazzling seductive look.

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A post shared by Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal)

2. Soft Pastels

A recent makeup trend has been about blending your blush seamless into your eye makeup. This pink pastel on the eyes and cheeks is super soft yet effortless that lights up the whole face. Keep the lips more muted with a nude gloss top of the entire look and you have yourself a knockout makeup look that’s easy on the eyes.

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A post shared by Makeup Artist Patrick Ta (@patrickta)

3. Hot Lips

Make a statement with a bold pink lip colour. The key here is to start off with the lips first then complete the rest of your makeup. This way you can decide whether you would like to keep other aspects more subtle or all-out bold or somewhere in-between. 

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A post shared by Makeup Artist Patrick Ta (@patrickta)

4. Eye Art

‘Tis the season to get creative. If you’re staying home this weekend why not practice and flex your skills? Get inspired by this dreamy pink skies and cloud look that’s super pretty and trendy at the moment. A look that’s fun and totally IG worthy.

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A post shared by Katie March (@ktiemrch)

5. Inner Corner Eye Pop Of Colour

Shay Mitchell does double duty with her black and orange eyeliner layered on top of each other. However, that pop of hot pink in the inner corners creates a sunset like effect and brings the entire look together—simple yet very effective.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell)

6. Rosy Dewy Cheeks

Pink doesn’t have to be intense every time. Want to keep things more low-key or minimal? Focus on making your skin look great and apply a soft sweep of pink blush and highlight on high points of your face. Use more cream products for a fresh radiant dewy look perfect for the spring/summer season.

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7. Pink Eyes & Red Lip 

Pink and red are super underrated! We really don’t understand why it doesn’t get more love. It’s an absolutely stunning combo that looks beautiful together. Apply a wash of pink shimmer on your eyes, tons of mascara and pair it with a strong red lip and watch the compliments rolling in.

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8. Pink Neon Eyes

Don’t be afraid of bright neons, they can be totally wearable—case in point with this neon eye. Just pair it with more subtle makeup on the rest of the face like a hydrated pink glossy lip to keep the look balanced. 

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9. Dramatic Graphic Cat Eye

We love a bold striking look that has heads turning. Go strong with a metallic winged eyeshadow for a dramatic effect. But keep things more muted by opting for a more mauve toned pink.

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10. Pink Monochromatic

Monochrome looks are always a safe bet taking the guesswork out of the equation. When done well it’s a super chic look that can save time in everyone’s busy lives. Use the same shade or similar tone in the same colour family on eyes, lips and cheeks. Even better pick one multitasking stick product that can be used all over and can easily pop into your purse for any touchups during the day.

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Which one of these pink makeup trends are you excited to try out first? Let me know in the comments below.

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अली गोनी ने जैस्मिन भसीन और अपनी फैमिली के साथ मनाया अपना बर्थडे, यहाँ देखिये वीडियो

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 26 Feb 2021Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin, (Source: Instagram | @alygoni)

बिगबॉस 14 कंटेस्टेन्ट अली गोनी इन दिनों सुर्खियों में बने हुए हैं। उन्होंने रिएलिटी शो में तो सबका दिल जीता ही इसके साथ ही घर के बाहर आने के बाद भी उनके फैन्स से उनको बहुत प्यार मिला। बीते कल, यानि 25 फरवरी को अली का बर्थडे था और उनके इस खास दिन पर उन्हें अपने फैन्स से बहुत सारा प्यार और शुभकामनाएं मिली। इसी के साथ अली के इस खास दिन को उनकी लेडी लव जैस्मिन भसीन और उनकी फैमिली ने और भी ज़्यादा खास बना दिया।

आपको बता दूँ, अली और जैस्मिन कुछ ही दिनों पहले अपने परिवार से मिलने जम्मु गए थे। और कल अली की फैमिली और जैस्मिन ने जम्मू में ही उनका बर्थडे सेलिब्रेट किया। बर्थडे के कुछ वीडियोज़ भी सोशल मीडिया पर आए हैं जिसमे अली केक काटते हुए नज़र नज़र आ रहे हैं।

यहाँ देखिये वीडियोज़-

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A post shared by DIL SE JASLY 🌹 (@jaslyobsessed_)

है ना कितने प्यारे वीडियो?

आपको बता दूँ, कुछ ही दिन पहले अली की बहन ने बेबी गर्ल को जन्म दिया था जिसके बाद जैस्मिन ने एक इंटरव्यू के दौरान कहा था के जैसे ही अली बिगबॉस से बाहर आएंगे, दोनों उनकी बहन और बेबी गर्ल से मिलने जम्मू जाएंगे।

R Madhavan’s Rocketry: The Nambi Effect To Hit The Theatres On April 30

href=”author/avya-sharma”>Avya Sharma , 26 Feb 2021R.Madhavan (Source: Instagram | @actormaddy)

Ever since the announcement on Rocketry: The Nambi Effect came about, there has been a whole lot of excitement and intrigue around the project. What makes this film one of the most highly anticipated releases of this year is it will see R Madhavan donning the director’s hat for the very first time. The actor has also written, produced and acted in the film.

And now, we have learnt that the makers are all set for the theatrical release of the film which is based on the life and times of Nambi Narayanan, a former scientist and aerospace engineer of the Indian Space Research Organisation who was caught in a spy scandal.

A source close to the development reveals that the producers are eyeing a release on April 30.

The film is ready and the team is currently working on the posters and the trailer. It has been made with a lot of love and dedication. It is a story that needs to be told.

Touted to be Madhavan’s biggest film ever, movie-goers are awaiting the release of Rocketry: The Nambi Effect with bated breath as the biographical drama will also see him on the big screen after a hiatus of three years.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect went on floors in early 2019 and was simultaneously shot in Hindi, English and Tamil. Mounted on a massive scale, the film was shot in parts of India, Georgia, Russia, France and Serbia.

The teaser of the film that was released in 2018 captured the attention of many and we are sure that the multi-faceted actor is all set to surprise and win over the hearts of his fans yet again.

Have a look at the teaser here—

I am super excited about this one! What about you guys?

राखी सावंत की मम्मी ने अपने ट्रीटमेंट के लिए सलमान खान और सोहेल खान का किया शुक्रिया अदा

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 26 Feb 2021

Rakhi Sawant, Salman Khan, (Source: Instagram | @rakhisawant2511, @beingsalmankhan)

राखी सावंत ने हमेशा हमें एंटरटेन किया है फिर चाहे वो अपने सोशल मीडिया के ज़रिए हो या फिर बिगबॉस हाउस में। बात करें बिगबॉस की तो बिगबॉस के घर में राखी के लिए कईं मुश्किल मौकेे आए, लेकिन फिर भी उन्होंने हमें एंटरटेन करना नहीं छोड़ा। उन्हीं में से एक मौका तब था जब फैमिली वीक के दौरान उन्हें पता चला के उनकी मम्मी की तबियत खराब है।

बिगबॉस खत्म होने के बाद राखी ने सभी को बताया के उनकी मम्मी को कैंसर है, इसी के साथ उन्होंने अपने चाहने वालों से अपनी मम्मी के लिए दुआ करने को भी कहा। हाल ही में राखी ने एक वीडियो भी शेयर किया जिसमें उनकी मम्मी सलमान खान और सोहेल खान से उनका कैंसर का ट्रीटमेंट करवाने के लिए शुक्रियादा कर रही हैं। आपको बता दूँ राखी की मम्मी के अभी तक 4 कीमो चलजिसके बाद उनका ऑपरेशन होगा।

यहाँ देखिये वीडियो-

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A post shared by Rakhi Sawant (@rakhisawant2511)

इस मुश्किल वक़्त में हम सभी राखी और उनकी मम्मी के साथ हैं और हम ये दुआ करते हैं के राखी की मम्मी जल्दी से इस कैंसर को हराकर ठीक हो जाएँ।

4 Unique Yet Effective Ways I Save Extra Money

href=”author/mallika-jhaveri”>Mallika Jhaveri , 26 Feb 2021

Saving money may just be one of the hardest things to do or at least, I always thought so. No matter how hard I would budget and try to save, I always failed. What really jolted me is that I was spending more in quarantine that I did in my pre-COVID-19 life! This was shocking because I wasn’t traveling much anymore and commuting used to eat up a large chunk of my savings. Nor was I going out on weekends or in general (goodbye, overpriced vodka sodas and wine). It was then I decided to take money matters into my own hands and be serious about saving money. Making budgets and hiding my credit card never has and never will work for me, so I decided to be creative and cut costs in unique ways. I’ve been following these unique yet effective ways to save money for the past few months. I can confidently say that not only do they work, but are also super easy to stick to!

4 Unique Yet Effective Ways I Save Extra Money1. Delete Shopping Apps Off Your Phone

This was the most effective of the lot. Deleting shopping apps like Amazon, Nykaa and Myntra off my phone saved me a lot of money. If you’re like me and mindlessly scroll through these apps and end up adding random stuff to your cart, this tip is a God-send for you. Many times I bought something because it was discounted and ended up spending more than the said discount saved me. I’ve lost count of how many times I spent Rs 2000 on a MAC lipstick to save Rs 200. It wasn’t just for cosmetics, but I was buying random gadgets, weird clothes and all sorts of food that I simply did not need… or even used later on. Deleting these apps stopped me from all this mindless shopping and my bank account loved it!

2. Use A Menstrual Cup

Unfortunately, we all pay period tax. As if being a woman wasn’t hard enough in India, we have to pay 12% GST on sanitary products and they are not cheap. My period cycles cost me roughly Rs 500 every month which includes pads, medication and a whole tub of ice-cream. While this isn’t much, I personally felt it was unfair and also terrible for the environment. So, I decided to cut costs by using a menstrual cup! It turned out to be a unique and effective way to save money as I stopped spending on pads! Plus they’re so much more convenient, cleaner and eco-friendly!

3. Share Your OTT Platform Subscription

Entertainment is a luxury and it costs just as much. I didn’t realise just how much I was spending on Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, Disney+Hotstar and SonyLIV (which I literally subscribed to for Scam 1992). I barely even get time to watch one TV show, let alone a whole bunch of them. Yet I was spending a lot of money on these platforms! So, I split my subscriptions with my friends, especially my Netflix one. I was paying 1/4th the cost for each platform and that significantly helped me cut costs. I suggest you do the same as it is extremely worth it!

4. Use Cash As Much As Possible

Using cards and digital wallets doesn’t really make you feel the pinch of spending. But cash, oh that’s a whole new story. Since I deleted shopping apps off my phone, I would end up buying my creams, soaps etc from physical shops. Using cash to pay for them made me aware of the money I was spending and even stopped me from buying things I didn’t need. This is an extremely unique and effective tip. When you swipe your card, you can’t really see the money leaving your hands so you don’t realise how much you’re truly spending. Try and pay with cash as much as you can. Seeing the size of me wallet reduce really did a number on me. Even if you’re ordering stuff online, opt for cash on delivery.

I hope these tips help you save some extra money! What do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

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Vaani Kapoor Grabs The Spotlight In A Pink Princess-Like Gown

href=”author/nelly-wadia”>Nelly Wadia , 25 Feb 2021Vaani Kapoor | (Source: Instagram | @mohitrai)

Vaani Kapoor rose to fame with her role as Tara in Shudh Desi Romance. She was even nominated for the Best Female Debut Filmfare Award. Vaani killed it on-screen with Ranveer Singh in Befikre, keeping up with his energy and effervescence. After a three-year hiatus, she appeared in War, an action thriller film, opposite Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. The movie was a total blockbuster; fans couldn’t wait to see Hrithik and Tiger together on-screen. This movie remains her most successful film to date.

On the work front, she will star in Shamshera opposite Ranbir Kapoor in a double role and Sanjay Dutt. The star has Bell Bottom, opposite Akshay Kumar in a lead role and Huma Qureshi and Lara Dutta in pivotal roles. In addition, she also has Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, a romantic comedy co-starring Ayushmann Khurrana.

Here’s a look at Vaani Kapoor’s pink gown:

Mohit Rai styles Vaani Kapoor in a light pink gown from Atelier Zuhra. The tulle, tube-top gown has a corseted bodice and is transparent below the thigh. What makes this outfit special though is the beautiful beadwork that you see throughout the dress. The dress features an abstract design that is only highlighted with pearl detailing. She wears the look sans accessories which lets the dress take centre-stage. Her dress costs 4.5 lakh rupees and has us lusting for spring. Isn’t this the perfect dress to wear to a summer soiree?

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A post shared by Mohit Rai (@mohitrai)

Makeup artist Pooja Rohira Fernandes gives Vaani Kapoor a natural flawless base, highlighted cheekbones, a subtle smokey eye and glossy lips complete her glam. What I love most about her eye makeup though is the shiny inner corners of the eye. They really open up the human eye, no? Surekha Nivate gives her voluminous, wavy hair that goes really well with her ensemble.

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A post shared by Mohit Rai (@mohitrai)

What do you think of Vaani Kapoor’s outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

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8 Aditi Rao Hydari Looks To Help Curate Your Summer Wardrobe

href=”author/sakshi-kore”>Sakshi Kore , 25 Feb 2021Aditi Rao Hydari | (Source: Instagram | @sanamratansi)

When it comes to her sartorial choices, both on-screen and off-screen, Aditi Rao Hydari prefers versatility. She veers from a bohemian vibe to girl-next-door to ultra-glamorous with ease and finesse. And that undeniable but hard-to-decode charm she carries only makes everything better! The star is currently busy with the promotions of her upcoming film, The Girl on the Train, which releases tomorrow, 26th February 2021, that will see her alongside Parineeti Chopra and Kriti Kulhari. The film is an adaptation of author, Paula Hawkins‘ 2015 debut novel with the same name, based on an alcoholic divorcée, who gets entangled in a criminal investigation.

That said, for the promotions, Aditi has been relying on her long-time stylist, Sanam Ratansi to help her look her best! The actor’s been dropping stylish summery looks, packed with balmy prints, breezy silhouettes and a cheery colour palette. With spring/summer almost upon us, if you’re in the process of revamping your wardrobe to make it more heat-friendly, take a cue from Aditi’s promotional looks to curate an assortment of chic and comfortable outfits! Ready? Go!

Aditi Rao Hydari’s promotional looks for The Girl on the Train spell summer romance:1. In Madison

Like a good dose of denim in your closet and in your outfits? This look might just become your favourite. The actor wore a round-neck top with balloon sleeves and teamed it with a pair of effortless straight-cut jeans in the same hue as her top, making a case for denim-on-denim and the famous monochrome trend. White sneakers from Chanel went perfectly with her outfit!

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A post shared by Sanam Ratansi (@sanamratansi)

2. In Guapa and Freakins

For look number two, Aditi decided to play around with textures and a pastel colour palette. She wore a mint green satin shirt featuring floral and leafy motifs in green and ochre and teamed it with ripped, pastel yellow shorts. Mustard-coloured strappy sandals completed her OOTD. Whether you’re heading out to a brunch, drunch or even a date night, a look like this one will guarantee you plenty of compliments!

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A post shared by Sanam Ratansi (@sanamratansi)

3. In Sonam Parmar Jhawar

When we say tie-dye is the most-loved trend at present, we’re not lying. No one has been able to steer clear of this gorgeous print and there’s no one to blame! Aditi hopped on the bandwagon with a coordinated set comprising a shirt with billowy sleeves and joggers. Against a powder yellow backdrop featured extremely light washes of powder blue and canary yellow, making it a perfect outfit for a day out in the summer! Dech Barrouci sandals encrusted with pearls and studs lent a sparkly touch to her look.

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A post shared by Sanam Ratansi (@sanamratansi)

4. In Pink Porcupines 

Posing against a foliage backdrop, Aditi looked ready for a romantic dinner date in a red mini dress featuring her favourite balloon sleeves, V-neck and a front-knot with a cutout and a cherry print all over the dress. The actor accessorised her look with an evil eye necklace, an infinity one and one that said ‘love’, all from Azotiique, along with a pair of red strappy heels.

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A post shared by Sanam Ratansi (@sanamratansi)

5. In Kanika Goyal 

Instead of playing it safe this time, Aditi went for a rather risqué look to dial up the drama of her promotional looks. The actor wore a co-ordinated set comprising a bralette and flared denim trousers with rips and pocket detailing and layered it with a floral, tie-front blouse featuring billowy sleeves. A pair of quirky, dangly earrings by The Orbit and beige, peep-toe heels from Oceedee India completed her look for the day.

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A post shared by Sanam Ratansi (@sanamratansi)

6. In ANI Clothing and Nikita Mhaisalkar 

Aditi has a special place in her heart for boho-chic outfits and nobody does it better than her! This time around, the star wore a white, V-shaped, smock crop-top featuring a frilly hemline and peasant sleeves. She teamed her blouse with a pair of high-waisted flared pants patterned with flowers and geometrical motifs in earthy tones, from Nikita Mhaisalkar‘s LMIFW SS’21 collection. A black choker and black heels rounded off her look!

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A post shared by Sanam Ratansi (@sanamratansi)

7. In Appapop 

Does Aditi have a penchant for voluminous sleeves? The answer is yes, as is visible from most of her looks! Around this time, she wore a co-ord set consisting of a fitted crop-top with sheer peasant sleeves and teamed it with matching flared pants. What made her outfit interesting is the intricate abstract print in nude hues with pops of midnight blue. Mustard-coloured sandals tied her fancy look together!

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A post shared by Sanam Ratansi (@sanamratansi)

8. In July Issue

Voluminous sleeves aside, co-ord sets also seem to have a special place in Aditi’s closet (and her heart!). After experimenting with a variety of prints, Aditi moved onto a solid-hued look and picked a candy pink co-ord set that came with a gathered bralette and high-waisted flared pants. Dainty gold neckpieces with starry charms from Minerali and frilly, powder pink heels from Dech Barrouci were her accessory picks for this look.

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A post shared by Sanam Ratansi (@sanamratansi)

Hard to say which is our most-favourite look, we’re crushing on all! What about you? Tell us in the comments below.

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Exclusive: Amrita Rao Shares The One Advice She Received From Shah Rukh Khan

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 25 Feb 2021Amrita Rao and Shah Rukh Khan (Source: Instagram | @amrita_rao_insta, @iamsrk)

When you are just beginning in your journey to follow your dreams, guidance and advice from the people you look upto is of utmost importance. And for a young actor, advice from a star like Shah Rukh Khan is one they will keep in their hearts and minds forever, amirite?

Amrita Rao is one such actress who got a lovely piece of advice from SRK that she says she still hold on to. The two worked together in Farah Khan‘s Main Hoon Na where Shah Rukh played an Army major disguised as the young Amrita’s college professor.

Speaking about the advice he gave her, she says:

When I worked with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan in Main Hoon Na, I remeber this one piece of advice he gave me. He said, “200 filmein aayengi, humein sirf do karni hai. Aur woh filmein aise hone chahiye ki people should not say ‘Oh, yeh film bhi kiya tha? Aur yeh kab release hui? (200 films will come our way, but we just need to do 2. And those two films should be such that people shouldn’t say, ‘Oh you did this film, too? When did it release?)”

She says that she has been very conscious about that and chosen only a very few, selected scripts. She goes on to add that an actress is only remembered for one film, that one landmark film that becomes their larger identity, hers being Vivaah.

To watch her entire conversation, check this out:View this post on Instagram

A post shared by MissMalini Showbiz (@missmalinibollywood)

जैस्मिन भसीन ने अली गोनी को इस प्यारे से नोट के साथ किया बर्थडे विश

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 25 Feb 2021

Aly Goni, Jasmin Bhasin, (Source: Instagram | @jasminbhasin2806)

बिगबॉस के हर सीज़न में हम बहुत सी जोड़ियाँ बनते हुए देखते हैं। इनमें से कुछ जोड़ियाँ शो के साथ ही खत्म हो जाती हैं वहीं कुछ जोड़ियाँ शो के बाद भी एक दूसरे का साथ निभाती हैं। बिगबॉस 14 में भी एक जोड़ी बनी जो सभी का दिल जीत गई। मैं बात कर रही हूँ अली गोनी और जैस्मिन भसीन की। अली और जैस्मिन काफी समय से एक दूसरे के दोस्त थे। जैस्मिन जब बिगबॉस के घर में गई तो अली ने ना सिर्फ उन्हें घर के बाहर से बल्कि बीबी हाउस में आकर भी सपोर्ट किया।

इस सपोर्ट ने कब अली और जैस्मिन की दोस्ती को प्यार में बदल दिया पता ही नहीं चला। हाल ही में बिगबॉस खत्म हो गया और शो के खत्म होने के बाद भी अली और जैस्मिन को हमने कईं मौकों पर साथ देखा।

आज अली का बर्थडे है और इस खास मौके पर जैस्मिन ने उन्हें एक प्यारे से नोट के साथ विश किया।

जैस्मिन ने एक प्यारी सी तस्वीर शेयर करते हुए लिखा-

हैप्पी बर्थडे मेरे हीरो। इस तस्वीर में मेरी हँसी की वजह तुम हो और मैं जबसे तुमसे मिली हूँ तभी से मेरे चेहरे पर ये हँसी बरकरार है। तुम्हारी आँखों में रोज़ देखकर तुम मुझे हर उस चीज़ की याद दिलाते हो जो मेरे चेहरे पर मुस्कुराहट लाती है। तुम जबसे मेरी ज़िंदगी में आए हो तुमने मेरी ज़िंदगी बदल दी है। मैं पूरे दिल से तुमसे प्यार करती हूँ, मेरे बेस्ट फ्रेंड मेरा प्यार।

यहाँ देखिये-

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Jasmin Bhasin (@jasminbhasin2806)

है ना कितनी प्यारी तस्वीर और कैप्शन?

अली को इस प्यार भरे जन्मदिन की ढ़ेर सारी बधाइयाँ।

6 Influencers Describe Themselves In Just 3 Words & We’re So Intrigued

href=”author/trending-intern”>Trending Intern , 25 Feb 2021Jake Sitlani, Ahsaas Channa, Melvin Louis (Source: Instagram | @jakesitlani @ahsaassy_ @melvinlouis)

Don’t we all love influencers and the content they showcase on social media? It’s so commendable ‘cuz we all know that the work is so strenuous. Do y’all know your fave influencers as well as we do? If not you’ve reached the right place. Each creator tries to tell us something about themselves either through their YouTube videos, lives, or Reels. In a series of fun interviews, they described themselves in 3 quirky words and tbh, it’s quite interesting to know. This might help you know your fave creator better. So let’s dive right in, ‘cuz, I’m excited to spill the tea, like always, hahaha.

1. Jake Sitlani

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Jake has killed it with his content recently on Instagram and has defo reached the hearts of each and every Gen-Z and Gen-Y. We legit couldn’t stop scrolling through his ‘gram, it’s just so relatable. So, we asked Jake as to how he describes himself as a person and I kid you not he literally had the answers ready, hehe! He describes himself as talkative, excited, and quite an enthu and we can’t agree more. You can’t imagine how much laughter he brings to our lives through his content.

2. Mayur Jumani

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A post shared by Mayur Jumani (@mayurjumani)

Mayur is so creative and talented at creating music covers as well as remixes that are so catchy. The words that describe him the best are quirky, ‘cuz of your content ofc, Witzel, and Sucht, now why don’t you guess what that means? Give up? It means a person who cracks lame jokes! Thirdly, he’s super humble and down to earth. These qualities really reflect the real you.

3. Melvin Louis

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A post shared by Melvin Louis (@melvinlouis)

What can we say about him? Ngl, he’s one of the best dancers of all times. A lot of people have been getting major inspo from his dancing and now even styling content. The words he used to describe himself are hyped, excited and enthu and we legit can see that through his groovy moves. These qualities really make us wanna dance with you.

4. Varun Mayya

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A post shared by Varun Mayya (@thevarunmayya)

Varun has really inspired us with his content on business, career advice, finance, and education. Ngl, I am still shook about the fact that he made his own video game at the age of 13. That is just so cool, legit. So, the words that resonate with him the best are curious and optimistic, which can be seen by the content he puts out. It’s just so informative and well researched but we wonder why he calls himself ‘bored’?

5. Ahsaas Channa

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A post shared by Ahsaas Channa (@ahsaassy_)

Ahh, she’s a bundle of joy. She has always managed to keep us entertained and engaged whether with her content or her special BTS, haha! She describes herself as ‘lame funny’, which is hilarious, sensitive about all the things in the world. Tbh, your emo quotient is why we can relate to you more. Lastly, she’s quite interesting cuz bouy you give us the ‘Main Apni Favourite Hoon‘ vibes.

6. Shagun Segan

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A post shared by Shagun Segan – ETC Hyderabad (@eattripclick)

Tbh, he has gotten us hooked to his Instagram by those drooling food pictures. The word that describes him the best is anti-social and we can totally relate to this as there is so much content, news and information to grasp that one needs some time off. I really think I need a social detox now, (haha kidding, I can never do that)! Also, he couldn’t think of the other 2 words to describe himself, lol. We get it, it’s a tough question. 😛

So, there you go! These were a few interesting words that described your favourite influencers the best and also helped us know them better. Let us know which word describes you the best in the comments below!

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Popular Creators Take The #DontRush Challenge & We Can’t Stop Grooving To It

href=”author/kavisha-mody”>Kavisha Mody , 25 Feb 2021Mrunu, Anam Darbar, Melvin Louis (Source: Instagram | @mrunu, @melvinlouis)

The internet has its own way to entertain the netizens and that’s what we love about it. For anyone who surfs the web, y’all would know about the #DontRush challenge that has been making rounds on the internet. It’s a really fun dance challenge that many creators are globally taking part in. Trust us, we have been hooked to these dance videos ‘cuz they are so easy to follow and are super groovy. So many creators hopped on to this viral trend and gave it their own lil’ twist. So, if you’re planning to give a new viral trend a try, here’s all the inspo you need! What are you waiting for? Start scrolling!

Here they are:1. Unnati Malharkar & Sanket Mehta 

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A post shared by Unnati Malharkar (@unnati_m)

Unnati and Sanket are some of the most talented creators and dancers we know! We love their groovy style and crisp moves. They took the #DontRush challenge and absolutely nailed it. What we love about this challenge is that it’s really simple to follow so, all of us can give it a try!

2. Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar & team

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A post shared by Awez Darbar (@awez_darbar)

Let us tell you one thing, the #Atrangz version of the #DontRush challenge is straight-up fire! They took part in the trend with their whole crew and we’re hooked to their video. Also, can we please talk about how power-packed their moves are?

3. Melvin Louis

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A post shared by Melvin Louis (@melvinlouis)

We all know that Melvin is a superb dancer and all his collabs are nothing short of fab. He was quick to jump on this viral trend and as usual, he nailed it. What blew our minds away is how he infused Kathak in this trend so seamlessly. This is exactly the kind of fusion we enjoy watching!

4. Sonali Bhadauria 

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A post shared by Sonali Bhadauria (LiveToDance) (@sonali.bhadauria)

One more dancer we’re absolutely fond of is Sonali Bhadauria. We are big fans of how smooth her style is! Also, her pigtails look adorable in this video, don’t they?

5. Aadil Khan 

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A post shared by Aadil khan (@aadilkhann)

Aadil Khan’s moves literally have us floored! He took the #DontRush challenge with a fellow dancer and creator, Alisha and they absolutely nailed it. Having two dancers come together is indeed a treat to watch!

6. Anam Darbar & Mrunu

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A post shared by Mrunal Panchal🌈 (@mrunu)

A video gets super fun when creators colour coordinate and match their outfits. That’s exactly what Anam and Mrunu have done in this video and we’re all for it. Recently these two girls have started creating a lot of content together and we love how creative they can get.

7. Zaid Darbar 

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A post shared by Zaid Darbar (@zaid_darbar)

Zaid Darbar with his #Atrangz squad is a delight to watch! His video really makes us wanna try this challenge with our squad. However, we’ll surely not be as good as him. 😛

If this article doesn’t make you wanna try this fun viral trend, we don’t know what will. #DontRush is one of the most fun dance trends we have come across and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Whose video did you find most unique? We would love to know in the comments below!

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7 Hair Trends For Spring 2021 You Should Definitely Try

href=”author/kanak-devnani”>Kanak Devnani , 25 Feb 2021

Let’s be honest, 2020 wasn’t the best year for hair with salons shut and events cancelled. However, everyone quarantining at home did give birth to some creative looks and influenced a host of new trends. While initially, everything was more laid back, out of sheer boredom many people found a way to make things interesting. Some were successes and went viral while some encountered disastrous results. Remember when everyone was cutting their own bangs? Yikes! But with a new year and the new season comes new trends. The past year went by with us skipping trims and touch-ups but there’s nothing like the present to finally experiment with your haircut, colour or style for a fresh look. With the help of a professional finally! Raise your hand if you missed your stylist terribly.

So if you’re looking for inspiration before your next cut or colour you’ve come to the right place. We stalked the web and IG and rounded up some of our favourite upcoming hair trends you should definitely have your eye on. You might spot a few returning trends and some new emerging ones, either way, we predict plenty of good hair days on the horizon. 

Keep scrolling to find out what are the coolest hair trends for the season:1. Blunt Ends

Whether you’re getting a shorter bob cut or keeping the long hair, blunt ends are in style. There’s something about precision ends that can be so appealing when done right. It also totally makes sense after the past year with everyone avoiding cuts and having grown out straggly ends. A fresh clean sleek finish might be just the change you need.

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A post shared by Laura Polko (@laurapolko)

2. Money Piece 

Remember when we all had Tiktok last year? Well while we might not have it on our phones anymore but its influence is still felt across the web. The face-framing highlights donned by social media stars became all the rage with influencers and celebs alike and trickled down to our IG feeds. This continues to be quite a popular look within the influencer community. Whether you choose to go platinum blonde streaks or pastels and fun electric colours this ‘90s inspired look draws attention to facial features and creates bold movement in the hair.

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A post shared by ADELAIDE’S NEWEST HAIR SALON (@etchersalon)

3. Loose Ends

In recent years as we’ve been doing updos and buns, ends have always been a must tuck situation for a sleek look. This season is more about obtaining an undone relaxed feel. Think a messier version of a French twist and pulling out face-framing tendrils with your updos.

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A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell)

4. Shaggy Modern Mullet

Thanks to Miley Cyrus the mullet is cool again with a more ‘70s shaggy inspired, rocker-chic twist. Giving the impression of a lived-in bedhead with softly feathered ends this style can look great on most hair types. Getting a good stylist for this dramatic cut is key though! Thinking of going super retro? Pair your shaggy cut with curtain bangs to go all the way.

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A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus)

5. ‘70s Curtain Bangs

Speaking of curtain bangs, we’ll keep it short. They crossover into 2021 and reign supreme as retro styles continue to be a big influence. The modern spin on this style is more of a loose wave and texture rather than just huge volume at the front. Its continuous popularity can be linked to the fact that these longer bangs are more low-maintenance than the usual fringe. Effortless and stylish with less commitment they grow out softer and seamlessly blend into your haircut. Plus it can easily be styled to each person’s preference depending on how much maintenance you’re looking for.

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A post shared by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff)

6. Curly Bangs

Just because you’re a curly-haired gal doesn’t mean you can’t rock bangs. In fact, on curly hair, they’re super fun and flirty bringing attention up to your eyes. While this can be a hit or miss when it hits you win big! Don’t be afraid of the cut though. We suggest working closely with and consulting thoroughly with your stylist before cutting that fringe to see what works best for you.

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A post shared by 🌿Content Creator & Model (@sofiaelhaj)

7. Peekaboo Colour

If you’re a fan of bold colours, blend strands in with your natural coloured hair to give an unexpected peekaboo effect. It looks super cool and experimental colour styles are very trendy at the moment. Why not try some pink tones that always look great on most skin tones and is perfectly in tune for the season or year-round.

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A post shared by charli d’amelio (@charlidamelio)

Which of these trends do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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मोहित मलिक ने वाइफ अदिति मलिक के लिए रखा बेबी शावर, यहाँ देखिये तस्वीरें

href=”author/yashiverma”>Yashi Verma , 25 Feb 2021Mohit Malik and Addite Malik (Source: Instagram | @mohitmalik1113)

पेरेंटहुड हर किसी की ज़िंदगी का एक खास लम्हा होता है। बच्चे के आने पर तो खुशी होती ही है लेकिन उससे भी ज़्यादा खुशी तब होती है जब पहली बार ये पता चलता है के आपकी ज़िंदगी को पूरा करने के लिए आपके घर एक नन्हा मेहमान आने वाला है। पहली बार पता लगने से लेकर बच्चे के आने तक कि खुशी ही कुछ और होती है और ये खुशी डबल तब हो जाती है जब वो नन्हा मेहमान आपकी ज़िंदगी में आता है। और कुछ ही दिन में जिस कपल की खुशी डबल होने वाली है वो हैं मोहित मलिक और अदिति मलिक

मोहित और अदिति ने 2020 के आखिर में ये खुशखबरी दी थी के उनके घर खुशियों की किलकारियाँ गूँजने वाली है। इस खबर के बाद से ही होने वाले मम्मी पापा बहुत खुश हैं। और अब जब उनके घर जल्द ही नन्हा मेहमान आने वाला है तो मोहित ने अपनी प्यारी सी वाइफ के लिए बेबी शावर रखा। ये बेबी शावर मराठी स्टाइल में था और अपने बेबी शावर में अदिति के चेहरे पर प्रेगनेंसी ग्लो साफ़ नज़र आ रहा था।

यहाँ देखिये तस्वीरें-

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A post shared by Mohit Malik (@mohitmalik1113)

है ना कितनी प्यारी तस्वीरें?

आपको बता दूँ, अदिति के बेबी शावर में उनके और मोहित के करीबी दोस्त शामिल हुए थे।

अदिति और मोहित को जल्द ही शुरू होने वाले उनकी ज़िंदगी के इस नए सफर के लिए ढ़ेर सारी बधाइयाँ।

The Teaser Of Alia Bhatt-Starrer Gangubai Kathiawadi Is Out

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 24 Feb 2021Gangubai Kathiawadi poster (Source: Instagram | @aliaabhatt)

If there is one film we were all waiting to get a glimpse of this year, it has to be Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s Gangubai Kathiawadi starring the very talented, Alia Bhatt.

On director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s birthday today, the makers decided to release the poster of the film featuring Alia and it looked all kinds of intense and strong. Now, they’ve released the teaser of the film, giving us a glimpse into the world of Gangubai Kathiawadi.

The teaser starts with the introduction of Gangu (Alia), who is referred to as the ‘chand (moon)‘. She is bold, fierce and fears no one. She is the madam of a brothel in Kamathipura, and this is her story of how she stood up and fought through the many oppressive factors and struggles in her life which made her her strong and confident self.

Have a look at the teaser:View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Alia Bhatt ☀️ (@aliaabhatt)

Doesn’t Alia embody the character to the T? She really is one actress who always manages to blow us away with her talent, no?

The film is based on the chapters of noted author Hussain Zaidi‘s book, Mafia Queens Of Mumbai. It also stars Ajay Devgn in a special role where he plays a mobster who falls in love with Alia Bhatt’s character. Although we are not sure of the entire cast, Shantanu Maheshwari, Vijay Raaz and Seema Pahwa, Jim Sarbh and Huma Qureshi are set to be a part of it while Emraan Hashmi will also have a cameo appearance.

The film is set for a theatrical release on July 30, 2021 and I sure am excited to catch this one on screen!

Janhvi Kapoor Dialed Up The Sartorial Drama In A Neon Number

href=”author/sakshi-kore”>Sakshi Kore , 24 Feb 2021Janhvi Kapoor | (Source: Instagram | @janhvikapoor)

It was back at the start of summer 2019 that this neon shade card made its way from the runways of global luxury brands into the wardrobes of celebrities around the world. Closer home, Bollywood stars were embracing the trend in all its glory—from Priyanka Chopra JonasAlia BhattKiara AdvaniMalaika Arora and more, there was hardly an A-lister than didn’t give this not-for-the-faint-hearted trend a try, at least once. But by the end of 2019 and start of 2020, the rage around neon clothing died down only for it to resurge in 2021. We spotted Kiara attend Manish Malhotra‘s house party last week in a pair of blingy neon green pants and this week, Janhvi Kapoor dropped a must-see look in the same hue. If you’re a fan, we suggest you keep scrolling!

Janhvi Kapoor’s neon dress comes with two OTT elements:

Styled by Tanya Ghavri, Nidhi Jeswani and Esther Pinto, Janhvi popped in a neon green, Alex Perry fit-and-flare dress, posing against a cantaloupe-coloured background. The sweetheart neckline of the dress accentuated the actor’s décolletage, while the faux corset and the wrap-around style from the waist-below highlighted her curves. An asymmetrical, one-sided train injected some more drama to the look, taking things to the next level! To let her dress bask in the spotlight, the Gunjan Saxena actress skipped on any accessories and completed her look with a pair of Christian Louboutin pointed-toe, PVC heels glittered on the front.

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A post shared by Janhvi Kapoor (@janhvikapoor)

For her beauty, makeup artist, Riviera Lynn gave Janhvi a nude look. Filled-in brows, feathery lashes, contoured cheeks with a pat of blush and glossy lips rounded off her makeup. Hairstylist, Sheetal Khan styled Janhvi’s abdomen-grazing locks in soft waves with a centre-parting.

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A post shared by SheetalfKhan (@sheetal_f_khan)

Safe to say Janhvi looks breathtaking in her latest look, with her outfit and makeup complementing each other just perfectly! What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.

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The Power Of Hating & Why We Absolutely Love It

href=”author/mallika-jhaveri”>Mallika Jhaveri , 24 Feb 2021

Have you ever noticed that nothing brings people closer than a shared hatred for somebody? If you’re human, you’ve experienced this for sure. We love to make friends based on common hatred for someone. We feel connected to them on a whole new level. In fact, this article in the New York Magazine states that people form stronger bonds when they can talk about their dislike toward someone else than when they both have positive feelings toward someone. Basically, this means hate trumps love when it comes to forming relationships. While this may not be the most socially acceptable thought, it is very true. So, we decided to find out why we love to hate others and decipher the psychology behind it.

We Love The Blame-Game

Isn’t it fun to blame all your problems on someone else entirely? No matter how bizarre and unrelated the connection could be? As humans, we enjoy finding scapegoats for our own insecurities, troubles and bad-luck. Whenever I used to stub my toe on the edge of the bed, I’d blame my parents for placing it there instead of my lack of alertness. This article by The Washington Post states that people join hate groups because ” it allows them to funnel the blame for all of their problems into another group of people while being supported by a group of people who share their beliefs and make them feel like they belong”. This can also connect to why you share a strong bond with your best friends as well! It’s because of all the bitching sessions! Nothing is more thrilling than dragging down your ex’s new girlfriend who you not only don’t know (at all) but somehow blame for all your relationship troubles. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

It Is An Expression Of Vulnerability

Nothing exposes us like revealing our hatred for someone. When we declare we hate somebody, we reveal a very intimate (and sometimes, also a very ugly) part of ourselves. It makes us vulnerable and when someone relates to it, it exposes their vulnerability too, making the bond you share with them stronger and more trustworthy. This article by Fulfillment Daily reveals that when someone hates another person on your behalf for something they did to you or even for your own selfish reasons, you are drawn to them and establish a pretty solid bond with them. After all, misery needs company right?

It Gives Us A Sense Of Belonging

Man is a social animal who craves a sense of belonging. When we hate the same person as someone else, we feel included in their bubble. This explains why non-cricket watchers suddenly get excited to see Pakistan lose in an India versus Pakistan match. According to this article by Science Of People, hatred helps establish social circles. It states, “When people declare their dislike for others, it helps people understand the boundaries between social circles. This is a powerful motivator for people to form bonds because it satisfies their need to feel connected to others”.

However, hating someone is bad for you because the more negative you are, the more it will show and plague literally every aspect of your life. Remember Roald Dahl‘s Twits? Sharing your hateful views can give others a wrong and negative impression of you as well! While hating others is fun, it’s not always the best thing to do. So, unless you have a genuine reason to hate someone, keep it to yourself.

Why do you think we love to hate others? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Rohit Shetty’s Cirkus Starring Ranveer Singh To Reportedly Release In December 2021

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 24 Feb 2021Ranveer Singh; Rohit Shetty (Source: Instagram | @ranveersingh, @itsrohitshetty)

It is raining movie release announcements the past few days and we honestly couldn’t be happier! With the Centre allowing theatres to operate at 100% capacity, cinema halls are opening up for the public after almost a whole year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and these films are set to bring back the audiences to the theatres.

Many production houses have come forward and revealed the release date of their big-budget entertainers. Speaking about entertainers, Ranveer Singh‘s upcoming film, Cirkus, is one film that is highly anticipated by fans. The film is currently on floors and we didn’t hear about the release date of the film until now. According to a report by Bollywood Hungama, the Rohit Shetty film is all set to release at the end of this year, on December 31, 2021.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Pooja Hegde (@hegdepooja)

Starring Ranveer, Pooja Hegde, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Varun Sharma in prominent roles, the film is an adaptation of Shakespeare‘s famous drama, A Comedy Of Errors. This play also previously inspired the Gulzar film, Angoor. It is said to be set in the 1960s, with Ranveer playing a dual role.

The cast are currently filming in Mumbai for the last schedule of the film. Ranveer and Rohit have already created a riot with their previous collaboration in Simmba and I sure cannot wait to see them come together for this entertainer!

12 Road Trips & Airbnb Stays In India That Will Feed Your Wanderlust

href=”author/alisha-fernandes”>Alisha Fernandes , 24 Feb 2021The Belgadia Palace in Odisha

We will be talking about 2020 and everything it altered for years to come, but the one thing no one was prepared for was the sudden and swift way our borders shut down and the travel landscape changed overnight. Like caged birds, we spent the better part of a year, locked away in our homes with no clue when we could venture out again. And finally now, as we inch our way into 2021 and it’s clear that we need to adjust to the new normal, road trips within our own borders have become THE way to escape the trauma of this life-changing last year.

Now, this is not to say that road trips are a new phenomenon. No way, Jose! They’ve always been a favourite of the well-seasoned traveller. Why? Well, to quote an age-old adage, it’s about the journey, not the destination and it’s the recipe to make the best memories. Running through the mustard fields or enjoying a glass of ganna juice by the roadside are things you can only experience on the road especially in a country like India that offers so many hidden treasures to discover and explore.

And if you aren’t inspired already, let me put one last thing out there. Now thanks to Airbnb, your road trip rest stops are as comfortable and luxurious (if not more) than your own home! Here is the ultimate list of Airbnb-approved destinations from every corner of the country that will definitely make you want to hit the road:

1. Kasauli3 Bedroom Villa in Kasauli

One amazing thing about living in Delhi is the sheer array of options when it comes to road trips you can take out of the city. Kasauli is one such perfect choice because it takes roughly around 6 to 8 hours by road. This lovely mountain town was established as an Army cantonment in 1842, so you know it’s bound to be gorgeous, right? The town is lined with colonial bungalows, quaint cottages and windy roads.

3 Bedroom Villa in Kasauli

Now, when it comes down to it, we know walking in the wilderness is the best way to explore, but for those who want to snuggle and stay in this luxurious three-bedroom Airbnb villa, tucked away between old oak and pine trees and cobbled pathways is also a great place from where you can simply enjoy the mountains.

2. JaipurRani Vilas in Jaipur

How can we even write a travel list and not include Rajasthan? It is after all the OG road trip destination for Delhiites. The royal Rajput state has some of the best architectural and heritage sites along with some of the best road networks, sprawling, expansive views and kachoris to die for!

Rani Vilas in Jaipur

And if you want to get a taste of living life like royalty, then be sure to check into the Rani Vilas, a home with glorious Mughal and Rajputana architecture and history, panoramic landscapes as well as a private pool. Sign me up coz this is the life, amirite?

3. DehradunSylvan Retreat in Dehradun

Famous for its natural beauty, pleasant weather and famous boarding school, Dehradun is one of the most popular hill stations in India. But popularity doesn’t mean that there’s nothing new to discover because gems like The Sylvan Retreat still remain completely tucked away. A hop, skip and a jump away from the main town, you will reach this beautiful home that is basically postcard-perfect Dehradun in one snapshot.

Sylvan Retreat in Dehradun

As if being surrounded by trees, sprawling lawns, and luxurious interiors, wasn’t enough, this house is also a meeting point for two mountain streams. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.

4. CoorgAcacia Villa in Coorg

About 6 hours from Bengaluru by road, built amidst coffee plantations and rainforests, Acacia Villa is an ideal getaway spot. Coorg is stunning, no doubt but the expanse of land surrounding Acacia Villa is so amazing that you don’t need to venture beyond it for recreation. From some swimming pool chill time to getting your competition on in the games room, or even having a perfect bonfire session, there is much to do! And while you’re there. don’t forget to sample Coorg’s famous fare from the pandi curry to the coffee and everything in between!

Acacia Villa in Coorg

5. OotyWild Walkers in Ooty

There are some destinations that are just made for a road trip and Ooty is one of the classics! There are not one or two, but three equally scenic routes to get there and you will be able to take it views of coffee and tea plantations, greenery beyond measure, mountains and lakes too, if you’re lucky.

Wild Walkers in Ooty

We highly recommend checking into the lovely Wild Walker Airbnb villa and you can enjoy these lovely views from the comfort of your own balcony. Relax and unwind and take in the view!

6. KochiMarigold Villa Homestay

Kochi has been listed time and again as one of the greatest places to visit at least once in a lifetime and a road trip to around Kerala starting with Kochi is the way to do it. Fort Kochi has wonderful sites and sounds and it’s amazing to walk around and explore. But the beautiful Kerala-style, Marigold Villa Homestay may just entice you to stay in the whole time. With its brick, wood, and glass influences and a beautiful pool that’s begging for you to jump right in, there are just as many reasons to stay in as to go out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Marigold Villa Homestay in Kochi

7. PawnaJumbo Farms in Pawna

We love Pawna Lake because it is picturesque without being too far away from Mumbai. And once there, all you need is a comfy place to park your bottoms and get on with making memories through the weekend.

Jumbo Farms in Pawna

This particular Airbnb home has a 180-degree view of the lake, 5 acres of unending views and multiple lawns, gazebos, and a lake water plunge pool too! Plus, it has 5 bedrooms, so it can house a lot of people!

8. MulshiYarra in Mulshi

You can reach this picturesque place in Maharashtra from Pune in less than 2 hours and from Mumbai, it takes just about 4 hours. So it’s a good destination for both of Maharashtra’s main cities. To enjoy it best, check into a lakeside home. Yarra on Airbnb has a beautiful garden, a table tennis table and a badminton area, and comfortable and spacious rooms. What’s not to love?

9. GoaThe Hampton’s Twilight in Goa

Just shy of 600 km from Mumbai, there is not much we can or need to say about Goa, except that it’s Goa! This is one trip that should be on every road-trip enthusiast’s itinerary. It is actually one of the nicest drives and takes you through the beautiful Western Ghats and tiny villages and beach towns to discover along the way! And when you finally get to Goa, skip the hotel for once and check in to one of the many grand Airbnb villas! We recommend The Hampton’s Twilight, a gorgeous Tuscan style home with an inviting pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, a terrace deck, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Stunning, with a capital S!

The Hampton’s Twilight in Goa

10. Mayurbhanj, OdishaThe Belgadia Palace in Odisha

If we are talking about hidden gems, one state in India that doesn’t get its due for its untarnished beauty is Odisha. It is also a paradise for tourists who like to discover the history and culture of a place by road. One such site is the Belgadia Palace, an 18th-century palace, which used to be home to the erstwhile royal family of Mayurbhanj. Each room is designed like a painting, modern yet complementing the building’s Victorian architecture. This whole place is in fact reminiscent of a set from a Wes Anderson film.

It is definitely one of the most unique places to stay and will make you feel like you are royalty! The property has sprawling lawns, majestic upholstery, black and white checkered marble verandahs, the royal insignia embossed along with the glass windows, and a natural lake flowing by.

11. Taruchaya – Chakloknath, West BengalTaruchaya in West Bengal

From Kolkata, you should drive down to Raichak, to get to Taruchaya, an extraordinary holiday villa, perfect for family getaways. The house is a short stroll away from the banks of the river Ganges and is just what the doctor ordered to get away from the bustling crowds of Kolkata. The lovely home also has nice spaces for outdoor sit-outs, with a bonfire, and a gazebo to enjoy a cup of chai on too!

12. La Red Mud Chalet, SikkimLa Red Mud Chalet in Sikkim

Sikkim is beyond what words can describe. Its beauty has left more than one traveller speechless and that goes for all those who have driven up here in the lap of the mountains as well.

La Red Mud Chalet in Sikkim

If you choose this dreamy getaway then you can expect glacial lakes, infinite pastures, waterbodies at every turn, undiscovered monastery towns! It promises to be an adventure like no other. And Airbnb’s La Red Mud Chalet, a quaint home will just make the whole trip a little sweeter! There, you can enjoy a direct view of snow-clad peaks from the gazebo, indulge in a freshly made organic meal, or just spend some quiet time around a bonfire.

Start planning! Let the wanderlust take over because you’ve been sitting still for very long. It is time to hit the road.

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Amitabh Bachchan, Sidharth Malhotra & Akshaye Khanna’s Aankhen 2 To Reportedly Kick off In May

href=”author/shubanka-sridhar”>Shubanka Sridhar , 24 Feb 2021Sidharth Malhotra, Amitabh Bachchan and Akshaye Khanna (Source: Instagram | @sidmalhotra, @amitabhbachchan)

The legendary Amitabh Bachchan has given us some iconic performances and films that have managed to stay with us still. One such film of his is the 2002 film, Aankhen, where he played a blind mastermind called Vijay Singh Rajput who successfully takes on a bank heist along with two other blind men played by Akshay Kumar and Arjun Rampal.

Now, he is set to come back with the sequel to the film titled Aankhen 2. Directed by Abinay Deo, the film will also star Sidharth Malhotra and Akshaye Khanna. News was that Sunil Grover has also joined the cast. According to an article in Mid-Day, the makers are intending to kick start the first schedule of the film this May.

About the shoot starting soon, a source tells the publication:

The heist in Aankhen 2 is being planned on a grander scale. The temperamental Vijay Singh Rajput returns after serving his prison sentence and leads a new team of visually-impaired people, played by Sidharth, Akshaye and Sunil, as they rob a gaming establishment. Considering the story is set abroad, the unit has done recce in the UK and Bulgaria. If all goes well, the three actors will kick off the first schedule from May 20 with Bachchan joining them later.

The source also adds that Sidharth is currently shooting for Mission Majnu in Lucknow and will begin prep for Aankhen 2 from mid-April before starting shoot in May.

Previously in 2016, the sequel was announced with Amit Ji, Anil Kapoor and Arshad Warsi along with Regina Cassandra. But the film didn’t take off then.

When Mid-Day contacted director Abhinay Deo, he confirmed that the film and main cast including Amit Ji, Sidharth and Akshaye are confirmed, but that he cannot comment on anything else as they are not very sure of the shoot schedules.

I sure am excited to see this interesting cast come together in this sequel! What about you guys?

Huma Qureshi Wears A Dress That Looks Like A Poppy Flower And We Love It

href=”author/nelly-wadia”>Nelly Wadia , 23 Feb 2021Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi has been quite the flag bearer for loungewear ever since we’ve gone into hibernation. All of her appearances have been pretty cute and laid-back; she never fails to carry a statement bag with her no matter where she goes. Her latest appearance is quite the step away from her lounge-wear loving days. The star is pretty busy with work and is gearing up for the release of Army Of The Dead. The zombie film will release on the global streaming platform Netflix on May 21, 2021.

The film star an ensemble cast and is a sequel to the 2004 release Dawn of the Dead. The film follows the aftermath of a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas along with a group of mercenaries who risk their lives and venture into a quarantine zone to pull off a heist. Apart from this, the star also has Bell Bottom opposite Akshay Kumar and Vaani Kapoor in her kitty. The movie is set to release on May 28th, 2021. So it looks like May is going to be a pretty busy and happy month for Huma Qureshi.

Here’s a look at Huma Qureshi’s poppy orange dress:

Huma Qureshi wears a pretty orange midi dress. The dress features a deep V-neck, puffy sleeves and an asymmetrical hemline. The A-line dress perfectly complements and accentuates her body; even the length of the dress is so flattering to her height. The star keeps it simple and opts for nude, braided slides; this is where I think she plays it safe and could have opted for something more fun. Even a nude sandal with gold details could have made her look pop. She leaves her hair open and curly. Neutral makeup with flushed cheeks, kohl-lined eyes and a muted pout complete her glam. She finishes out her look with a black facemask.

Huma Qureshi

What do you think of Huma Qureshi’s outfit? Let me know in the comments below.

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